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A Kid's Note

by domtoral This is a story of my first night duty in the Pediatric ward. Haunted with ghost stories, I tried... Read More


The Little Girl in Room 421 (creepy)

by Jesikanikole82RN Room 421 is just another room to an outsider, it looks like all of the other rooms on my unit, tan... Read More

The Living Room

by obasnurse This article is an account of my family's twelve year walk with an extraordinary group of women and... Read More


by Nursula_rn We take any number of off-service patients. While we are a respiratory and infectious disease ward,... Read More

Angels with a broken wing

by timetoshine This is about Nurses who take the time to mentor Students, and share their experience with Nurses... Read More

Martha, The Helpful Ghost

by Ruby Vee It's been my experience that every hospital has a ghost or two . . . although it seems that only... Read More

Alzheimer's: My Mother's Approval

by Ruby Vee People in the middle stages of Alzheimer's undergo significant changes in personality and behavior.... Read More

101 Things I Wish I'd Known Before BOLC...

by Pixie.RN Not sure how many things I'll actually come up with, and these are things I wish I'd known, or that... Read More

Professional Boundaries: Is there such a thing as 'too close'?

by Williamson1 Nurses are often taught in nursing school how to establish and maintain professional boundaries with their patients. A common misconception is that... Read More

Have you seen this person?

by jaelpn I glance up from my medication cart just in time to see Mary coming down the hall with a frantic look on her face. Often, this kind of look from a... Read More

More Reasons NOT To Take a Vacation---The Sequel

by VivaLasViejas Mayhem ensues as the world's most indispensable nurse (me) returns from ten marvelous days off to find that somebody left the inmates in charge of... Read More

Precious Dreams

by VickyRN A student is never "just a student." Each student represents the dreams and aspirations of many who are sacrificing so the student may succeed. It is... Read More

Ghost Building

by Ruby Vee Ghost Building I've always wondered what happens to the ghosts that haunt a building once the building is demolished. Do they go off into... Read More

Rehab's Ghost

by Ruby Vee I've come to the conclusion that every hospital -- and probably nursing homes, funeral homes and assisted livings -- have their ghosts. Certainly... Read More

Conventionally Clinging to the Conventional

by steven007 Convetionally Clinging to the Conventional In this day and age there is a growing population of elderly and chronically ill patients.... Read More

RN's and the Cult Mentality

by madwife2002 Cults, wonderful on the outside but on the inside are very manipulating. Cult leaders are desperate to trick you into joining. They are after your... Read More

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