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Effective PowerPoint Presentations

by VickyRN "Oh no, not another Powerpoint presentation!" you mutter softly to yourself as you slip into a seat... Read More


Witness to Goodbye

by BSN_after_40 Busy days are so common on a medical surgical floor that you barely notice when you miss a break.... Read More

You Got to Know When to Hold 'Em

by VivaLasViejas .........and when to fold 'em too. One of the few physical advantages of the over-50 body is its... Read More

Desired Characteristics of Effective Nurse Educators - "My Ideal Nursing Instructor"

by VickyRN as nurse faculty, we constantly strive to be the most effective instructors that we can be. the... Read More

Ohhhh, My Aching (Blank)

by VivaLasViejas I don't know who said it first, but when I was a kid I heard adults quote this line until I was... Read More

The Clinical Post Conference - A Few Guidelines

by VickyRN the clinical post conference has a unique focus in nursing education: the student’s own behavior... Read More

Nursing Education and the Recession - Tough Economic Times

by VickyRN The recession has definitely left its mark on universities and community colleges. Funding is being... Read More

It's The Grim Reaper, Charlie Brown

by VivaLasViejas Ever hear that expression, "lowering the boom"? It's pretty descriptive of the way I felt tonight... Read More

Teaching and Learning in the Affective Domain (Part Two)

by VickyRN adult learners need to be motivated in order to learn. they need to know, “how will learning this... Read More

Teaching and Learning in the Affective Domain

by VickyRN The affective domain describes a person's emotional attributes. As educators, why should we be... Read More

Elders Say the Darnedest Things!

by VivaLasViejas As anyone who's ever worked with the elderly knows, every care facility has its "characters": the curmudgeon, the hothouse flower, the Church Lady.... Read More

Tips for Effective Public Speaking

by VickyRN public speaking involves addressing an audience to motivate, influence, persuade, inform, or simply entertain the listeners. it is a structured and... Read More

Balancing Parish Nursing and Paid Work and...LIFE!

by Moogie Am posting this out of curiosity but also because I'm looking for a bit of balance in my own life. Several years ago, I started a parish nurse... Read More

How to Write to Your Legislator

by Teresag_CNS If you've been a nurse (or nursing student) for a while, you've undoubtedly noticed -ahem- one or two :wink2: things in health care that are... Read More

Nurse Educator Role - A Fifth Advanced Practice Nursing Speciality?

by VickyRN Advanced practice nurses (APNs) are defined as registered nurses "possessing advanced specialized clinical knowledge and skills through master's or... Read More

Confessions of a 30-something RN grad

by LuvofNursing I am in the seat, feeling comfortable, calm (even though I have went through enough security to enter Fort Knox). I read through the instructions as... Read More

Verbal, Written warnings and Termination

by madwife2002 i know a lot of health care employees are worried or concerned they may be on the ladder from verbal warning to written warnings and then fired. for... Read More

The Psychomotor Domain

by VickyRN Psychomotor learning is one of the three domains, or broad categories, of educational behaviors. It is based on manual or physical skills, and... Read More

"Mom-nesia", or, Of Pyramids and Panic

by VivaLasViejas All of you nurse-moms out there will get this, and perhaps even a few of you dads. Mom-nesia, for the uninitiated, is a phenomenon that occurs... Read More

Dear incoming class of nurses...

by AOx1 When my accountant saw my W-2, he asked why I would be willing to be an educator for such a small amount of money. I explained that money is not... Read More

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