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What Are Private Messages?

By Joe V - How do I send private messages? Private messages work a little like email, but are limited to registered members with 15+posts. you may include bb code, smilies and images in private messages that you send. You may send a private message to a member by clicking the Private Message found under your Account. How do I work with private message folders? By default, you will have two folders in your private message area.... Read More


Watching My first Open Heart Surgery

By csclarkrn - I had just started to work at this newer and larger hospital in 1982 and it was on a telemety unit that specialized in post open heart surgery. I wasn't sure that I wanted to work at another Catholic hospital again. I worked at one in Texas a few years earlier and I went home crying every day. I was somewhat skeptical of this hospital and feared it would turn out like the first one. However, I stuck it out and found that I truly... Read More


Exploratory and Confirmatory Factor Analysis

By VickyRN - factor analysis is a broad term for multivariate statistical methods used to identify common underlying variables called factors within a larger set of measures. basically, factor analysis determines which variables group or go together. a factor is a group of related variables representing an underlying domain or theme. factors are indicated by shared variance (covariances) among two or more variables. as variables are reduced to... Read More


Multiple Linear Regression

By VickyRN - regression analysis is a broad term for statistical techniques used to model and analyze numerical data consisting of values of a dependent variable y (also known as the response or predicted variable) and one or more independent variables x (also known as explanatory or predictor variables). regresion analysis is based on correlation. correlation examines the strength and direction of the linear relationship between two variables, but... Read More


Um... I don't know what an EKG is.

By 86toronado - The good thing about writing about my beginnings in the nursing field more than 2 years after the fact is that it's easy to see how far I've come. Case in point: when I started working in the hospital, my experiences in the medical field included several emergency room visits and one overnight stay as a kid, and sleeping in a chair at my grandmother's bedside the night before she died. I guess my personality sold me to the nurse... Read More


Nursing shortages, Baby boomers and the immigrant nurse Part 2

By madwife2002 - Update on Nursing shortages, Baby boomers and the immigrant nurse It has been a couple of weeks since we reviewed the ongoing poll about foreign trained nurses in the USA and the trend towards blaming immigrant nurses for taking the jobs which should or should not belong to American Nurses. The opinion is almost equally divided between the main two options - please review poll thread for further information. Now what we... Read More


The Clinical Reflection

By VickyRN - a clinical reflection is a descriptive “story” that nursing students write about their clinical day. as simple as this journaling exercise seems, it is a powerful tool for development of novice critical thinking skills. it facilitates active learning, as well as professional growth, in a non-threatening manner. writing about their experiences allows students to reflect on their performance. this self-assessment enables them to... Read More


Gerontological Nursing: The Interrelationship between Theory, Practice, and Research

By VickyRN - This paper discusses the interrelationship between nursing theory, research, and practice in the specialty area of gerontological nursing. Knowledge needs within gerontological nursing, as well as suggestions for further middle range theories and research, are explored. Theory, research, science, and practice are the four core elements of the discipline of nursing. They form a continuous “circle of knowledge” (Moccia, 1987). Theory... Read More


The Operating Room

By judybsn - In training I spend four months in the Operating Room, that wonderful, scary, fascinating, educational place. The O.R. always evoked strong emotions for me. I loved the O.R., I hated the O.R., I was enamored by the O.R. and terrified by the O.R. all at the same time. The educational aspects of seeing the human body from the inside thrilled me to the core. The thought of not getting everything right for the surgeon caused me... Read More


How do I clear cookies?

By Joe V - What is 'Automatic Sign-In'? When you sign-in, you will be given the option to 'Remember Me'. This will store your identity securely in a cookie on your computer. If you are using a shared computer, such as in a library, school or internet cafe, or if you have reason to not trust any other users that might use this computer, we recommend you do not enable this. How do I clear cookies? You can clear all your cookies set... Read More


Structural Equation Modeling (SEM)

By VickyRN - structural equations comprehensively represent the complex multidimensional relations among research variables in a theory. structural equation modeling (or sem) is a sophisticated class of multivariate analytic statistical techniques used to examine the underlying relationships, or structure, among variables in a model. sem allows the researcher to model, test, and reduce hypothesized relationships among a set of observed variables.... Read More


Analysis of Covariance

By VickyRN - Analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) is a statistical technique that blends analysis of variance and linear regression analysis. It is a more sophisticated method of testing the significance of differences among group means because it adjusts scores on the dependent variable to remove the effect of confounding variables. ANCOVA is based on inclusion of additional variables (known as covariates) into the model that may be influencing scores... Read More


Logistic Regression

By VickyRN - regression analysis is used to predict a continuous dependent variable from a number of independent variables. if the dependent variable is dichotomous, then logistic regression, rather than linear regression, should be used. logistic regression (sometimes called the logistic model or logit model) analyzes the relationship between multiple independent variables and a dependent variable and estimates the probability of occurrence of an... Read More


Active Learning Strategy: The One-Minute Paper

By VickyRN - As teachers, gauging our students' comprehension of class content can be challenging. Sadly, low scores on the first exam often serve as the wake-up call that class understanding is not where it should be. It would be much less stressful to be aware of class knowledge deficits from day one by an on-going (formative) assessment of student learning. Such a system would also create a more efficient teaching-learning environment. The... Read More


From Teaching to Learning - The Advantages of Passive vs. Active Learning Strategies

By VickyRN - Passive learning Occurs when students use their senses to take in information from a lecture, reading assignment, or audiovisual. This is the mode of learning most commonly present in classrooms. It is used to acquire ideas and information that is available for recall. Advantages: Can present a great deal of information in a short period of time. Lecture notes, handouts, and audiovisual media can be selected and prepared... Read More


Self-Assessment of Your Beliefs About Death and Dying

By tnbutterfly - we all must eventually come face-to-face with our own deaths. what has influenced your views on death? as a nurse or other health-care professional, how do your beliefs about death and dying affect how you render care to the individual who is dying? take this self-assessment from "on our own terms - moyers on dying" to gain insight into your personal attitude about death. Read More


Spiritual Beliefs and End of Life Care

By tnbutterfly - what role do spiritual beliefs play in a “good death”? how can the nurse in her/his role as patient advocate be equipped to assist the patient and family in honoring their spiritual beliefs when considering end of life treatment? according to a study published this week in the journal of the american medical association, “cancer patients who rely on their faith to handle the stresses of serious illness and approaching death are... Read More


Tips for Making Your Clinical Day Better

By VickyRN - The clinical practice environment is the place where classroom theory becomes “real.” This is the place where the “rubber meets the road,” so to speak, and students begin to build their personal foundation for safe, effective nursing practice and develop essential critical thinking skills. What can nursing instructors do to enhance this very valuable time? First Suggestion Before you begin, investigate the floor in which you... Read More