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Good Evening, Doctor!

At the beginning of every school year, I assign my junior high students to draw two pictures - one... Read More


Nursing Supervisor Takes a Holiday

In September 1993, I began a full-time position as a Skilled Nurse doing visits and shifts for a... Read More

Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing versus Doctor of Nursing Practice

There are two main doctoral degrees in nursing: the doctor of philosophy (phd) in nursing and the... Read More

Move Over, Norma Rae

I never thought it would come to this. When my left knee began to ache ferociously a few months... Read More

Coaching and Nursing perfect for patients

I am a registered nurse; I also hold degrees in business and social work. Five years ago I... Read More

My Inside Does Not Match My Outside

My eight hour shift at the nursing home has ended, so off I walk to my pickup truck for the... Read More

Innovations in Teaching Gerontology Content

Mckeachie (2002) defines active learning as ďlearning experiences in which the students are... Read More

I Will Never Call Myself Just an LPN anymore!

Working on an subacute floor proved I had more in me than I ever thought possible. After all most... Read More

A transition in focus: From individualized bedside nursing care to global healthcare

A transition in focus: From individualized bedside nursing care to global healthcare and how... Read More

The Life of a New Nurse in the Philippines

I graduated as a nurse from a certain University in the Philippines. I was just as excited as any... Read More

Am I Babysitting or Supervising?

Working in rural areas has it challenges, especially when working in a long term care facility in the middle of no where. I was a new RN grad... Read More

Philosophy of Nursing

Professional Nursing Philosophy To develop an accurate philosophy of nursing, one must contemplate the qualities of the... Read More

Dispensing Emergency Spiritual Care

ďOne department at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center stands out for its unique emergency supplies: Muslim prayer rugs, recordings of Buddhist monks... Read More

How I passed the NCLEX on the first and second try!

Well, you all know thatís not really possible. You either pass on the first time, or you donít. But I sure feel like thatís how it was. My... Read More

You Think She May Come and See Me Today?

Typically people with a dementing illness have delusional episodes in their everyday life. As the disease progresses the brain becomes more and more... Read More

Thank you Mrs. O

I am an only child; growing up my father was never around, and my mother was an alcoholic who spent more time at the bars then at home with me. One... Read More

Personal Mission Statement

Five years from now, do you want to be doing the same things you are doing now? What specific areas would you like changed? Itís nice to daydream... Read More

Hello my name is.......and I am OBESE

Obesity what is it? When I googled the word obesity I was astonished to find that I had 156,002,803 results. Wikipedia describe it as:Obesity is... Read More

Having a Master's Degree in Nursing: A New Option for New Nurses

Ever since I graduated in my Bachelor’s degree in Nursing and passed the Board Exams, I was already having a tough time landing a job. I have been... Read More

Remembering My Life as a Nursing Student

I came from a provincial public school. When I graduated I was not sure of the course I’ll be taking up in college. It was my parents who told me to... Read More

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