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Precepting the Preceptor

By Ruby Vee If you believe everything you read on allnurses, preceptors, by and large, are awful people put on earth to torment new grads. Since I genuinely believe that most preceptors honestly try to do the very best they can (however reluctant they might have been to take on the task) Iím concluding that... Read More


Night Shift For Newbies

By Ruby Vee most of us donít get much choice over whether or not we work nights, although we might get a choice about when. we also get a choice about how we handle our night rotations. there are plusses and minuses to working eight hour shifts, to working twelves, to working straight day shift, straight... Read More


Just Another Manic Monday

By VivaLasViejas .....and all day I was wishing it were Sunday again. You know it's going to be a tough week when you walk through the door at your workplace on a Monday morning and your senior medication aide comes barrelling out of a resident room, looking like the hounds of Hell are after her and yelling,... Read More


Old Nurse-Bet Me!

By Lindsey McGraw Overview done with humor, from an experienced old nurse who is older than "dirt" on surviving in a world of young, fresh nurses, working in a mentoring capacity. On occasion with it's good, aggravating and average eight hour shifts (LOL) to always remember "tomorrow is another... Read More


Studying in the UK: A guide to Academic Writing

By XB9S I've just finished marking assignments in my capacity as a part time lecturer. Within the work there are such common, and easily rectified themes losing marks for the students so I thought a guide in my blog would be useful. The following are some very basic tips to help support students, of... Read More


Mental Capacity Act 2005: What it means for your practice

By XB9S The Mental Capacity Act 2005 (c.9) came into force in April 2007. It's primary focus was to provide a legal framework for adults who were felt to "lack capacity" to make decisions for themselves. This blog will look at the elements of this Act and what it means for nurses in their day to day... Read More


Welcome to the ICU

By Ruby Vee Welcome to the ICU! Weíre happy to have you here. Not only are you going to ease our staffing issues, but hopefully youíll be here to take care of me when I need care. Iím looking forward to teaching you what I know, and Iím hoping to learn from you as well. I have never ever had an orientee who... Read More


You've Gotta Know the Lingo

By VivaLasViejas So this morning as I was enthroned upon the seat of wisdom, trying to decide what I was going to do with these precious 48 hours of weekend and instead thinking about work, it occurred to me that each area of nursing has its own language.....a special jargon which can be used by anyone, but only... Read More


Interpreting the Unsaid

By ann king Interpreting the Unsaid... Having worked in geriatrics for more than a decade it is one of the most fascinating fields of nursing. Due to all the normal changes that takes place physically in the human body, coupled with disease processes and psycho social changes, it is of utmost importantance... Read More


He rose again-a lesson learned

By cav5 my second year working in the icu brought about changes, both good and bad. i was becoming more competent, more independent, and more secure in my knowledge base as not only a nurse but an icu nurse. however, with this level of confidence and skill came with it something close to impudence, a firm... Read More


What To Do After You've Made A Mistake

By Ruby Vee nursing school doesn’t really teach you how to be a nurse, it just gives you a glimpse into the world of nursing and the nclex gives you a license to learn. if you’re smart, you’ll learn something new every day of your career. if you’re very smart, you’ll learn how to handle those moments when... Read More


True Unsung Heroes

By J Craig I would like to talk today about a profession that seems to stare at common courtesy with frustration at times. They often get viewed as just a friendly face or only a helping hand. I am referring to our nurses of the world. What is a nurse and what do they really do? WellÖthey do a lot more... Read More


Alzheimer's: Communicating in Pictures

By Ruby Vee it started as a lark -- i got a free all-in-one printer with my new computer. momís photo album was just sitting there in my dining room, waiting for me to decide what i wanted to do with it, so just for kicks, i scanned a photograph or two. or sixteen. then the child came home with a school... Read More


Nursing Funnies: Hilarity from the Trenches

By VivaLasViejas Here are some more funny stories and quotable quotes from the bedside, if you want them. 1) One of the more unusual practices in the last nursing home I worked in was the "hazing" of new CNAs. It was basically harmless and took various forms, and no one ever knew exactly what was going to... Read More


My experience with pre and post NCLEX tricks, tips, and anxiety

By JSS024 This article outlines my experience pre and post the NCLEX. I did my research regarding all of the theories and ideas revolving around whether I passed the NCLEX because my results were taking too long to post. The purpose of this article is to give some hope and to also help alleviate... Read More


A Mother's Touch

By jaelpn "A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take." -- Cardinal Mermillod There is a place in everyone's heart that will always remember "Mom"...the touch of a gentle hand that is placed on our foreheads when we are running a fever, a kleenex swiped... Read More


Changes in the NHS under the "ConDem" governement

By XB9S There are major changes ahead in the way the NHS in England will be funded this will mean what for the staff who work on the shop floor. According to this article, patients will not see any changes at all, what it will give is General Practitioner the power to buy services for their... Read More


Helping staff cope with perinatal loss

By Elvish One of the great things about my job is welcoming new life and watching miracles happen almost every day. Nearly every day I fall in love with at least one of the babies and/or new families in my care, and more often than not, it's all of them. However, this job is - as mentioned in the previous... Read More

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