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Socialised Medicine part 2

By madwife2002 - I found this interesting article on the internet which I would like to share with the readers of my blog, and which I am sure many will find interesting, thought provoking and extreemly relevent to my current theme. This is written by a young aspiring politcian in the UK. Read More

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"Momma, who are those children in my room?"

By mommiof2kids - I had always wanted to work with pediatric oncology kids but when actually faced with the opportunity I was very hesitant. What if I messed something up? What if I wasn't able to give the parents and child the support and answers they needed? Despite all of my fears I went through the oncology... Read More


From the Other Side of the Bed Rails - When the Nurse Becomes the Patient

By tnbutterfly - I had an interesting experience today. I walked into a hematology/oncology office ......... but this time as the patient. It’s strange how much different it feels when you, the nurse, suddenly become the patient. It looks much different through the patient’s eyes. I looked around at the... Read More


Quest For Girls

By Lindsey McGraw - During a time frame when I was still a relatively young nurse, I encountered a life altering experience… turning my whole world upside down. Diagnosed with breast cancer in late 1991, a month after graduating from RN school, my whole life changed after a 3 second phone call. A great opportunity... Read More

2 work in the ER ya gotta see journey for a second APN certification

By traumaRUs - Per IL scope of practice, an adult health CNS can only see pts over the age of 16. So, those of us that see patients in an ER or urgent care setting need a second APN certificate to see children. Since its been 4 years since I got my MSN and my classes are going to be expiring soon so now is the... Read More


Lessons from a blind man

By nerdtonurse? - It was one of those nightmare weekends that made me wish Id never left the deathless, bloodless world of computer engineering. A patient Id grown attached to was dying from lung cancer, and every time Id go in his room to check him, he'd pull down the 100% rebreather and gasp, Is she here yet?... Read More


Dementia Can Kill You!!

By BSN_after_40 - I was working in a float pool as an LPN years ago until I landed something more permanent. It was always a crap shoot on what the agency would offer me in the form of jobs. One assignment will never leave my mind; it was quite a horrible experience! They called and offered me a job working 3 pm... Read More


My very first patients funeral ( a thank you to nursing instructors)

By malestudentnurse - the funeral for my very first patient ever was yesterday. i began caring for him during the first week of my first semester of nursing school. he was a hospice patient and i was hired by the family to provide daily care. the family asked me to be a pall bearer. i almost declined because there... Read More


The Little Round Thing

By Hope4us - One more month! Then I would be free from the little white dress with purple piping that contoured a shape in the uniform that didn't match my shape. Our student nursing uniforms didn't seem to match a shape out of the twenty five of us. Besides which the skirts were too short, the collars too high... Read More


How to write a successful article for

By rn/writer - What is an article? That might seem rather basic, but judging from the submissions we receive, the definition isn't clear to everyone. For our purposes, an article is a story or an essay based on truth and told in your own words (no plagiarism, please). It can be an account of an interesting... Read More


Ten Things I Love About Nursing

By VivaLasViejas - 10) I get to work in the most comfortable clothing on the planet. When I was a nurse manager, I was going through the worst of my polyester and double knits, no less. Now I wear soft cotton scrubs, which are essentially pajamas with lots of pockets. Good times! 9) Sheer... Read More


Entry into Practice (Part 2) Baccalaureate Programs in Nursing (BSN)

By VickyRN - Baccalaureate degrees in nursing include the bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) and the bachelor of science with a major in nursing (BSCN). These degrees are customarily 4 years in duration and make up the second most common entry level into registered nursing. Registered nurses graduating... Read More


Beware: A Patient May Steal Your Heart

By Lindsey McGraw - A good rule of thumb when resigning from a nursing position is to always leave in good standing. Life with all its’ challenges, will sometimes find us coming full circle returning to our comfort zone. This was my case after my D.O.N. travel assignment was complete. I returned to my past place of... Read More


My First Code

By ilovechadkrause - My First Code I am a new nurse. I just graduated 5 months ago, and I am so proud and excited about my career. One thing I feel new nurses are not really exposed to is the code experience. I was NOT prepared for the first code blue I witnessed, and feel it is necessary to share my story. ... Read More


My Child Has Wings...My path to Nursing School

By lexie'smama - For as long as i can remember , even as a young girl, I had wanted to become a nurse. But, sometimes, life happens, and things change and the real world gets in the way of your dreams. Or just puts them on hold. Then one day you realize, even one life changing event can put everything into... Read More


Grama Nancy

By nancynurse74 - As a Pediatric nurse, the usual rewards you receive are the smiles and hugs from the children. But usually in the hospital setting, they are not well enough or are still too afraid of the situation to show them to you. This was different last year. We were extremely busy with all... Read More


Just For Today

By VivaLasViejas - Years ago, I received a greeting card containing a poem which exhorted the reader to do things he/she might not ordinarily do, "just for today". I don't recall who sent me the card or what occasion prompted her to do so, but I've never forgotten the gist of the verse, which was along the lines of... Read More


Entry into RN Practice (Part 1): Associate Degree Nursing (ADN)

By VickyRN - there are multiple entry levels into the profession of registered nursing. the various entry points are associate-degree in nursing (adn), bachelor of science in nursing (bsn), diploma nursing programs, and direct-entry nursing graduate programs. these divergent entry levels can be perplexing to... Read More