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  1. Hi everyone!
    I am so excited to announce that I passed the AANP Adult-Gero Exam two days ago!!!
    Two and half years of hard work in school, money, time, practically neglecting my fiancé, family, friends and myself. Three months post graduate school of additionally studying for a test that not only held the key to the job of my dreams, but also my freedom!!
    I frequently came to this site to get pointers and reassurance. I promised myself that I would add my two cents into the forum if I passed or not.
    So here it goes:
    Three months of study post graduation

    Reviewed all my Clinical Management and Health Assessment handout and notes. Because
    I'm a visual learner, I took notes on top of notes.

    The following month I took the Fitzgerald Review course for three days. I bought the CDs and went over every topic, with the workbook as well, once, twice, three times! I also went over the additional materials and recordings on the website, that came with the live course.
    its great information, a bit more in depth that is needed for the test, but great info you can use in practice.

    Finally in the last month of my three month study, I read the Maria Liek Intensive review book front to back...2x's. This book is awesome--even there are a few typos--it is a must have! a few concepts from this book, that wasn't in the Fitzgerald review, was on the test.

    Make sure you get at least one day before exam to rest and have fun, so your brain can rest and fully soak in the material you just studied. It is overwhelming, I know (I couldn't think of anything else but this test. I cried at one point b/c I was overwhelmed), but it is definitely doable. Know concepts (eg. D-D interactions/Safety, Differential dx, really about the elderly population, STI, Thyroid, Mental Health meds, Heart sounds and location). Make sure you read the questions carefully, and eliminate options that immediately doesn't answer question. The ones you don't know, answer it then mark it and come back to it later.
    Good luck all!!
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    Congrats ndi! I am getting ready to start my masters in Adult Geri at Maryville--where did you study? I really appreciated your detailed summary of how you prepared. I also appreciated your comment about the tears--that's me!!!

    Curious--do you think it helpful to know generally about what the focus is for the certification exam, during school, so as to be able to organize more appropriately? I'm inclined to purchase those materials on the front end, to have them available as resources as I go through school.

    Again--congrats, and any insights you can provide, I'm happy to make use of!
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    Hi ChrisRN!
    While, it certainly couldn't hurt to concomitantly familiarize yourself with some of the review books, i think you should focus your attention to the various topics covered in the nursing program, b/c it is an overwhelming amount of info that will be thrown at you. Build a strong foundation with school, and then when you have two months left in your program, begin the process of signing up for either AANC or AANP exam, enroll in a review course (take it after you graduate),and start reviewing a review book. You should be ready to take exam a month after u graduate. I wish I got started early in prepping for exam, because things are still fresh in your head after the nursing program, and the review books and classes just ties everything you've learned in nicely.
    Hope this helps. Good luck!!!
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    Thank you all for the congratulatory shout-outs!
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