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While I am sure that this has been discussed before-I got a job offer and will be negotiating pay/etc with the recruiter tomorrow. This is a my first NP job-and in looking at the salaries out there-I am a bit discouraged. I... Read More

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    I was just offered 80,000 for a hematology/oncology practice that is 2 miles from my home today. I was called by an office manager and I asked if the salary was negotiable. She said sure and that she would communicate this to the doctors. The figure I had in my head was 85,000 and now I am feeling as though I sounded greedy and I hope that I don't turn them off by my request. I was surprised that the person that called me with the offer couldn't tell me about the CME's, bonuses or other benefits. That makes a huge difference. I will probably accept this offer even if they turn me down because entry level NP jobs are very hard to find these days.
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    Congrats! No fears with negotiating.
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