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The Ethics of Managing Your Personal Time

By Ruby Vee Thereís a lot said about ethics in nursing, and much of it -- most of it, probably -- pertains toward the ethical treatment of patients. Not charting meds you havenít given or procedures you havenít done, admitting your med errors and setting about to mitigate the damage just as soon as you... Read More


Journey along the palliative care bridge to hospice

By tammysmithlvn Palliative care services are a very important resource for those patients who have been recently diagnosed with a terminal illness. Care needs fluctuate throughout the course of any life-limiting disease. No longer are patients required to terminate aggressive treatment, and possibly give up all... Read More


BOLC Weeks Four and Five: Mostly Great Stuff!

By Pixie.RN My apologies for failing to blog last week ... it's been non-stop, and I've been stressed and tired. Lots of PT, lots of sit-ups! I will start with the good news: I passed my PT test today! Hooray!! I was so excited after passing my sit-ups that I jumped up, ran around like a maniac, and did a... Read More


Autism Immunization debate how nurses can help

By RNmom2g1b This paper outlines the history of the Autism immunization debate. It shows how it effects nurses and what nurses can do to help scared parents make the right choice for their children. Like it or not there are a lot of scared parents refusing immunizations some for good reason others are just... Read More


What nursing will be like in the FuTuRe!

By TheMoonisMyLantern In a time where our economy is shaky, government is uncertain, and a customer service driven terminally ill health care system, we all tend to wonder out of fear and anxiety what our field will be like in the future. Let's face it ladies and gents, at the rate we're going at I don't believe... Read More


Managers can I change your opinion of them?

By madwife2002 it is a very lonely world out there for managers. i became a manager of a dialysis facility in august 2010. i was promoted from within, not the best way to start out in your new role! why-because everybody has certain expectations of you which you cannot live up to. you start out with the best... Read More


BOLC Week Two: Lines, Lines, Lines!

By Pixie.RN Almost more than the whole "hurry up and wait" business, the Army is crazy about lines. We stand in line for just about everything: meals at the dining facility (DFAC), getting our FTX (field training exercise) equipment issued at CIF (Central Issue Facility), getting our Common Access Cards (CAC,... Read More


A Nursing Exemplar; One New Nurse's Experience

By kris5 As a new RN in a large midwestern hospital, I started on the 8 hour night shift of a busy medsurg telemetry floor. Inexperience led me to rely heavily on my psychosocial skills and interactions with patients. After report one night, as I was assessing my patients, I felt particularly drawn to the... Read More


Sweet Pain

By Delver It was such a cold day in December and I could not find the church, the biggest Catholic Church in the downtown area Iíd lived in for the last fifteen years. What was I doing? Already had to beg my supervisor in the Medicine ICU for the morning off to pay my respects to a former patient and I... Read More


I Want to be a Nurse, I Want to Make a Difference

By tracyd77 During my clinical rotation in the nursing home, I was assigned a gentleman in his 70's (we'll call Mr. Smith), as my patient. Mr. Smith had severe Alzheimer's disease, which had progressed very quickly. He had gone from sailing solo from the coast of Maine to the coast of Florida, to not being... Read More


Why Do Nurses Eat Their Young?

By timetoshine Have you heard that phrase before? I graduated my Nursing Program way, way, back in 1955 and it was around even then. The perpetrator is usually a senior nurse with longevity but could be a new graduate bursting with new knowledge and techniques and anxious to give them a workout or it could be a... Read More


The Art of Caring and Compassion

By deborah911 Good at IV starts- check. Telemetry trained- check. CPR and ACLS certified- check. We work so hard to have a resume that is full of experience and skills; but have we forgotten one of the most important qualifications needed to be a successful nurse? Do you have a heart for people? Compassion is... Read More


Crushed by "The Crud": Anatomy of a Sick Day

By VivaLasViejas Come to think of it, I guess this could have been called "Bashed by Bronchitis", or "Flattened by the Flu", because elements of both illnesses have reared their ugly little heads during the past few days. It started out as a head cold and quickly evolved into fever, sore throat, body aches, and a... Read More


BOLC Week Three: Soldiers First

By Pixie.RN Lots of good things this past week: another formation run without vomiting, which was great. But also our first record (official) PT test, and I'll say right up front that I still didnít pass the sit-ups, darn it! Very frustrating. I did more this time, but not enough. However, it was hard to be... Read More


Nursing There to Here...

By MotherBabyPoet May 6th is Nurses Day, and I have made it my mission to recognize nurses for who they are and what they do. The first piece was written not long after I graduated from nursing school. It is entitled "Nursing There to Here" and the closing piece, "I Want A Nurse", was penned not long ago, in the... Read More


Second Career

By taschmidt About two years ago, I decided to take the leap and go back to school to get my nursing degree. I was already established in my field, but I have always felt that something was missing. So, I applied and was accepted into an Accelerated Program. Being an Exercise Physiologist for over 15 years,... Read More


Do you have subnormal group mates?

By chellieRN As nursing students, our duties make the best part of our stay in the college, and being with group mates who are very out-of-this-world really freaks us out, especially when we have a case presentation, a thesis for the research, and to make it worst, you are the group leader! So here's the deal... Read More


A Hero-In-The-Making Learns about Grieving From Real Heroes

By PrayeRNurse Shifting in my rocking chair sent my Med-Surg book to the floor. I send a silent prayer that my ten year old was still asleep. She was. Many times I have thought of placing a small desk in her room for nights that require me to sit up with her. I am afraid that I would lay my head down, dose off... Read More

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