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Any Frontier Nursing class 134 FNP applicants

  1. 1 I sent off all of my requirements and have received an email that it is being presented to the committee. FB doesn't begin until Feb but having others to keep in contact with will help the wait.
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    I see some of class 128 has received acceptance letters. I wish I wouldn't have applied so early now the wait will be excruciating. Any one else out there apply for FNU FNP class 133 or 134.
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    Hi there! I am applying for class 134.. The FB date is Feb 6th. I have everything ready except one reference. She is finishing this week then I'll submit online and mail my packet!!
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    Hope to see you at FB!!!! This is going to be a really long wait but so worth it.
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    I put my app in for class 133. Hope to hear something next month. I'm sure it will be more towards October though. Fine with me, but all my eggs are in one basket. Sloppy adn grades. But knocked it out in bsn classes
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    Any new Yorkers???

    I applied back in JUNE and I realized I won't find out anything until much later since classes are starting in Feb. Anyone have any idea when they start sending acceptance letters? What is the difference between 133 and 134?
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    acceptance emails are usually sent out any where from 6-8 weeks prior to your FB start date. I just found out I was accepted to Winston Salem state's FNP program which starts Aug 20th. So I am going with that option instead. Good Luck to everyone and don't stress to much while waiting
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    Has anyone started to hear anything yet for class 134?! I applied a couple months ago for FNU CNM class 134 and I'm dying to hear something! I know it will probably be closer to January, but I anxious to hear something. I tried searching for fellow CNM applicants, but haven't found any yet, so I thought I would connect with FNP applicants since we would be doing FB together anyway!
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    I just found out I was accepted to Clarion University of Pennsylvania's FNP program so I am accepting admission there. Good luck everyone!
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    I have an application in for CNM class 134. Its my dream and all my eggs are in this basket right now. Hope we end up seeing each other in Kentucky! Good luck to us .
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    Me too Amberhomestm! The anticipation is killing me. Best wishes...good luck!
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    I'm in!! i just got an acceptance email (last thing I expected when I opened the email lol I figured they would send paper acceptances). How about you guys? Are we Frontier Bound?

    wow so exciting. This dream is finally coming true. *happytears*
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    Me too! We are Frontier Bound! Congratulations!

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