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A Nursing Exemplar; One New Nurse's Experience

by kris5 This is a story about one new nurse's experience caring for an unresponsive stroke patient on the... Read More

Sweet Pain

by Delver What happens after spending a decade of caring for critically ill patients and suffering their... Read More

BOLC Week One: I Love This Uniform, But This Beret Is A Lemon!

by Pixie.RN Let's see, where were we last ... oh yes, departing for Basic Officer Leadership Course (BOLC). I... Read More

Passing the Torch

by denisegueits What do you know? No, he didn't come right out and ask me that. But after years of reading... Read More

Delayed Arrival

by maziemoo22 Nursing school is rough...very rough. At some point in time we all wonder if it's all worth it. ... Read More

Whee! The People

by VivaLasViejas An "other-side-of-the-desk" look at what nurse managers REALLY do all day. Hint: it's *not* sitting... Read More

Hurry Up and Wait!

by Pixie.RN The second installment in my journey to Army Nursing... I leave for Texas the day after tomorrow!... Read More

Sharing a Pearl

by Flare An encounter with a rookie nursing assistant reminds us that your day is as good as you allow it to... Read More

So you want an adventure? Have you ever tried Nursing?

by Nightnurse2002 When I became a nurse I never imagined how nontraditional of a career I would have. Always one for... Read More

It's RN, not MD.

by steven007 As a student nurse I have been quite bipolar. Going through phases of loving nursing and phases of... Read More

Getting along with others...

by chellieRN As nursing students, our duties make the best part of our stay in the college, and being with group mates who are very out-of-this-world really... Read More

A Hero-In-The-Making Learns about Grieving From Real Heroes

by PrayeRNurse Shifting in my rocking chair sent my Med-Surg book to the floor. I send a silent prayer that my ten year old was still asleep. She was. Many times I... Read More

Reclaiming our Profession

by highlandlass1592 As nurses, we are inundated with the image of "angels in white", being told nursing is a "calling". We need to look at these ideas and realize how... Read More

Nursing Dx: Noncompliance of healthy lifestyle choices

by jsapphire Nutrition, physiology, and life style management were all part of our nursing program's curriculum. Still, we find ourselves stuck gorging on sweets... Read More

Dear Nurse

by kurisuchine08 "To do what nobody else will do, a way that nobody else can do, in spite of all we go through; is to be a nurse." Dear Nurse, I hope you get... Read More

Even More Hurry Up and Wait!

by Pixie.RN The third blog in the series, on the eve of my departure to Basic Officer Leadership Course (BOLC) in Texas! I'm driving from Virginia. Hooray, road... Read More

The best job in the world.

by remoteareanurse Lets be honest here. Nurses love to whinge. And to be fair, we do have a lot to whinge about. Pay, for example. It took me four years of... Read More

I didn't know I couldn't do it ... so I did.

by Pixie.RN Welcome to the Army Nursing blog, which will chronicle my progression in becoming an active duty Army nurse (66HM5, ER Nurse). I report for active... Read More

Hope is NOT for the faint of heart

by WildcatFanRN I have learned in my almost three years as an unemployed RN that Hope is the one thing that can really keep you motivated. Despite all the... Read More

Big Beautiful Brown Eyes

by Lindsey McGraw A very touching story appropriate for March since it is the start of Breast Cancer Awareness, campaign walkathons with "pink warriors" and pink... Read More

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