Nurse -Patient Staffing Ratio

  1. Anyone happen to know the Nurse-Patient Staffing ratio on Acute Detox or Rehab Nursing?
    I have googled and looked everywhere. I noticed they had a conversation in Psychiatry about this but no dialogue in this forum.
    Perhaps this Forum is not too active?
    I posted another question on here and no response at all.
    Hmm, whats up with that I wonder? Is this not a popular type of Nursing?
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  3. by   cfaith
    I work in a facility that does both acute detox & rehab. Each ward up to 25 pt for acute rehab up to 15 pt for acute detox: 1 RN Charge one med nurse (RN or RN), 2 certified CNA for both settings. This is for day/evening, nights is 1 RN 1 CNA per ward. It gets real busy.
  4. by   Meriwhen
    Last place I worked, it averaged about 10-12 patients per nurse.
  5. by   obillyboynurse
    M-F daylight 1 RN 1 LPN 2 Aides
    All other shifts and weekends.
    1 RN Supervisor in building not Rehab staff.
    So in truth all other shifts and weekends 1 LPN and 2 Aides.
    Our average is 50 patients.
  6. by   fawnsternurse
    Thanks for the reply everyone. I am doing a very short term local travel contract. One RN. One CDA , who is gone most of the time doing activities and transports . No unit Secretary. So my rationale for asking is because I find myself wearing many different hats at the same time and its getting rather exhausting.
    Also these patients have visitors and also go to outside NA and AA meetings. Hence we are doing ceiling checks every day because the unit is loaded with contraband.Any thoughts on this?
  7. by   blueheaven
    When I worked detox/rehab we stopped sending patients out to AA/NA due to an incident (I can't go into for privacy reasons) but HAI (hospitals and institutions committe) would have members come into the hospital and hold meetings. This helped with the contraband issue.

    I don't remember our staffing ratio. Sorry.
  8. by   JerseyBSN
    One RN for every 8 patients. One tech regardless of the amount of patients.
  9. by   beachhorizon
    I am soon to be a Graduate Nurse out of a 2 yr program. I'll be taking my NCLEX sometime in January. I'm very interested in Mental Health nursing and may have an opportunity to work at a local rehab/addictions center. Is this a good place to get started in mental health nursing? They've already told me upfront the salary isn't competitive with MEd/Surg etc. but I'm following my heart on this. Not the money. Just don't want to limit my abilities in the bigger realm of Psychiatric Nursing.
  10. by   tom7044
    I work at a free standing Detox Unit that provides acute detoxification services and crisis stabilization for the under served and indigent clients. We are licensed for 20 beds however the company policy is that with one RN and from 4 to 1 MHT's *(some are CNA'a others are MA's) with an APN from 12 noon to 8 pm we can safely care for 12 patients. some have minor problems with withdrawal and some have moderate to severe withdrawal problems The key work is safely and the 12 patients is all we can safely care for with our staffing..
  11. by   Tom RN, NRC
    I work in Nova Scotia. Canada and our ratio is 3:10 with the three being 1-2 RN and 1-2 CA. That is during weekdays then we drop to 2:10 weeknights and weekends.

  12. by   nancynurse57
    Geez, I would think that if there is only one RN, that meetings should be brought in as opposed to going out for meetings. That would cut down on all the contraband and ceiling checks. If a patient wants to use drugs, he/she will find a way, and that person shouldn’t be taking up a bed for a more serious person that wants to stop. What about mandatory urine checks, the positive ones leave and the others stay? Treatment facilities should be for those that want help in arresting their illness. nancynurse57
  13. by   tom7044
    [font='century gothic']i think the general accepted staffing ratio for acute detox patients is 1 rn to 12 patients maximum if not located within an acute care facility. the state board does not mandate this ation but this is the guideline from the sbn. we staff with one rn, one to three cna's and there is an apn on site during the hours of 10 am to 6pm. we are a free standing unit not located within an acute care facility.
  14. by   Topaz7
    We have 1 rn and 1 lpn at all times even if only 1pt on the unit, max 12 pts. At 7 pts and higher we get a care provider.

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