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Reserve Component BOLC Survival Guide

by ArmyNurse09 On orders for BOLC? Concerned about the field portion of your training? A U.S. Army Reserves RN... Read More


How The NCLEX Works (Part I): Computerized Adaptive Testing

by TheCommuter This article is a direct response to the numerous queries that test-takers have made regarding the... Read More

How To Become A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

by TheCommuter The following article is a detailed response to the numerous queries that people make about... Read More

Scam Schools And Diploma Mills

by TheCommuter Online education has exploded in popularity over the past fifteen years. Unfortunately, scam... Read More

Hospital CEO Salaries: Are The Big Bucks Justified?

by TheCommuter In this current era of escalating healthcare costs, people have been scrutinizing the salaries,... Read More

Never Argue With Dementia (and Other Nuggets of Nursing Wisdom)

by VivaLasViejas A veteran RN and nursing director shares a few tips and tricks of the trade, which have been... Read More

Pedi Home Health- My time with Joseph

by ibmanda2000 This is a story about my experience with a special patient I had as a Pediatric Home Health nurse.... Read More

Long-Term Care Nursing: A Specialty In Its Own Right

by TheCommuter Barbara, a nurse at a long-term care facility, says, "I've been working in this industry for 30... Read More

Public Humiliation In Healthcare

by TheCommuter Numerous nurses, nursing assistants, and other healthcare workers have described humiliating experiences during the courses of their careers. The... Read More

How To Answer The Most Common Nursing Interview Questions

by TheCommuter This piece was written in direct response to the numerous inquiries that people make about their upcoming nursing job interviews. The intended... Read More

Share those precious last minutes, they deserve it...

by marty6001 When the last breaths are taken, the nurse will be there, at the bedside, preparing the patient and family, for what comes next. While we can perform... Read More

What's your story?

by minnymi losing my first "real job" as a teacher ended up being the best thing that ever happened to me. i LOVE being a nurse and can't imagine doing anything... Read More

LPN = Life's Perfect Nurse?

by TheCommuter Any experienced licensed practical nurse knows that plenty of uninformed people have made fun of the LPN acronym over the years. The intended purpose... Read More

Racial Biases Against Patients: Another Issue To Ponder

by TheCommuter Norma, a 57-year-old African-American female, presented to the emergency room with chest wall pain at the community hospital in the small Midwestern... Read More

LPNs: Myths and Misconceptions (Part I)

by TheCommuter Licensed practical nurses (LPNs) play an integral role in the delivery of healthcare in the United States and several other countries. However,... Read More

Prejudice Against Overweight Patients: An Issue To Ponder

by TheCommuter Nicole, a 26-year-old mother of two, has visited her primary care physician due to a migraine headache. As he signs her prescriptions, her primary... Read More

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