Anyone want to answer a few interview questions.? For advance practice nurses.

  1. 0 1. What influenced you to pursue education as an APN? 2. What were the strengths and weaknesses of the school you attended and how did they prepare you for your role as an APN and did they not prepare you for your role as an APN? 3. Why did you choose the role you are in today? 4. Is the APN role you are currently in everything you expected? 5. What are/were the challenges you face as you transitioned into an APN? 6. What is the best part of being an APN? 7. What words of wisdom would you offer me?
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    Moved to the APRN forum.
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    This sounds like an assignment I did in my bridge program (LOL). I went online and searched for a preceptor NP in the field of practice I wanted to be in. I emailed her and set up a telephone interview. We have been in contact ever since. I hope you find your answers.

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