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It's been a long time...

By traumaRUs - Burn out in the ER or why its been a long time since I wrote in this blog…. I always loved the ER from the very first day in 1996 when my preceptor told me not to worry, I would get the hang of having patients that were very ill from who knows what, had some unknown object in some weird oriface,... Read More


Cheating in the Classroom

By VickyRN - cheating is always a potential problem in the university or college setting. it is very problematic for students, in that their learning is being circumvented. cheaters will be less competent as graduates. would you want, for instance, an accountant performing audits in your office who cheated his... Read More



By cuteinpinkNS - If someone asked you to answer the question, "Are nurses made or born", what would you say? I believe all nurses are made through knowledge and experience, but people are born with the personality to care, love, and nurture. Those are many of the qualities a nurse carries and it takes someone... Read More


An Honor

By nursebboop1 - I entered through the front door of the nursing home just after 8am. I then signed in at the front desk while shaking off the biting cold of that February morning in 1997. I was here to admit a new female patient, Rosa, to hospice. I began my practice as a hospice RN in 1996. At that time the... Read More


Waiting has a magnificent purpose.

By jesjay - I am twenty-two. I just received my nursing license six months ago. I have attended two trainings and a not-so-stunning-no-seminar-at-all for my continuing educational program as a registered nurse. I have not been into that real-nursing-world. I have not volunteered for weeks or days or even a... Read More


Being a Team Player

By trixie - Many nurses want to advance in their careers. Few go into the nursing profession planning on being a floor nurse forever. Unfortunately, many fail to learn the very basic principle of how to be a team player. I was fortunate to have been oriented to the world of nursing by wonderful team... Read More


Clinical Governance and Risk Managment

By XB9S - One of the aspects of UK healthcare that is supposed to help us provide good quality care for our patients in clinical governance. All NHS organisations will have clinical governance committees and these help the trusts manage risk. I have tried to compile details of what clinical governance... Read More


For those who had lost a child in a hospital bed; still searching for their lost hope

By jvqantipolo - Their stories were all congruent. (For those who had lost a child in a hospital bed and still searching for their lost hope) In expectation, they have waited for their first born. They were once the typical parents who adorned their babiesí small hands and feet or their velvety skin and... Read More


Inmates as Patients in Hospital

By 4cas2 - An issue arose at my hospital during my consolidation as a student, and it had both ethical and legal concerns. I was being trained on a medical/surgical floor, and one of the nurses on the floor believed that inmates were only permitted to ambulate on the floor with their guards after visiting... Read More


Real Nursing

By Angie O'Plasty, RN - Nursing interventions are created moments. To me, "real nursing" is a moment created to identify and intervene, to connect with a patient and influence that patient to modify a behavior or an erroneous thought that holds them back from healing. It's one of the most satisfying activities that my... Read More


Giving Nursing Students a Taste of NICU

By SteveNNP - So today I was wondering..... how well do we as NICU nurses best represent what NICU really is to nursing students? Too often, nursing students are abruptly dropped off at the NICU door, handed a scrub sponge, and abandoned by their nursing instructor, who is equally petrified of what lies... Read More


The Extent That You Will Go For Your Pt

By mwinstea - The Extent That You Will Go For Your Patient Ok, so picture this. Brand new nurse, in the 1970's, in her little white uniform with her long hair severely pulled back into a bun in order to bobby pin her white cap with one black stripe in place. And of course there is a caduceus stick pin at the... Read More


The caregivers taking care of ourselves

By twinmommy+2 - oh my gosh, the pandemic is here! mass destruction is upon us and the end of the world will happen. great googly moogly, perhaps we should all make a bunker and store oodles-of-noodles and twinkies, because of course those do not go bad for centuries. and donít forget the tamaflu. heavenís to... Read More


Revolutionizing Neonatal Transport Part 1- History

By SteveNNP - Revolutionizing Neonatal Transport- Where do we find ourselves? As neonatal intensive care nurses and nurse practitioners, how often do we reevaulate where our critical care transport programs stand in relation to others worldwide? Current research in NICUs across the nation focuses on new... Read More


Postpartum Mood Disorders

By Elvish - The postpartum period - just after giving birth - is, for most a time of happiness and adjustment to new family roles. However, for some women it is a time of overwhelming sadness, anxiety, and inability to cope with the stressors at hand. Postpartum depression, anxiety, and psychosis are mood... Read More


For Patrick...

By jvqantipolo - For Patrick He died around 6 a.m last September 23; his death certificate indicated Herniation Syndrome as the cause after few weeks in a mechanical ventilator and a non-progressing GCS 3. He was indeed one of the sweetest patients I've ever cared for ever since he was transferred from Pay... Read More


Quality of Care and Foreign Nurses

By madwife2002 - Importing foreign trained nurses is no new phenomenon, America has been importing nurses for over fifty years since 1965, according to B.L. Brush and A.M. Berger, "Sending for Nurses: Foreign Nurse Migration, 1965–2002" I would like to examine evidence to see if foreign trained nurses have an... Read More


New Grads, A Few Words of Encouragement

By brian - After reading so many threads here on about the hard times many new grads are having at getting jobs, I just wanted to share a few words of encouragement. My feelings go out to all of you who are having a hard time finding jobs. I feel your pain and know what you are going... Read More