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Nurse Campy Fancy Pants!

By Doc Lori, R.N. - this silly article makes complete fun of us female nurses who think we look really cool in scrubs. oh, come on! you know it as well as i do. i sometimes think that the reason "they" became nurses, other than a karmic fulfillment or the need to be needed, for example, is that "they" actually like... Read More


Indelible Love

By ellebilo - Mr. P, 80 years of age, a war veteran man was admitted with a chief complain of abdominal pain and loss of appetite. Looking at Mr. P for the first time gave me an impression that he was a good looking, gentleman back in his younger days. His looks was way younger that of an 80 year old guy. He was... Read More


Fired After 50, Part I: What It's Like To Be A Statistic

By VivaLasViejas - First in a series about a nurse (me) who finds herself suddenly unemployed at age 51 and learns she is part of an alarming trend of American workers who are losing their jobs at midlife and beyond. This is a story about the new "midlife crisis", the lessons learned during the transition process,... Read More


The Ramblings of a Nurse

By kurisuchine08 - Some people have callously accused us that we took up nursing for the money. I beg to disagree. Nursing, although it provides a steady income, requires more than the drive to earn money. It requires the dedication, patience and sacrifice. Being a nurse means missing out on family occasions and... Read More


Do You Drink the Karmic Kool-Aid?

By Doc Lori, R.N. - How would you feel if I told you that before you were born, you chose your life time and you chose your circumstances (with all of it's consequences) in order to provide you with life lessons, all for the sake of preparing you to be a healer and giver, a fixer, a soother, a lover of all of... Read More


Short Journey

By ellebilo - As I walk into this tiny room and glanced in the crib placed in the corner, I found myself staring at this little angel. An angel without wings but with numerous tubing attached to her body, keeping her alive. As I begun to assess her fully, I found out that she has this opening in her abdomen... Read More


Used Nurse: Part Deux

By VivaLasViejas - It's finally happened. The Grim Reaper has struck my workplace, and I'm one of his unlucky victims. Three fulltime nurses and a medication aide who once held secure jobs, now stand figuratively on the trapdoor of the gallows, shaking our heads in astonishment at finding ourselves here and... Read More


Self Love and Boundaries for Nurses

By Doc Lori, R.N. - when you provide care and nurture to others, from which aspect of your self does this act stem? do you give out of pure compassion, remaining unattached to the results? conversely, do you give with the expectation of recognition, award or acknowledgement? truthfully speaking, we all identify with... Read More


Am I Babysitting or Supervising?

By BSN_after_40 - Working in rural areas has it challenges, especially when working in a long term care facility in the middle of no where. I was a new RN grad and full of enthusiasm, even though I was in my late thirties. As I scanned the local job listings and word of mouth jobs, I came across an ad for a... Read More


Fired After 50, Part II: Interviews---The Good, The Bad, and the Utterly Ridiculous

By VivaLasViejas - Second in a series about what it's like for a nurse to find her/himself out of work after age 50, smack-dab in the middle of the worst recession in our lifetime. This blog post describes the 'fun' I'm having while searching for my next job, which---as of this writing---still has yet to materialize.... Read More



By GBCN2011 - Mercer on Mission 2010 visits Vietnam to care for the poor. Mercer on Missions goal is to deliver genuine care across borders while incorporating student learning. My experience traveling to a developing country has opened my eyes to many things I took for granted. I realized that life is not about... Read More


Mannequins in LTC

By NamasteNurse - "They treat us like mannequins", I hear this as I squeeze past two wheel-chair-bound women. They nod sagely, looking up at me eye brows raised with that certain tilt of the head, meaning 'yeah, she's one of them. What an odd thing to say I think, and it haunts me for days. Why do they feel... Read More


Too Little, Too Late.....Too Bad

By VivaLasViejas - If you've been following the saga of my job woes over the past year---and even if you haven't---you may be able to understand where I'm coming from right now. Maybe even better than I which case, please share your insight with me so that I can stop feeling like I'm the only person on... Read More


My Best Nursing Job Ever

By Chico David RN - I've stayed broadly in one branch of nursing cardiac rehabilitation for almost my whole career. But I've managed to find variety by taking on different roles during that time. I've worked inpatient and outpatient, I've managed the department for a while. Now I'm working per diem and am sort... Read More


"Nurses Eating Their Young"

By Doc Lori, R.N. - In homage to an Allnurses member who wrote a wonderful article entitled "Nurses Are So Mean", I'd like to provide excerpts from my personal blog which I wrote not to long ago. I give enormous kudos and applause to the writer of this article, and I sincerely agree. It seriously is about taking the... Read More


Nurses, Interview Your Prospective Manager!

By Doc Lori, R.N. - Warning: Please be advised that while the tone of this particular article is a bit biting and sarcastic, (I had a little fun poking and painting a picture of a manager I think we have all at least once encountered), professionalism, warmth, honesty, respect and open communication are keys to a... Read More


Good Evening, Doctor!

By FutureMaleOhioNurse - At the beginning of every school year, I assign my junior high students to draw two pictures - one of a physician and the other of a nurse. See, there's a purpose to this; it helps illustrate the concept of a stereotype and use it to rid the horrible reputation that the science subject has. As... Read More


Nursing Supervisor Takes a Holiday

By Davey Do - In September 1993, I began a full-time position as a Skilled Nurse doing visits and shifts for a Home Health care agency. I had sporadically worked some midnight shifts for this agency six months prior to joining full-time. Meanwhile, I had been working 12 hour midnight shifts full-time at a small... Read More