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Why am I doing this, anyway?

By TDFlMedicRN - “@#$!, @#$!, @#$!, @#$!!” I had not realized up until that point that subvocalized cursing could be so loud, but even though the only sounds he could make were the "sh" and the "t", he was going to say it. He was young, he was angry – he was a brand new quad who had woken up to find himself paralyzed, trached, and in a strange hospital in a strange town. Worse yet, nobody was listening to him – and he did have something to say besides... Read More


Student Resources: Nursing Math

By VickyRN - whether administering medications or hanging iv drips, nurses must accurately perform dosage calculations. this is a critical factor for patient safety, as a patient's life may depend on it. nursing math requires a working knowledge of ratio-proportion and/or dimensional analysis. most of these type calculations are at the 6th or 7th grade level, involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and decimals/ fractions.... Read More


A Wardrobe Malfunction, or Why Not to Wear A Halloween Costume to Work

By VivaLasViejas - I consider myself a reasonably intelligent individual, but every now and again I have to re-learn a lesson that should've sunk in at least the second or third time I was confronted with it. Take the wearing of Halloween costumes. I've donned all sorts of crazy things in the name of fun, including a streetwalker outfit that almost got me arrested once, and a cowboy's gun belt that some kid stole the fake pistol out of and held it... Read More


Nurse Educator Chronicles: Gladys

By VickyRN - Gladys* was a senior nursing student, in her fourth semester (out of five) in the rough and tough ADN program. She was very insecure and it showed in her demeanor. She had self-esteem issues and sometimes came across as “goofy.” She was middle-aged and morbidly obese, with an awkward air, and was clumsy. She had a loud, booming voice with a thick country accent and her speech was littered with poor grammar. Her grades were mediocre and... Read More


Nurses Say the Darnedest Things!

By VivaLasViejas - One of the many zillions of trivialities that spark my hyperactive imagination late at night when I can't sleep: Have you ever thought about what we must sound like to the average layperson when we use 'medicalese'? It's a language that flows as easily as our mother tongue after a few years in the business, but as I was lying in bed last night, wide awake long after sending a resident in flash pulmonary edema to the hospital, I got... Read More


My Grown-Up (Nursing) Christmas List

By VivaLasViejas - Yes, I know there are still approximately 75 shopping days till Christmas, but at this time of the year, time flies so quickly that before you turn around twice, Santa's on his way. So if you have a nurse on your holiday gift list, here are a few suggestions.........and no, I'm not fussy about brand name OR color. 1) A heated shiatsu foot massager. I didn't even know they existed until yesterday when I was doing a little 'retail... Read More


An angel's gaze

By ringaroundtheposey - People are rarely born being who they are to become, life experiences change and mold a person and create who they are. My path in life was forever changed the day my son was born and I held heaven in my arms. My chariot charges forward with an incommunicable urgency, pushed onward by my attendant. I finally arrive at the anticipated destination. As the quiet buzzer reveals my arrival; the steel doors swing open to allow my... Read More


A Sister Never Forgets

By AmericanChai - When I was nine years old, my brother Adam was murdered by someone who was supposed to be caring for him. His murder went unsolved and unprosecuted for 19 years. The man who killed Adam is now sitting behind bars but will be released soon. I filled the anniversary of Adam's murder with busy things so that I would not have to think about it so deeply. How does one mark the day when everything changed forever? It has taken me most of... Read More


Patients We All Know and Love

By VivaLasViejas - As I've grown older (and hopefully wiser), I've become more and more appreciative of the human animal. Each and every one of us is different from everyone else, yet somehow, people under duress tend to behave in certain ways that have a consistency that never ceases to amaze me. And in my estimation, nothing causes duress like being a patient in a healthcare setting. Even people who are ordinarily sane, decent human beings tend to wig... Read More


Life, Death, and Other Matters of Consequence: Part I

By VivaLasViejas - With the advent of chill winds and falling leaves, it almost seems as if the world is in a hurry to finish its business before winter comes: animals grow thicker coats and store up food for the long, cold months; flowers fade and vines wither; humans stock their pantries in anticipation of the upcoming holidays. And all too often, the change of seasons heralds not only the end of the year, but the lives of the sick and old. Letha*... Read More


Nurse Heal Thyself

By Lindsey McGraw - After I wrote the initial article about my decision to have reconstructive surgery 17 years after surviving breast cancer (“Quest for Girls” published on this site) the preliminary work was done. Now it was time to complete the final phase of my project to become whole again and receive my final implants. This experience proved to be much more enlightening than my past surgical experience of initial reconstruction, and I couldn’t... Read More


My Papa, why I am the nurse I am today.

By ExtraShotNoWhip - My grandfather whom I have always called Papa was a loving, generous, happy, intelligent man. He got colon cancer. He fought with everything he had for two years then decided; but not before considering the thoughts of his wife; my grandma, only daughter; my mom, and his only granddaughter, me; his body had taken all the chemo it could and he was tiered. He said if we thought he should keep trying he would. We told him it was ok and if... Read More


Student Resources: Nursing Procedures

By VickyRN - learning to perform nursing procedures correctly and safely is imperative for nursing students. practice, persistence, and keen attention to detail are key. in learning to competently perform procedures, practice does indeed make perfect. for visual learners, watching videos can be very helpful prior to practicing the procedure. the following are some excellent free instructional resources i have come across on the web: nursing... Read More


Student Resources: Health Assessment Materials

By VickyRN - the following are an assortment of free materials on the internet i have compiled over the years. these excellent materials will be of great assistance to you in nursing school, as you learn to perform accurate head-to-toe assessments. enjoy! the auscultation assistant Read More


I made it through

By tatara - one of my earliest memories as a child was my mother telling me that i was prettier than my sister because i had the sweetest of smiles. i believed i was really very charming and i could say that my personality was oozing with confidence back then, because i was the only one in my kindergarten class with white and intact set of milk teeth. as years went by, i slowly became the timid, introvert pupil in our school. i got so... Read More


Student Resources: Sequential Narrative Notes

By VickyRN - EXAMPLE: Pt with tracheostomy on the rehab unit. 0700 – Received pt in bed, resting quietly with eyes closed. Easily aroused to alert and fully oriented state with voice. Client indicates by shaking head that presently he has no needs and no pain or distress. Respirations even, unlabored via tracheostomy. Pt is receiving humidified oxygen @ 28%, 6 liters, via trach collar. SaO2 97% on continuous pulse oximetry. Trach site is... Read More


Ruby's Marbles

By Linda McCool - Having been a nurse for almost thirty years, I remeber the days when we had time to sit and interact with our patients. In today's world of JCAHO, HIPPA, PYXIS medication dispensing systems, computerized charting, and bottom lines, I fear that our patients lose out on those special moments of nurse/patient bonding. In the early 90's I was working as a travel nurse in a small town in Wyoming in a 75 bed hospital that was just... Read More


What Do Operating Room Nurses Do?

By BethCNOR - The RN specializing in Perioperative Nursing practice performs nursing activities in the preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative phases of the patients' surgical experience. Based on the Standards and Recommended Practices for Perioperative Nursing--A.O.R.N., the operating room nurse provides a continuity of care throughout the perioperative period, using scientific and behavioral practices with the eventual goal of meeting the... Read More