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A REAL Nurse

By Ruby Vee - when dad was ill, my sister went to the hospital and told everyone that she was a nurse and she'd be watching them. she is a nurse -- sort of. she's a "gucci nurse". she comes to work in her gucci suit and her prada heels carrying her designer handbag and her coach briefcase and sits in her... Read More


Teacher turned Nurse

By NamasteNurse - I miss teaching. I miss summer vacation. Christmas vacation, Easter break, President's day. I miss the bell that says "go home", or the one that signals the end of a horrible class. I miss teenagers, the chatter, the hang-dog looks, the laughter, the tons of long healthy hair. Even... Read More


So Why Do You Do It?

By BeinganRN9 - the day of a typical med/surg nurse. you crack one eye open as the clock next to your bed starts blaring some song about love, loss, or riches; it’s 5:15am. you entertain the idea of rolling back over and trying to get another 5 minutes of sleep but you know if you do that you’ll fall back into... Read More


Teaching Methodologies that Work ďTurning Teaching into Learning"

By shinneh - Teaching and Learning together jointly perform teaching and learning activities, the outcome of which leads to mutually desired behavioral changes. The vital role of educator is to choose from various teaching methodologies available which include Traditional, Activity-Based, and Computer-Based... Read More


Student Ruminations

By NamasteNurse - She looks a lot younger than she is. All her make-up is on but she is not at all flashy, she just takes care of herself, for herself. On the phone chatting away happily she sounds like sheís on a business call with a dear friend. She see me enter the room and her eyebrows shoot up in delighted... Read More


CPAP: Tips for Nurses

By Ruby Vee - so your patient comes into the hospital, assisted living or long term care facility with a diagnosis of sleep apnea and one of those dreaded cpap machines in tow. congratulations! your patient is more compliant than the average patient! from my (admittedly limited) experience, the majority of... Read More


Nurses! Have you ever been told to "Just Relax"?

By Doc Lori, R.N. - Alrighty then nurse person, so you cry on your way to work, fantasize about moving to a mountain top with a shaved head while cradling a book titled "How to Obtain Enlightenment in Three Days", and are enjoying your 5th diagnosed bladder infection in the last 6 months. Despite being an avid... Read More


A Beautiful Nightmare

By acaitan29 - ďTit-tit!Tit-tit!Tit-tit!Ē I woke up to the continuous beeping of my mobile phone. At first I thought that I was just dreaming. But there goes my phone again, wailing in the wee hours of the morning. I swear I couldíve thrown it out of my sight if only I didnít remember how much it cost me to buy... Read More


Fired After 50: Epilogue

By VivaLasViejas - If you've been following this series, you know it's been a tough summer for me.......perhaps the toughest one of my half-century-plus on this planet. In three short, but seemingly interminable months, I lost not only my job and my income, but my very identity. That, surprisingly, has been the... Read More


Sitting Is Overrated

By Ruby Vee - sitting is overrated. i say that because at present i canít sit. it isnít that iím far too busy to ever point my posterior at a chair -- although i am busy, thatís not the problem. and it isnít that my world famous teaching hospital spends millions on conference rooms for executives and dining... Read More


Dear Me!

By rivet32 - i have worked for several years on a busy medical surgical floor and once in awhile my white uniforms would become splotched with a myriad of substances, from patientís peg feeding to ballpoint pen ink. last year, i had purchased a uniform set from a former coworker and thought that it was... Read More


Calling the Code - a coping mechanism in 14 lines

By TDFlMedicRN - It all started simply enough – a usual day at the station house. We checked in, we checked out the rig, we did our station duties and filled out the logbook; we looked up our duty roster for the day and we even started working on CE’s. There are mornings that the calls come right away, and days... Read More


Smart Nurse vs. Dumb Pharmacy, Round One. DING!

By VivaLasViejas - In the midst of a Friday swing shift (otherwise known in the hospital industry as "Boot 'Em Out to the Nursing Homes Day"), a lone nurse responsible for 42 residents who has absolutely nothing better to do with her time than answer the telephone.......answers the telephone. It's the pharmacy from... Read More


Good-bye, Mrs. Meanjeans

By VivaLasViejas - Here's a "world's worst patient" tale....with a twist. Wilma is, quite simply, a terrorist in an elderly woman's body. She is verbally and physically abusive. She calls 50 times a shift, then refuses care "because you took too long to get here". She's paranoid and thinks everyone in the building... Read More


CPAP: Use It And Live

By Ruby Vee - i work in a cardiac intensive care unit; ccu and sicu together. as an icu nurse, iím well acquainted with the correlation between untreated sleep apnea and heart disease, stroke or sudden death. and i wish i had a dollar for every patient with ďobstructive sleep apneaĒ listed as a diagnosis on... Read More


What I Know About: The PITA Patient

By VivaLasViejas - This is the first in what will be an occasional series, loosely based on the AARP Magazine's monthly column "What I Know About (blank)". Intended mainly for students and newer nurses, these entries will provide caregivers of all levels with hard-won insight and nursing wisdom gained over the course... Read More


Plagiarism Ė Do You Copy That?

By VickyRN - The curious off-black smoky color to the font and section headings with an odd bluish hue alerted the instructor that something was seriously amiss with the studentís writing assignment. Upon further investigation, the educator was dismayed to find that the entire student report had been cut and... Read More


Things I've Learned This Year

By Ruby Vee - hopefully, i learn new things every year -- every day even. but some are more memorable than others. here, then, is a list of the more memorable things iíve learned this year. ē there are three kinds of people: there are those who get it, and there are those who donít. the third kind are those... Read More