Appropriate amount of notice

  1. I am an NP at a pain clinic. I want to leave ASAP for several reasons. I do not have a contract, there is no employee handbook or HR at this clinic. What is an appropriate amount of notice to give in this situation?
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  3. by   delawaremalenurse
    If you're in a right to work State then you can leave at any time, for any reason just like your employer could terminate you at any time, for any reason. However, doing so looks very, very bad and you can forget using them as a reference or working for the organization in the future.

    Better to give the standard two weeks, if you don't have a minimum requirement, as a professional courtesy so as not to burn any bridges.
  4. by   NP75
    Thank you, that is what I was thinking.
  5. by   lhflanurseNP
    You do not mention how long you have worked there nor your patient base. Do you see repetitive patients or do you work as a group (first come first serve). This could have a bearing on length of time. If you have your own patient base, and it is extensive, 2 weeks may not be enough time to "spread" your patients throughout the practice.
  6. by   NP75
    I have been there for 5 months, and It's a first come first serve basis.
  7. by   DizzyJon
    Oh goodness...a walk-in "fast food" pain management clinic. That sounds no fun.
  8. by   NP75
    Lol that is exactly what it is!! Never thought of tha before.