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Big Beautiful Brown Eyes

By Lindsey McGraw - Big Beautiful Brown Eyes By: Lindsey McGraw As each year passes quickly, March arrives with the familiar TV ads for breast cancer campaign walkathons featuring the "pink warriors" and "pink ribbon" logos. Finally, years later, I find myself able to watch these commercials without being... Read More

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Just a Little Ray of Hope for Nurses

By cdc_56 - Let me first say thank you for not ignoring this article and for letting this little art piece of mine reach your mind. Today, I spent 3o minutes of my time trying to join the contest "Write a Nursing Article and Win a Cash". I have put so much effort clicking the join the contest button but... Read More


Learning How to Not Be a Nurse

By NickiLaughs - I have always been very analytical, very detailed, and have always been more than happy to acknowledge to others this, so they are aware that they do not have to talk to me in a more simplistic manner. However, that all changed on Monday, when my son became obviously ill, with chest retractions,... Read More


I got a job!!!! BOO-YOW!

By ChicagoRNtoBSN - I am cheeeesing!!! Because I am officially a nurse. That's right! No longer am I the licensed non-working individual. But I am not here to gloat or rub it in. I wanted to give some tips. They are kind of out-of-the-norm....Very stalker-ish even! Hopefully, these will help you as they did me.... Read More


Precepting the Preceptor

By Ruby Vee - If you believe everything you read on allnurses, preceptors, by and large, are awful people put on earth to torment new grads. Since I genuinely believe that most preceptors honestly try to do the very best they can (however reluctant they might have been to take on the task) I’m concluding that... Read More


Night Shift For Newbies

By Ruby Vee - most of us don’t get much choice over whether or not we work nights, although we might get a choice about when. we also get a choice about how we handle our night rotations. there are plusses and minuses to working eight hour shifts, to working twelves, to working straight day shift, straight... Read More


Just Another Manic Monday

By VivaLasViejas - .....and all day I was wishing it were Sunday again. You know it's going to be a tough week when you walk through the door at your workplace on a Monday morning and your senior medication aide comes barrelling out of a resident room, looking like the hounds of Hell are after her and yelling,... Read More


Old Nurse-Bet Me!

By Lindsey McGraw - Overview done with humor, from an experienced old nurse who is older than "dirt" on surviving in a world of young, fresh nurses, working in a mentoring capacity. On occasion with it's good, aggravating and average eight hour shifts (LOL) to always remember "tomorrow is another... Read More


Studying in the UK: A guide to Academic Writing

By XB9S - I've just finished marking assignments in my capacity as a part time lecturer. Within the work there are such common, and easily rectified themes losing marks for the students so I thought a guide in my blog would be useful. The following are some very basic tips to help support students, of... Read More


Daughter vs. NURSE: Moral Courage

By tammysmithlvn - Reflection: Moral Courage Moral courage is sometimes a shared experience. I have always had the realization that sometime in my Nursing career, I would be faced with the task of assisting my patient while they receive a terminal diagnosis. Allowing the patient time to process such information,... Read More


A Little Perspective Goes A long Way

By joaks - When it comes to my career as a nurse I consider myself lucky. I did not consider myself lucky in the beginning of my career. But hindsight is a beautiful thing, if self—reflection has taught me anything. I am not one of those nurses who loved their bachelors’ program and reflect fondly on... Read More


How To Tell If You're A Bully

By Ruby Vee - are you a bully? i’m getting fed up with some of the threads on there’s a 2000+ post thread on “do nurses eat their young?” and the majority of the posters seem to claim that they know it for a fact that nurses eat their young because they’ve been “eaten.” usually they go on to... Read More


How to Survive (and Thrive) in Nursing School

By 86toronado - as a new(ish) nurse, i still like to browse through the "student nurse" section of from time to time. what constantly strikes me is that i see the same questions and concerns over and over again. "i'm failing, and i don't know why" "i feel nervous in clinicals" and "i don't have... Read More


He rose again-a lesson learned

By cav5 - my second year working in the icu brought about changes, both good and bad. i was becoming more competent, more independent, and more secure in my knowledge base as not only a nurse but an icu nurse. however, with this level of confidence and skill came with it something close to impudence, a firm... Read More


What To Do After You've Made A Mistake

By Ruby Vee - nursing school doesn’t really teach you how to be a nurse, it just gives you a glimpse into the world of nursing and the nclex gives you a license to learn. if you’re smart, you’ll learn something new every day of your career. if you’re very smart, you’ll learn how to handle those moments when... Read More


True Unsung Heroes

By J Craig - I would like to talk today about a profession that seems to stare at common courtesy with frustration at times. They often get viewed as just a friendly face or only a helping hand. I am referring to our nurses of the world. What is a nurse and what do they really do? Well…they do a lot more... Read More


Alzheimer's: Communicating in Pictures

By Ruby Vee - it started as a lark -- i got a free all-in-one printer with my new computer. mom’s photo album was just sitting there in my dining room, waiting for me to decide what i wanted to do with it, so just for kicks, i scanned a photograph or two. or sixteen. then the child came home with a school... Read More


Nursing Funnies: Hilarity from the Trenches

By VivaLasViejas - Here are some more funny stories and quotable quotes from the bedside, if you want them. 1) One of the more unusual practices in the last nursing home I worked in was the "hazing" of new CNAs. It was basically harmless and took various forms, and no one ever knew exactly what was going to... Read More