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Do You Drink the Karmic Kool-Aid?

By Doc Lori, R.N. - How would you feel if I told you that before you were born, you chose your life time and you chose your circumstances (with all of it's consequences) in order to provide you with life lessons, all for the sake of preparing you to be a healer and giver, a fixer, a soother, a lover of all of... Read More

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Short Journey

By ellebilo - As I walk into this tiny room and glanced in the crib placed in the corner, I found myself staring at this little angel. An angel without wings but with numerous tubing attached to her body, keeping her alive. As I begun to assess her fully, I found out that she has this opening in her abdomen... Read More


Used Nurse: Part Deux

By VivaLasViejas - It's finally happened. The Grim Reaper has struck my workplace, and I'm one of his unlucky victims. Three fulltime nurses and a medication aide who once held secure jobs, now stand figuratively on the trapdoor of the gallows, shaking our heads in astonishment at finding ourselves here and... Read More


Self Love and Boundaries for Nurses

By Doc Lori, R.N. - when you provide care and nurture to others, from which aspect of your self does this act stem? do you give out of pure compassion, remaining unattached to the results? conversely, do you give with the expectation of recognition, award or acknowledgement? truthfully speaking, we all identify with... Read More


Am I Babysitting or Supervising?

By BSN_after_40 - Working in rural areas has it challenges, especially when working in a long term care facility in the middle of no where. I was a new RN grad and full of enthusiasm, even though I was in my late thirties. As I scanned the local job listings and word of mouth jobs, I came across an ad for a... Read More


Philosophy of Nursing

By gsmeagle2918 - Professional Nursing Philosophy To develop an accurate philosophy of nursing, one must contemplate the qualities of the endeavors to which a nurse obligates their heart and soul to. A nurse commits to being the embodiment of altruism, charisma, empathy, and knowledge applied... Read More


Dispensing Emergency Spiritual Care

By tnbutterfly - “One department at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center stands out for its unique emergency supplies: Muslim prayer rugs, recordings of Buddhist monks chanting, Christian Bibles and Jewish prayer shawls.” “For patients struck by a serious illness or a deadly diagnosis, those supplies are just one... Read More


How I passed the NCLEX on the first and second try!

By kellysbeans - Well, you all know that’s not really possible. You either pass on the first time, or you don’t. But I sure feel like that’s how it was. My boyfriend and me met 4 years ago, through my brother. What are the chances that we were both busy doing nursing pre-reqs? He finished his, and applied at... Read More


You Think She May Come and See Me Today?

By gladyscruz - Typically people with a dementing illness have delusional episodes in their everyday life. As the disease progresses the brain becomes more and more damaged. Not only becoming cognitively impaired, but also progressively physically impaired. One characteristic of the disease taking hold is... Read More


My Best Nursing Job Ever

By Chico David RN - I've stayed broadly in one branch of nursing – cardiac rehabilitation – for almost my whole career. But I've managed to find variety by taking on different roles during that time. I've worked inpatient and outpatient, I've managed the department for a while. Now I'm working per diem and am sort... Read More


"Nurses Eating Their Young"

By Doc Lori, R.N. - In homage to an Allnurses member who wrote a wonderful article entitled "Nurses Are So Mean", I'd like to provide excerpts from my personal blog which I wrote not to long ago. I give enormous kudos and applause to the writer of this article, and I sincerely agree. It seriously is about taking the... Read More


Nurses, Interview Your Prospective Manager!

By Doc Lori, R.N. - Warning: Please be advised that while the tone of this particular article is a bit biting and sarcastic, (I had a little fun poking and painting a picture of a manager I think we have all at least once encountered), professionalism, warmth, honesty, respect and open communication are keys to a... Read More


Good Evening, Doctor!

By FutureMaleOhioNurse - At the beginning of every school year, I assign my junior high students to draw two pictures - one of a physician and the other of a nurse. See, there's a purpose to this; it helps illustrate the concept of a stereotype and use it to rid the horrible reputation that the science subject has. As... Read More


Nursing Supervisor Takes a Holiday

By Davey Do - In September 1993, I began a full-time position as a Skilled Nurse doing visits and shifts for a Home Health care agency. I had sporadically worked some midnight shifts for this agency six months prior to joining full-time. Meanwhile, I had been working 12 hour midnight shifts full-time at a small... Read More


Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing versus Doctor of Nursing Practice

By VickyRN - There are two main doctoral degrees in nursing: the doctor of philosophy (phd) in nursing and the doctor of nursing practice (dnp). The phd is a research-oriented degree, whereas the dnp is a practice-oriented or clinical doctorate. How do these degrees differ and are they equal in status? The... Read More


Move Over, Norma Rae

By VivaLasViejas - I never thought it would come to this. When my left knee began to ache ferociously a few months ago, I thought it was just a remnant of an old injury that I'd sustained back in my early 40s. I'm on my feet a lot, and being neither young nor thin, I suppose I had it coming. Then the ache became a... Read More


Coaching and Nursing perfect for patients

By virtualrn - I am a registered nurse; I also hold degrees in business and social work. Five years ago I completed training at the International Coach Academy (all virtual) to become a certified coach. My thinking at first was to help people in the health care industry however my clients came from many... Read More


My Inside Does Not Match My Outside

By Lindsey McGraw - My eight hour shift at the nursing home has ended, so off I walk to my pickup truck for the monotonous ride home. Driving into my yard it takes every bit of energy to carry myself into the house. Hobbling along I manage to clear the doorstep and flop into my recliner with a big sigh of relief. ... Read More