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National Nurses Week - Seven Days of Giveaways!

National Nurses Week - Seven Days of Giveaways!

by allnurses - Are you one of the lucky ones who looks forward to being showered with praises and gifts the entire week long? Or are you like many nurses who are like the kid who is always hoping to receive some...

What I Really Learned in Nursing School

What I Really Learned in Nursing School

by amb218 - As a senior about to graduate from my BSN program, I began reflecting on what I learned throughout my four years of nursing school. In my classes, I learned pathophysiology, pharmacology, anatomy,...

Applying to Nursing School - Making the Cut

Applying to Nursing School - Making the Cut

by oldsockventriloquist - This article is written for, but not exclusively to, those who are lacking in one or more aspects of their nursing school application. When applying to nursing school, please don't feel discouraged...

New BSN with 4 years School Nurse experience as ADN - Can't land a hospital job.

New BSN with 4 years School Nurse experience as ADN - Can't land a hospital job.

by Nurse Beth - Hi Nurse Beth, I would appreciate advice with regards to applying for a hospital position. After graduating with my ADN, I accepted a position as a school nurse and have worked for my school...

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    Quote from SleeepyRN
    Yes. You have to have a BMI of 20 for women and 22 for men. Studies show critical thinking and task performance are directly related to weight. I personally refuse care from a nurse who is overweight, as he/she cannot possibly care for me safely.
    I believe Illinois also requires shiny, well-oiled hair.

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    Quote from TheCommuter
    Use 'I' statements...

    "I am feeling threatened whenever you resort to name-calling..."
    "I feel a hostile environment is promoted when you refer to nurses as monkeys..."
    "I feel you are behaving in an uncivil manner when you hurl insults. Please stop."
    Or "You" statements. "You better knock that crap off in a big hurry."

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    The old me would have some smart, snarky response to this.

    The more insightful, improved me thinks the best course of action to this is to simply ignore it and move on. When the phrase 'monkey' comes up or any other such derogatory term, you can address it with a simple "I don't appreciate when you make statements such as those, and if we could re-focus the conversation to the patient, I feel it would be in our best interest." The more attention you give to those with a "disdain for nurses," the more justified they feel in their name-calling and/or assumptions.

    The best revelation I've come to is that I do not need to militantly defend my profession to physicians and/or other LIP. My work should and does speak for itself. I'm there for the patient and not for the approval or justification of other disciplines. I know deep in my core that nursing is an essential part of patient care and I do not need physicians to acknowledge that for it to be valid.

    Small minds talk about people. Great minds talk about ideas.

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    Call HR and follow it up by a written complaint. You want it on file for your protection. Such language is unacceptable under any circumstances. Do not reply to him , do not entertain him, do not add a comment. Just walk away and do the above.

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    I like how they can smash a beer can with their head while they're giving a blood transfusion.

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    I think they are common and boring. Show me a dolphin who's a nurse and then I might get excited.

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