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Micro-Management=Poor Morale and feelings of negativity

by madwife2002 The bottom line in health care these days is $$$$$$$$$ upper management staff are hired to weed out... Read More


Untitled and Unfinished Journey

by ellebilo January 8 of this year, I vividly recalled how my companion and I arrived at an old medium sized... Read More

The Old Nurse

by Rodoon One night I woke up choking. No matter how hard I tried to cough I couldn't get it up. Panicked, my... Read More

Back Injuries and the RN/LPN/Healthcare worker

by madwife2002 The statistics regarding back injuries are frightening with aprox 80% of Adults expected to... Read More

Spiritual Nursing

by Bro. David BSN This article revolves on the reality of the Spiritual Nursing in the Medical field today. It is... Read More

Helping those in need in a time of war..

by patrick1rn This is an excerpt of the time I was at a forward operating base in Afghanistan embedded with the... Read More

"Simple Art of Caring"

by sweety_les07 I wanna share to all nurses my unforgettable and wonderful experience when I was still a student... Read More

one encounter

by kristyle I saw him, with his wrinkled face and with tears in his eyes. i wondered how life must be for him,... Read More

Am I Nursey Enough For You?

by rn/writer We nurses are sometimes our own worst enemies. Far too often, lay people demonstrate misunderstanding and disrespect for nurses. Why shouldn't... Read More

But is it what she would want?

by Anna Flaxis You know the ninety year old Little Old Lady or Little Old Man with advanced dementia, has an advance directive stating DNR & comfort measures only,... Read More

The Broken Man

by kurisuchine08 Hopeless- that's the first word that came to mind when I met him. I've seen many people who suffered from all types of illness and go through such... Read More

The patient, who is christ

by Bro. David BSN THE PATIENT WHO IS CHRIST Bro. David Gamay Doncillo BSN One Day we are on our patient audit for 3-11 shift in the next day in one of the hospital... Read More

Ten Ways To Know You're Burning Out

by VivaLasViejas Here's something a little different from the writer who usually brings you the funny top-10 lists. Recently, a good friend of mine I'll call... Read More

The FIVE P's to Patient Satisfaction

by Griffd Patient experience is the major revenue driving force for hospitals throughout the United States. Hospitals can lose up to 3% of their Medicare... Read More

Nursing LLC - Love, Life and Caring

by hjashwell On the eve of a Junior Olympics Gymnastics meet, an 11-year-old girl helplessly watched her seriously ill father transported and admitted to a nearby... Read More

Carry Me Across

by morecoffeepls I've only been a nurse for a few years now. I was hired as a new grad to work full-time nights on an inpatient psychiatric unit. I am the only nurse... Read More

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