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Merry Christmas Mr. J

By nursemarion Sometimes a special person comes into our lives for a moment and reminds us that what really matters is not how much we have, but how much we care for one another. Mr. J was that special person for me. He showed me that Christmas is not in our wallets, but in our hearts. This happened a long... Read More


New Lessons

By ashley10 I don’t know what to do first. Mop the floor, wash the clothes, read the assignments, study the math, start something for dinner, or just sit down and say a prayer, and another, and another. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays, and even a few happy birthdays in between. This is one of... Read More


A Goodnight Kiss and A Bedtime Story

By littlemammanurse I thought I would share this touching story with you. I work on a Palliative/Oncology/General Medicine floor and work mostly nights.We mainly have geriatric patients, but we do have some younger children that are on our floor as well. There is this one special little girl who touched my... Read More


Life as a Nurse

By mushymash I never thought that I would become a nurse. I never intended to. But, God has a funny sense of humor, and I wasn’t laughing all the time. There are days that you have to literally grind your teeth, to keep your composure. Sometimes being a nurse means knowing when to duck. You know,... Read More


I am still me

By blessedmomma247 The sun was coming up on a bitter cold Minnesota morning. It was the day after Christmas which meant shopping with my two daughters. The grandkids were going to spend the day with Grandpa building a snowman and later ice skating. Then one last family dinner before everyone heads home tomorrow. “I... Read More


How I learned compassion.

By Spritenurse1210 “When he saw him, he was moved with compassion, came to him, and bound up his wounds, pouring on oil and wine. He set him on his own animal, and brought him to an inn, and took care of him.” The parable of the good Samaritan, Luke 10:34 There comes a time in every nurse’s life when... Read More


You Better Have Fun!

By jizzo You Better Have Fun! According to recent statistics, the number one reason for nurses leaving their jobs is not what you would guess. It has nothing to do with rotating shifts, working weekends or holidays. It has nothing to do with work overloads, under staffing or being forced to... Read More


An Attitude of Gratitude

By VivaLasViejas It seems hard to believe that another Thanksgiving is here, because like most folks my age, I feel as though they're coming faster and faster as the years go by. But all I have to do is look in the mirror and view the snow field where soft brunette hair used to grow in order to realize that time is... Read More


My Cup Runs Over and Over

By gracedRN Summer 2000, Alexandria, Virginia. Excited beyond all reason! I was finally in Nursing School, at age 30. I'd entertained the idea of nursing before, but didn't believe I was "smart enough". After three semesters of prerequisites with straight A's, I had hit the big time! So, Nursing 105, Day 1.... Read More


Nursing From Your Heart

By kimber1984 My sister has been a dialysis nurse for seven years now, she always knew she wanted to be a nurse since childhood. I, on the other hand, couldn't quite make up my mind as to what I wanted to do with my life. That is, until last year when I suddenly knew exactly what my life's calling was, and the... Read More


Superficial growth for the sake of change...

By anderssa Changing the education requirements in nursing is inevitable. The current trend is to require a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. As we move forward in nursing practice and education, nursing leaders look for ways of training nurses to be more competent and more capable of critical thinking upon... Read More


Don’t let nursing career feel like a laundry list

By awakenthepassion No matter where you are at your nursing career. Whether you are a nursing student struggles to survive another lecture in school or a veteran nurse of 30 years, I feel that you should keep the reasons why you started your journey as a nurse close to you each day. If you don't, nursing may feel... Read More


The performance review that really matters

By awakenthepassion Nurses rely on others to give them the praise and acknowledgement, but still feel unappreciated. This is because they are looking for positive cues from people they have no control of. Instead, nurses should evaluate themselves regularly. Self-evaluations are not just a time for growth but also... Read More


Turning Knowledge Into Wisdom: Being an Effective Advocate

By CFMomof2 Sue has a serious chronic medical condition and visits many different doctors each month. She is on top of her medical situation and sometimes brings in new research papers to discuss with her team. When a new doctor prescribed her a medication without explaining what and why, she gently but firmly... Read More


When Pigs Fly

By jaelpn I have an egg that sits on my desk at home; it's not your everyday bacon and eggs kind of egg. It's a beautifully hand-painted wooden egg. It's painted blue, with a pig flying with wings. It reminds me of many reasons why I became a nurse. I received this art egg after Sr. Mary* passed away. She... Read More


A Full Moon at the Hospital

By chebre62 It had to be a full moon. While getting report, I overheard bits of other reports. Looked like the cardiac floor I was working had suddenly changed to a psych ward. In room 9 was a dying patient. Unfortunately, half the family wanted us to “do everything”, and the other have wanted the... Read More


Acupuncture for menopause, a personal experience

By itsmejuli This is my personal experience with both western and Chinese medicine for the treatment of severe menopausal symptoms. I had excellent results with Premarin but was worried about the side effects so went off of it. I went into a nasty depression and tried acupuncture and Chinese herbs with... Read More


Stay well and don't get sick!

By madwife2002 Last February, I wrote a letter to the CEO of the hospital I was working for to let her know how pleased I was with the care I received while I was there as a patient having my hysterectomy. She was so please with the letter I wrote that she placed my letter on the hospitals website for others to... Read More

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