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New Lessons

by ashley10 So many lessons in so little time. I guess it is true. We are never too old to learn something... Read More

A Goodnight Kiss and A Bedtime Story

by littlemammanurse A young girl dying of cancer wanted me to kiss her goodnight and tell her a bed time story before... Read More

Life as a Nurse

by mushymash This article presents what nurses have to endure on a daily basis. I just want people to... Read More

I am still me

by blessedmomma247 The sun was coming up on a bitter cold Minnesota morning. It was the day after Christmas which... Read More

How I learned compassion.

by Spritenurse1210 “When he saw him, he was moved with compassion, came to him, and bound up his wounds, pouring on... Read More

You Better Have Fun!

by jizzo The workplace can be a stressful place to spend eight to twelve hours every day. Perhaps we should... Read More

An Attitude of Gratitude

by VivaLasViejas The author of the series "Fired After 50" reflects on the changes this year has brought, and... Read More

I am not the hero I once thought I was.

by gracedRN My own "definition of 'nursing'" was my first assignment in nursing school. I wrote, I received a... Read More

A Heartbeat Stops - Another Begins

by 99percentangel When the RN must record no pulse, no respiration, what goes through their mind? Thoughts on the... Read More

The story is in the soil....

by jaelpn This is a story that has a meaning, serves a purpose and has changed my life. The story is in the... Read More

Superficial growth for the sake of change...

by anderssa Changing the education requirements in nursing is inevitable. The current trend is to require a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing. As we move... Read More

Don't let nursing career feel like a laundry list

by awakenthepassion No matter where you are at your nursing career. Whether you are a nursing student struggles to survive another lecture in school or a veteran nurse... Read More

The performance review that really matters

by awakenthepassion Nurses rely on others to give them the praise and acknowledgement, but still feel unappreciated. This is because they are looking for positive cues... Read More

Turning Knowledge Into Wisdom: Being an Effective Advocate

by CFMomof2 Sue has a serious chronic medical condition and visits many different doctors each month. She is on top of her medical situation and sometimes brings... Read More

When Pigs Fly

by jaelpn I have an egg that sits on my desk at home; it's not your everyday bacon and eggs kind of egg. It's a beautifully hand-painted wooden egg. It's... Read More

A Full Moon at the Hospital

by chebre62 It had to be a full moon. While getting report, I overheard bits of other reports. Looked like the cardiac floor I was working had suddenly... Read More

Acupuncture for menopause, a personal experience

by itsmejuli This is my personal experience with both western and Chinese medicine for the treatment of severe menopausal symptoms. I had excellent results with... Read More

Stay well and don't get sick!

by madwife2002 This is a true account of what happened to a friend of mine when she became sick after having worked at a health care facility for over 3 yrs. It's... Read More

Yes, Virginia, There IS A Second Chance

by VivaLasViejas A happy ending to the saga of a late-middle-aged nurse who finally found her dream job after months of unemployment and under-employment......just as... Read More

A REAL Nurse

by Ruby Vee when dad was ill, my sister went to the hospital and told everyone that she was a nurse and she'd be watching them. she is a nurse -- sort of. ... Read More