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Do We Really Understand Each Other?

By rodgerssm - As a young medic who joined the Army and entered the nursing world I was assigned to my first medical surgical floor at Madigan Army medical Center in Tacoma, Wa. Needless to say, I learned a lot, met a ton of different people from different cultures and races and learned a great deal from the RN's... Read More


The archaeology of personality

By TrishJK - The archaeology of personality Renée lies in bed all day; refusing to come out to play at being ‘good’ the way They say she should. Marg’ret likes to scream and shout – she really throws her weight about and everyone about the place dreams of pillows – and her face. ... Read More


The Day My Bucket List Changed

By nslpriv - The day was February 21, 2003, a blustery, cold and overcast day. I was working a flight shift on this particular day with my brother who was a paramedic for the air medical program. We flew many missions together and were very comfortable working with one another. Just after lunch our pagers... Read More


The Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) Examination

By VickyRN - the certified nurse educator examination is a credentialing tool for masters- and doctorally-prepared nurse educators. the nln created this specialty certification in 2005 and it has grown steadily in popularity ever since. nearly 1600 nurse educators currently possess the coveted cne credential. ... Read More


I wish I were blind

By itsmeemtp - i wish i were blind by julie reyes he was huge, from the floor up and side to side. he walked down the hallway, never looking up, never acknowledging our presence. as he walked past the nurses’ station he stared at his shoes. icky 'gangster' shoes, shorts nearly touching his ankles... Read More


True Lies

By burnbabyburn - I was sitting at the Nurse’s station trying to avoid expending any energy when the Triage nurse came in and interrupted my reverie. “You know, I think this woman is lying to me.” She was actually shocked. I decided to lay some sooth on her. “They’re all liars.” She smiled indulgently at me,... Read More


Effective PowerPoint Presentations

By VickyRN - “oh no, not another powerpoint presentation!” you mutter softly to yourself as you slip into a seat in the back of the dark auditorium. unfortunately, your worst expectations come to pass. the presenter mechanically clicks through an insufferable number of slides during the longest 90 minutes of... Read More


Witness to Goodbye

By BSN_after_40 - Busy days are so common on a medical surgical floor that you barely notice when you miss a break. There was too many of those days. I had my assigned patients that I shared with my co-assigned RN. We had our usual scramble in the morning to pass our meds, do the physical assessments, treatments,... Read More


The patient I loved

By ernursechic - I graduated Nursing school in May 2008. I went almost directly into home health. I had 1 visit that the administrator went with me and I was set loose to be a nurse. This was to be the patient that made me know why I became a nurse. J was a 50 years old and morbidly obese at 650lbs. He was such a... Read More


In the Presence of an Angel

By hartmom - In the Presence of an Angel As a nursing student we have a short time to make a lasting impression on our patients. Each time I enter a patient’s room I am somewhat nervous because I am unsure of the way my patient will perceive me. I selected a patient that I wanted to learn from,... Read More


The Ultimate Question, Why?

By craziechiq - The question of WHY??? has consumed me from the very beginning when I chose nursing to be my major/future profession. The main question being, why in the world did I put myself through all this turmoil of trying to become a nursing student? I think about what ifs, i.e. what if I chose a different... Read More


Treating Angels Instead

By rissajacintorn - Treating Angels Instead Sometime as we walk along this beautiful journey called life, we are destined to face different kinds of situation. Whether good or bad, no one can discern the things that will come across our path. My story started at the parking lot of one fast... Read More


Does God Make Mistakes?

By itsmeemtp - I looked up at the doctor across the crib who is still hovering over him and checking his ventilator and trachea. Wildly he flailed as the doctor touched his abdomen. I tried to calm him by holding his hand. This is the first I noticed his fingers, some webbed together nearly to the ends, and... Read More


Clinical Day 1: Discoveries

By SarahLeeRN - “No, hon, you’re not going to want that. Those are old. You’re going to want these,” said the nurse, pointing at a rack full of thick binders on the side of the desk. Bewildered, I put the first binder back on the shelf (it was big and heavy) and turned to face the other rack. Not really... Read More


Destiny Forward - A Patient Lost, a Future Gained

By Tait - The Patient Diagnosis: Small Bowel Obstruction Age: 55 Gender: Male That was all I knew of the most influential patient in my nursing career, now and forever, that early day of my first year of nursing. Ray was all of 140# when I met him. A gentle soul from the very first meeting. He... Read More


Elders Say the Darnedest Things!

By VivaLasViejas - As anyone who's ever worked with the elderly knows, every care facility has its "characters": the curmudgeon, the hothouse flower, the Church Lady. And the best-kept secret in the business is the hilarity that ensues whenever one of these folks offers his or her commentaries on everyday events. ... Read More


Tips for Effective Public Speaking

By VickyRN - public speaking involves addressing an audience to motivate, influence, persuade, inform, or simply entertain the listeners. it is a structured and deliberate process. it is composed of five basic elements: speaker, message, audience, occasion, and effects. these are otherwise known as who,... Read More


You Got to Know When to Hold 'Em

By VivaLasViejas - .........and when to fold 'em too. One of the few physical advantages of the over-50 body is its ability to say No to excesses---of food and drink, of stress, of too many long, hard shifts in a row. It's only when respecting those limits conflicts with the reality of nursing, where... Read More