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Ready for Christmas

By nfriddle - Ready for Christmas As I pushed my equipment cart through the doorway into the ICU room, I glanced over at the figure in the bed. Hooked up to the usual monitors and drips, thirty year old Cheri lay still except for the occasional fluttering of her large, brown eyes. “Any change today?” I asked the nurse at her bedside. “Not really,” she replied. “She has been unresponsive like this ever since she came back from the O.R. on... Read More


I am meant to be a nurse.

By mochamonster - I had been in the dental field for years and had slowly moved my way up by learning each job until I was proficient and then seeking more of a challenge. I did this for 9 years until I found myself with a Bachelor’s in Healthcare Management and the Office Manager for a multi-dentist practice that I had rescued from the verge of bankruptcy. Everything I touch turned to gold, so to speak. For me the next logical step was to start my own... Read More


Protecting autonomy in 'Care of the Elderly

By Florence H.H. - ‘Oh ****** on a bike!’ I muttered to myself as I walked onto the ‘Elderly Care’ facility I worked in. The on duty nurse was rushing around like a pyromaniac in a petrol station,still dispensing the after lunch medications, and looking nowhere like ready to give me the handover on the thirty residents we looked after. The phone's were ringing ballistically, unanswered in the background, and two unfamiliar care attendants were standing... Read More


Why i have chosen nursing as a career

By sara_ky - It wasn’t until I put scrubs on for the first time in more than a decade that I remembered. Up to that point, although I’d committed myself to going to nursing school, had signed all of the necessary papers, had bought all of my books and supplies, I still had reservations. Given my past experience, this was a reasonable response. I had enrolled in the ASN program at a local community college in the late 1990s, but had withdrawn... Read More


Me, myself and Facebook

By madwife2002 - Facebook, hands up who doesnt have an account??? It appears our new life is now being controlled by this new phenomenon which had dragged many people into the 21st Century it can be fun, exciting and enables us to catch up with friends and family we may have lost touch with over the years. If you havent been exposed to Facebook then you are probably dead or deep in a coma, and everbody has an opinion on it. Businesses are thriving... Read More


Nurse, Heal Thyself!

By VivaLasViejas - As every nurse who's ever worked long-term care knows, there comes a time each winter when some gnarly virus sweeps through the building and brings it---almost literally---to its knees. It starts off innocently enough: some staff member will inadvertently track in a germ their kids picked up on the playground, or an admission comes from the hospital with bugs on board....but no matter how it begins, the thing will spread throughout the... Read More


On the Edge

By wannabecnl - This is it. This is what I have been waiting and preparing for during the past five years. This is the day I've dreamed of since I was a small child. This is what I know I have been called to do and am finally going to do. Today is my first day of nursing school. God willing, 16 months from now I will be an RN, and in two sure-to-be-short-despite-feeling-endless-now years, I will be a clinical nurse leader. What the... Read More


Got No Job? Come be an RN !

By madwife2002 - It seems to me anybody and anybody can do nursing, doesnt matter if you are really interested or not, not important if you care about people or not, not relevent if you have a passion for nursing or not just come along we will train you and then you can look after our sick, eldery, frail, poor homeless, drug seekers. Without passion, without caring, sometimes with little comprehension of what that poor sick person in the bed needs. ... Read More


Pregnant in Nursing School....

By proudnurseRN - It was my second year of my four year BSN program. My very first set of actual nursing clinicals. The ones where we actually went somewhere, and that was a LTC. I was excited, scared, and every other emotion all combined. I was actually more emotional than I pictured myself. I was so emotional I was nauseated. I was exhausted. On our third clinical day I went to watch a nurse do a dressing change. Wound care, how exciting! ... Read More


Metaparadigm of Nursing-Does Safe Staffing Save Lives?

By DougMusic - Does Safe Staffing Save Lives? In 2004, California became the first state to establish minimum nurse-to-patient staffing requirements in acute-care hospitals. As a nursing student, the debate whether mandated or non-mandated Nurse to client ratio in the clinical setting is not an easy topic to explain. There are many arguments surrounding this health care issue. With the coming age of the “baby boomers” many... Read More


A Nursing Students’ Convocation Address to Families, Classmates and Instructors

By slacktime - Thank you for coming to our convocation this afternoon. I want to take a few minutes of your time to thank some very deserving people: First, friends and families: on behalf of my classmates and myself: We’re sorry we have neglected you for the last two years; nursing school was something we badly wanted to do, and you all helped make it possible. Thank you for your love & support while we were busy, we really could not have done... Read More


Eight essential tools and tips for incoming nursing students

By forchunet - As a senior nursing student, I would like to think I have become seasoned in the whole nursing school biz. I've settled into the routine of nursing school--lectures, exams, clinicals, and papers have all become familiar. It wasn't always like this, though. Reminiscing about my first semester in nursing school makes me laugh at how stressed I was over things that are oh so simple now. APA format, for one, was a whole new concept and I... Read More


Patients' Perceptions of Nurses' Skill

By AmySellers - I subscribe to several nursing journals, one of which is "Critical Care Nurse" - published through the AACN (American Association of Critical Care Nurses) and I really do try my best to read all of the articles in each one, but honestly, only get time to skim through the magazine and read the articles that pertain directly to my career or articles where the title catches my eye. Every once in awhile an article comes along that I... Read More


Murphy's law experienced

By luvRNs - Been there, done that. After approximately 30 years in nursing, I thought I knew it all. Then the unthinkable happened. I was my husbands horse with friends. We were galloping on a dry lake bed. I went to bump my horse back ( i.e. slow him) and he went from a full gallop to a dead stop in seconds. Kinetic energy carried me forward into the saddlehorn, and I suffered an open book fracture of my pelvis. My horse, alarmed at falling... Read More


Jimmy Buffett and the Winter Blues

By VivaLasViejas - They don't call this time of year "the dead of winter" for nothing. Some mornings I stand at my picture window, steaming coffee mug in hand, and look out through the bare trees in my back woods, which in warmer seasons are lush with green leaves that shade the property and allow me to feel magnificently isolated here in my Shangri-La on the hill. The grey skies mirror my mood; when I let the dog out for his constitutional, I note... Read More


Nursing Students and Substance Abuse

By VickyRN - The statistics are sobering. Substance abuse is rampant in our society, with an estimated 16% of americans suffering from addiction. up to 20 % of nurses are chemically impaired. Chemical dependency may involve such substances as alcohol, unauthorized use of prescription medications, narcotics, and illicit drugs. The majority of these impaired nurses also had substance abuse problems as students. For some, their chemical... Read More


On the other side of the IV

By Sonjailana - So I'm sitting here waiting at 4am for my Lortab elixir to kick in and I thought I'd share my experience as a patient today-- First, I'm an RN in Med/Surg/Onc/Tele with 2 years experience. I take care of post ops everyday, but I was still very scared going to OR as I've never had anything done myself. I went and signed in, and the clerk was helpful as I was in the wrong section of our big hospital. My mom and I were walked down to... Read More


Community-Based Nursing

By marvije jame - "The unique function of the nurse is to assist the individual, sick or well, in the performance of those activities contributing to health or its recovery (or to peaceful death) that he would perform unaided if he had the necessary strength, will, or knowledge and to do this in such a way as to help him gain independence as rapidly as possible" -- Virginia Henderson Nursing entails different faces he/she can act for. It is a way on... Read More