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Lessons from a blind man

By nerdtonurse? - It was one of those nightmare weekends that made me wish I’d never left the deathless, bloodless world of computer engineering. A patient I’d grown attached to was dying from lung cancer, and every time I’d go in his room to check him, he'd pull down the 100% rebreather and gasp, “Is she here yet?” The “she” in question was his daughter. And, no, she was not coming. You never know what a person’s past is, or the darkness that might... Read More


Dementia Can Kill You!!

By BSN_after_40 - I was working in a float pool as an LPN years ago until I landed something more permanent. It was always a crap shoot on what the agency would offer me in the form of jobs. One assignment will never leave my mind; it was quite a horrible experience! They called and offered me a job working 3 pm until 11pm, for three evenings in a row. They assured me it was an “easy” assignment taking care of a ninety-something year old woman in... Read More


My very first patients funeral ( a thank you to nursing instructors)

By malestudentnurse - the funeral for my very first patient ever was yesterday. i began caring for him during the first week of my first semester of nursing school. he was a hospice patient and i was hired by the family to provide daily care. the family asked me to be a pall bearer. i almost declined because there were plenty of family available, and i didn't know if it was really my place until his wife told me that he had commented “have jeff carry me... Read More


The Little Round Thing

By Hope4us - One more month! Then I would be free from the little white dress with purple piping that contoured a shape in the uniform that didn't match my shape. Our student nursing uniforms didn't seem to match a shape out of the twenty five of us. Besides which the skirts were too short, the collars too high and the dress made an out loud statement to everyone that we were only students. When I started that day it seemed the paramount thing... Read More


Hazards in the Field of Nursing

By chloram_24 - Carelessness can cost everything you have, your work, hope, dreams, and most especially your life. So it so imperative for every individual to become careful and vigilant especially people like us in the medical field because good health can be the best investment we have in order for us to exercise our profession successfully and effectively. Way back 2006, I was a newly BSN graduate waiting for the result of my board exam to... Read More


Laughter, the Best Medicine for Nursing School Blues

By sailgurlie - I graduated from my first nursing program in 1984 at the ripe old age of 22. I was the president of the Student Nurses Association and had some teachers that loved me (from my perspective) and some that hated me (from their perspective). Nursing school is painful, and it seems to last forever- until you are done. Then, you have go get a job and really be a nurse and you know absolutely nothing! You know how to make a bed, even with... Read More


Tales from the ICF: Ed-EEEEEEEE!

By VivaLasViejas - Since so many of you have enjoyed my nursing-home stories, I thought I'd offer character studies of some of the more colorful "characters" I've had the privilege of caring for over the years. This one is about Ed, the crusty curmudgeon of "ear WAX!" fame from "Elders Say the Darnedest Things". Without revealing too many personal details, let us just say that this gentleman is one of my favorite residents, EVER. He's been on the ICF... Read More


My Patient, Mr. Stud Muffin

By Hope4us - He was not bad looking, a little over average height. He had dark hair and though it wasn't thick and wavy or anything like that, it was nice – thicker than most men and brown. He had brown hair and I think his eyes were a dark blue. He had a pretty good build on him that caused us nurses in our twenties to call him a "Stud Muffin". That was in 1999. The reason I can't describe him better is because he was my patient. I was... Read More


Cookies: Frequently Asked Questions

By Joe V - What are cookies used for? Websites use cookies to offer a personalized experience to users and to gather information about website use. Many websites also use cookies to store information that provides a consistent experience between sections of the site, such as a shopping cart or customized pages. With a trusted website, cookies can enrich your experience by allowing the site to learn your preferences or allowing you to... Read More


My Child Has Wings...My path to Nursing School

By lexie'smama - For as long as i can remember , even as a young girl, I had wanted to become a nurse. But, sometimes, life happens, and things change and the real world gets in the way of your dreams. Or just puts them on hold. Then one day you realize, even one life changing event can put everything into perspective, and you strive to make your dreams a reality. Here is my story.... I got married right out of high school, to a boy that I... Read More


Grama Nancy

By nancynurse74 - As a Pediatric nurse, the usual rewards you receive are the smiles and hugs from the children. But usually in the hospital setting, they are not well enough or are still too afraid of the situation to show them to you. This was different last year. We were extremely busy with all the RSV and Flu patients. I was notified of an admission of a ‘seizure’ 2 year old. We hurried to set up the room and have things ready for... Read More


Just For Today

By VivaLasViejas - Years ago, I received a greeting card containing a poem which exhorted the reader to do things he/she might not ordinarily do, "just for today". I don't recall who sent me the card or what occasion prompted her to do so, but I've never forgotten the gist of the verse, which was along the lines of "just for today, I will dress becomingly.....speak softly......behave something for my health that would appall me if I... Read More


Entry into RN Practice (Part 1): Associate Degree Nursing (ADN)

By VickyRN - there are multiple entry levels into the profession of registered nursing. the various entry points are associate-degree in nursing (adn), bachelor of science in nursing (bsn), diploma nursing programs, and direct-entry nursing graduate programs. these divergent entry levels can be perplexing to students, members of the allied healthcare team, and the general public. in this blog, we will discuss the associate-degree entry level, the... Read More


I am not alone

By waterpaint - Where should I start? 5 days ago, Friday, July 24th 2009, I took the most agonizing exam known to nurse-kind; the infamous NCLEX-RN. We, as new graduates, dread the life-altering exam that determines our next step towards a nursing career, allowing us to officially graduate from nursing school with a $130 license (depending on what state you’re from). As if the time and effort we put towards nursing school isn’t good enough. ... Read More



By MistyDawnRN06 - I know now how burnout occurs. It occurs with the death of nursing. It occurs when the compassion well has been overturned by those who insist on inflicting both nurses and patients to the moral depravity of never-ending torturous care. Burnout starts with an oath, taken at the pinnacle of pride and passion when entering a new profession. Burnout starts with caring, which is a quality we hope all health-care workers possess. ... Read More


A Perfect Ending to a Perfect Day

By b a nurse - I finished with my clean up and comfort cares, I then returned my attention directly to my patient. Her labored breathing echoed low and dark as it resonated down the hall. Her skin was the color of ash, it offset the color of the blue tinged finger tips. The window curtains were wide open. I kneeled down beside her where she could hear me and I grasped her hand into mine. I closed my eyes and I began to pray for her. The hall... Read More


Risk for Diabetes in Relation to Obesity or Being Overweight

By Angela0486 - the main focus of this article is diabetes education. the purpose is to point out how obesity or being overweight can predispose one to diabetes. also, the nursing profession as a whole plays a great part in diabetes prevention, as described in the article. according to the national center for health statistics, (nchs) (2006) diabetes is the sixth leading cause of death in the u.s., accounting for approximately 72,815... Read More


Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) Recertification

By VickyRN - the cne credential must be renewed after five years. to apply for recertification, the applicant may choose one of two options: option 1: option 2: during the 5-year period of recertification, at least 50 activities should be documented, if one chooses option 1. this whole process seems rather complicated and laborious. i think i will choose option 2, when my certification renewal comes due in march, 2011. all this... Read More