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Fired After 50, Part V: Happily Ever After (I Hope!)

Fifth---and hopefully last---in a series about being out of work and over 50 in the world of... Read More


Fired After 50, Part IV: A Time to Punt

Fourth in a series about the adventures of a down-on-her-luck RN faced with the eternal question:... Read More

Fired After 50, Part III: It's Always Darkest Before Dawn

Third in a continuing series about a fiftysomething RN (me) who, through a trifecta of misfortunes,... Read More

Fired After 50, Part II: Interviews---The Good, The Bad, and the Utterly Ridiculous

Second in a series about what it's like for a nurse to find her/himself out of work after age 50,... Read More


Mercer on Mission 2010 visits Vietnam to care for the poor. Mercer on Missions goal is to deliver... Read More

Mannequins in LTC

"They treat us like mannequins", I hear this as I squeeze past two wheel-chair-bound women. They... Read More

Too Little, Too Late.....Too Bad

If you've been following the saga of my job woes over the past year---and even if you haven't---you... Read More

My Best Nursing Job Ever

I've stayed broadly in one branch of nursing cardiac rehabilitation for almost my whole career.... Read More

"Nurses Eating Their Young"

In homage to an Allnurses member who wrote a wonderful article entitled "Nurses Are So Mean", I'd... Read More

Nurses, Interview Your Prospective Manager!

Warning: Please be advised that while the tone of this particular article is a bit biting and... Read More

Gerontological Nursing Case Study: Medication Use and the Frail Elderly

This case study was inspired by a late-night encounter in the ER. Unfortunately, medication mismanagement scenarios such as these are all too common... Read More

Dad's Final Gift

Half-way through nursing school, Dad was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. He helped me gain the insight that death is a part of life. I found... Read More

Nurse Campy Fancy Pants!

this silly article makes complete fun of us female nurses who think we look really cool in scrubs. oh, come on! you know it as well as i do. i... Read More

Indelible Love

Mr. P, 80 years of age, a war veteran man was admitted with a chief complain of abdominal pain and loss of appetite. Looking at Mr. P for the first... Read More

Fired After 50, Part I: What It's Like To Be A Statistic

First in a series about a nurse (me) who finds herself suddenly unemployed at age 51 and learns she is part of an alarming trend of American workers... Read More

The Ramblings of a Nurse

Some people have callously accused us that we took up nursing for the money. I beg to disagree. Nursing, although it provides a steady income,... Read More

Do You Drink the Karmic Kool-Aid?

How would you feel if I told you that before you were born, you chose your life time and you chose your circumstances (with all of it's consequences)... Read More

Short Journey

As I walk into this tiny room and glanced in the crib placed in the corner, I found myself staring at this little angel. An angel without wings but... Read More

Used Nurse: Part Deux

It's finally happened. The Grim Reaper has struck my workplace, and I'm one of his unlucky victims. Three fulltime nurses and a medication aide... Read More

Self Love and Boundaries for Nurses

when you provide care and nurture to others, from which aspect of your self does this act stem? do you give out of pure compassion, remaining... Read More

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