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My name is Susan, and Iím an alcoholic. Iím also a registered nurse, hold a bachelorís degree in Human Services, and a Masters in Human Service Administration. I have diabetes, a cirrhotic liver, and havenít had a drink in... Read More

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    great article

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    Bottom line is this...
    We nurses are human. Some of us are not going to be able to get past our personal experiences and biases to treat patients with the unconditional regard that they deserve.
    It is incumbent upon the professionals WITH those skills among us to advocate for the patients to the best of their ability.
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    As the wife of a "functional alcoholic", I completely agree with everything you wrote and I commend you for your strength to do so. I try and hope I succeed at not being judgemental of my patients. I probably fail in this area more often towards non-compliant patients. I hope that someday my husband will get his wake up call and have the strength to become sober as you did! God bless you and keep you well!
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    I am so sorry you are treated that way. We all suffer from some sort of addiction. Coffee/sugar/sex/spreading unhappiness/meanness/being superior/pain/hate. I feel that addictions don't all have to be bad.I like coffee/chocolate/love/kindness/happiness which are addictive to me. I feel that drinking and/or drugs are talked about most because these scare people more than dying of diabetic complications of sugar or cva from extreme anger or overdose on prescription pain medicines. People who shun you and are mean to you are very unhappy and that is not YOUR fault. These people that are so unhappy and lash out at others should have our empathy. God loves us all. We must try to love back and forgive them. Bless you for being sober and you can continue being honest but you don't have to give "them" any ammunition in which to hurt you with. You only owe yourself and your God so feel sorry for but don't hang out with those unhappy people. Good luck. Laura
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    I applaud your "Greatness" in sharing this. Congratulations and keeping encouraging others!
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    You cannot and should not use the absolute word "everybody". Thank you.
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    Please do not use the word "all". Thank you.
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    Thank you, neverbethesame....
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    I will admit that I may have been among those who had no tolerance for alcoholics, but your article was profoundly written, and has planted a seed of doubt. I am a very disciplined person and have a hard time tolerating those who ruin their own lives, but I see your point, one that many others have tried to make me see, and failed to do so.
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