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Fill in the Blanks

by riosoriano07 Have you ever felt sick of getting up to bed- have your shower so early in the morning and drag... Read More


Ring Around the Ashtray, A Pocket Full of Smokes

by VivaLasViejas I haven't had a cigarette in over 20 years, but I'm learning that going outside for a break with my... Read More

The Ethics of Managing Your Personal Time

by Ruby Vee There's a lot said about ethics in nursing, and much of it -- most of it, probably -- pertains... Read More

Journey along the palliative care bridge to hospice

by tammysmithlvn Palliative care services are a very important resource for those patients who have been recently... Read More

BOLC Weeks Four and Five: Mostly Great Stuff!

by Pixie.RN My apologies for failing to blog last week ... it's been non-stop, and I've been stressed and... Read More

Autism Immunization debate how nurses can help

by RNmom2g1b This paper outlines the history of the Autism immunization debate. It shows how it effects nurses... Read More

What nursing will be like in the FuTuRe!

by TheMoonisMyLantern In a time where our economy is shaky, government is uncertain, and a customer service driven... Read More

Managers can I change your opinion of them?

by madwife2002 I read threads about managers and how ineffective they are I would like to see if I can change... Read More

BOLC Week Six: I Would Trade My Firstborn for a Shower...

by Pixie.RN I'm kidding, I really wouldn't trade my firstborn for a shower ... but only because I'm not having children! When I last blogged, I was getting ready... Read More

Compassion: A Dirty Word

by Ruby Vee Language evolves, sometimes in unanticipated directions. The word "compassion", once used in a positive manner, now seems to be used mainly in... Read More

I Want to be a Nurse, I Want to Make a Difference

by tracyd77 During my clinical rotation in the nursing home, I was assigned a gentleman in his 70's (we'll call Mr. Smith), as my patient. Mr. Smith had severe... Read More

Why Do Nurses Eat Their Young?

by timetoshine More and more Nurses are getting involved and looking for solutions that will end the scourge that has persisted for so many years and tarnished the... Read More

The Art of Caring and Compassion

by deborah911 Good at IV starts- check. Telemetry trained- check. CPR and ACLS certified- check. We work so hard to have a resume that is full of experience and... Read More

Crushed by "The Crud": Anatomy of a Sick Day

by VivaLasViejas Come to think of it, I guess this could have been called "Bashed by Bronchitis", or "Flattened by the Flu", because elements of both illnesses have... Read More

BOLC Week Three: Soldiers First

by Pixie.RN Lots of good things this past week: another formation run without vomiting, which was great. But also our first record (official) PT test, and I'll... Read More

Nursing There to Here...

by MotherBabyPoet May 6th is Nurses Day, and I have made it my mission to recognize nurses for who they are and what they do. The first piece was written not long... Read More

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