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The Patient Nurse

By General E. Speaking, RN - The Patient Nurse It is not easy to switch roles. Especially if one has been in their particular role for a couple of decades. It just doesn’t feel “right” to be the patient. I did not like it, not one bit. To make matters worse, I was a patient in my own hospital. I had an elective orthopedic procedure requiring a three day stay. “Elective” is a bit of a stretch- a joke actually. I guess there are some superhuman people... Read More


Somalia Comes To Me

By behindthedoor - The little vestibule is dark, chocolate colored, the wood paneling hinting of a grander time. “PIZZA!” “WINGS’!” “DIM SUM!” shout from the papers scattered on the check-tiled floor. It smells of my grandparents’ home in Brooklyn – a mix of polish and roasting chicken. When the door closes behind me I am caught in a small capsule full of dull echo. Three white marble steps are discolored with age, and the dark mail-slots in the six... Read More


Leadership and YOU, the direct care provider RN

By AnneL - All RN direct care providers are leaders. It takes leadership to comfort a patient and family when they’ve just heard a bleak diagnosis; it takes leadership to question an order, volunteer for a shared governance council, accept a “voluntold” role even for a day, and it takes leadership as a whole team in preparing for the inevitable visit from the myriad of regulatory agencies. Ways in which direct care providers implement leadership... Read More


Chocolate Heart,

By deacon0920 - I don't even remember when I started writing or even remember when I stopped. I am writing this just to make sure I won't forget. I never intended to be a nurse,not at all but as fate would want to play it I became one. Time flies,it surely does. I have been through numerous med pass, cleansed a lot of wounds, dealt with gore (not really), literally piled up with physician order sheets. If only I could account them probably my list... Read More


Primary Nursing Care

By madwife2002 - I fully expect that RN burn out will gain momentum in the next few years due to the increased pressure felt by our nurses. Rn's continue to leave the profession, recruitment is tight and hospitals have to tighten their budgets to reflect the current ecconmical crisis. Whilst we all acknowlege that our priority is high quality patient care, we have to question what cost? Where I used to work, 8 nurses have left in the recent months... Read More


Resources for Nurse Educators: Health of the Older Adult

By VickyRN - The baby boomer generation, those born between 1946 and 1964, is the largest demographic group in u.S. History. Boomers, 76 million strong, comprise one quarter of the total u.S. Population. The oldest members of this massive cohort are about to enter their senior years. This first wave, consisting of approximately 2.7 million people, will turn 65 in 2011. As the boomers age, america as a whole is graying. The senior population itself... Read More


Dear preceptor

By Ivanna_Nurse - Dear preceptor.. I came to you smiling, full of energy and ready to tackle the last leg of my orientation journey, with your guidance of course. I haven't really gotten any inclination on where that guidance is at. You tell me what patients to take, and I take them. Then when I am at the bedside, communicating with the family (you know that rapport thing?), you decide that it is a great time to tell me *not to touch the patient*, or... Read More


Society Needs Care Too

By leovineknight - Replacing Patient-Centred Nursing with Society-Centred Nursing in Mental Health Care Settings Overview Patient-centred nursing care is problematic in mental health settings because it may lead to inward looking therapeutic activity, sick role development and inertia. Interventions may over-emphasise psychiatric and psychological issues at the expense of serious re-socialisation programmes, while an imbalance of service user... Read More


Nurse Educator Chronicles: Male Student Nurse on the OB Floor

By VickyRN - It was a happy productive morning on the postpartum floor. I was busy with my group of clinical students overseeing “BUBBLEHE” assessments, reinforcing breastfeeding techniques with the new moms, performing non-stress tests on the antepartal patients, drawing labs, hanging IV maintenance fluids, and administering medications. This was a pleasant unit with all the new mothers and babies. My euphoria was rudely interrupted when a... Read More


Thank You On Behalf Of The General Public

By thetaterelate - I would just like to thank the nurses who attended to my son, myself and the rest of my extended family in 2009, and by extension to every nurse around the world who similarly attended to suspected broken feet and legs (myself and my son), gall stones (mother-in-law) and to the bizarre occasion when my son managed to get his foot jammed into the side of an escalator at the local amusement park. I would like to use this article as... Read More


What to say to the parents of special needs children

By thetaterelate - I was born and raised in a country with a warm climate, and as fate would have it, the beautiful woman who became my wife didn’t. To speed this along, I found myself moving pretty much to the other side of the planet to a new country, with a new climate and a new language to learn. The only job I could get before I could converse in this new language was to go and work with violent, self destructive autistics. It was the best job... Read More


A Lesson well learned "One size does not fit all"

By phdeha777456 - There is nothing more rewarding than Psychiatric nursing. With 16 years of experience, nothing prepared me for this eye opening encounter as did this tiny little 81 year old lady. Working in a Geriatric Psychiatric Hospital, a lot of our patients are awake at night which requires the staff to do a lot of interactions with them to help promote sleep. This particular night, my lady was awake at the beginning of my shift, loudly... Read More


Essential Qualities for Surviving and Thriving as a Nurse Educator

By VickyRN - Nursing education is a harmonious blend of two nurturing and caring professions: nursing and teaching. As such, it offers the best of both worlds. It is a pivotal position in that nurse educators have the unique opportunity and wondrous privilege to shape future generations of nurses and impact care of countless patients downstream. Nursing education, especially in academia, is also a very stressful occupation due to the tremendous... Read More


Patient Safety: We could be the killer!

By Mayjor Wong - It took me a while to come back to writing after a nap that rested my mind that exhausted for the entire busy and hectic week that I have had. I have been thinking for the entire night about thing I have learned after the event that encountered yesterday in relation to the issue of ‘Patient Safety’. I had a trembling and shocking day yesterday where I was witnessed myself how my colleague delivered a shock to my client with a... Read More


Something To Be Thankful For

By VivaLasViejas - If you read my blog on even a semi-regular basis, you've probably figured out that I'm a fan of lists. This one was inspired by a little game that one of my co-workers started on Facebook a couple of weeks ago as a lead-in to Thanksgiving Day. It's actually rather addictive; in fact, some of us have been posting each day about something we are thankful for, even if it's as mundane as food and shelter, or as exotic as one's recent... Read More


Resources for Nurse Educators (1): Strategies to Enhance Critical Thinking

By VickyRN - the following are a list of valuable resources for the nurse educator that i have compiled over the years. these should be of immense help to you in the classroom or clinical area. enjoy! nln living book of teaching and learning the think bank how adults learn active learning: creating excitement in the classroom Read More


You Just Can't Fix Stupid!

By VivaLasViejas - I don't remember who said it first, but this little gem of truth has stuck with me for thirty years: Stupidity is a lot like nuclear energy---it can be used for good or for evil, but either way, you don't want to get any on you. This is never more true than when taking care of patients who have done incredibly idiotic things to themselves that require medical attention. I've had a few who make me feel as though my I.Q. drops 25... Read More


Why am I doing this, anyway?

By TDFlMedicRN - “@#$!, @#$!, @#$!, @#$!!” I had not realized up until that point that subvocalized cursing could be so loud, but even though the only sounds he could make were the "sh" and the "t", he was going to say it. He was young, he was angry – he was a brand new quad who had woken up to find himself paralyzed, trached, and in a strange hospital in a strange town. Worse yet, nobody was listening to him – and he did have something to say besides... Read More