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My experience with pre and post NCLEX tricks, tips, and anxiety

By JSS024 - This article outlines my experience pre and post the NCLEX. I did my research regarding all of the theories and ideas revolving around whether I passed the NCLEX because my results were taking too long to post. The purpose of this article is to give some hope and to also help alleviate... Read More


A Mother's Touch

By jaelpn - "A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take." -- Cardinal Mermillod There is a place in everyone's heart that will always remember "Mom"...the touch of a gentle hand that is placed on our foreheads when we are running a fever, a kleenex swiped... Read More


Changes in the NHS under the "ConDem" governement

By XB9S - There are major changes ahead in the way the NHS in England will be funded this will mean what for the staff who work on the shop floor. According to this article, patients will not see any changes at all, what it will give is General Practitioner the power to buy services for their... Read More


Helping staff cope with perinatal loss

By Elvish - One of the great things about my job is welcoming new life and watching miracles happen almost every day. Nearly every day I fall in love with at least one of the babies and/or new families in my care, and more often than not, it's all of them. However, this job is - as mentioned in the previous... Read More


Observations of Haiti - “the Event" and “my Return”

By kayakrn7 - Observations of Haiti - “the Event" and “my Return” On January 12, 2010 at 4:53pm EST a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck the nation of Haiti destroying over 300,000 homes and buildings and taking the lives of over 200,000 people. As a nurse who has responded to many disasters within the United... Read More


The Paws That Refresh Us: A Series of Unfortunate Events

By VivaLasViejas - This afternoon, as I was saying hello to the newest resident of my assisted living facility and getting slobbered on by the ancient Bassett hound she'd brought with her, I was reminded of an incident from my way-back days as a student nursing assistant in a decrepit LTC facility which was, not to... Read More


You Want Me To Do WHAT??!

By VivaLasViejas - One of the many unexpected delights of my new job as DNS in an assisted living community is the mutual respect and admiration that has developed between my executive director, Mike, and me. I've never had the pleasure of working with someone as compatible as this man. He may call himself the... Read More


Mental-illness, Nursing & Me

By sunflowerross - I have been an LPN for a year now. I've never been diagnosed with a mental illness; however, I know there is something wrong with me. I'm one of the most 'normal' in my family so I've never felt the need to get help with my issues up until now. "What is normal anyway--right!!!" :confused: ... Read More


Memories from a Haitian Cholera Treatment Center

By kayakrn7 - In January and February of this year I worked in Haiti with United States NDMS DMAT and ImSurt teams providing medical and surgical care to the victims of the January 12th earthquake. What I experienced during those weeks only partially prepared me for what I would experience upon my return to... Read More


Welcome to the ICU

By Ruby Vee - Welcome to the ICU! We’re happy to have you here. Not only are you going to ease our staffing issues, but hopefully you’ll be here to take care of me when I need care. I’m looking forward to teaching you what I know, and I’m hoping to learn from you as well. I have never ever had an orientee who... Read More


You've Gotta Know the Lingo

By VivaLasViejas - So this morning as I was enthroned upon the seat of wisdom, trying to decide what I was going to do with these precious 48 hours of weekend and instead thinking about work, it occurred to me that each area of nursing has its own language.....a special jargon which can be used by anyone, but only... Read More


Interpreting the Unsaid

By ann king - Interpreting the Unsaid... Having worked in geriatrics for more than a decade it is one of the most fascinating fields of nursing. Due to all the normal changes that takes place physically in the human body, coupled with disease processes and psycho social changes, it is of utmost importantance... Read More


The Best Advice I Never Got

By VivaLasViejas - One of the privileges of having one's own blog, I have discovered, is being able to hold forth on almost any subject I choose. Whether anyone wants to read my mental meanderings is beyond my control......but I sure do enjoy writing 'em. As another birthday streaks toward me at the speed of... Read More


Facing the World Ahead...

By jaelpn - I remember waking up early, sitting outside in that crisp cool air and just wondering what kept me motivated. I often sat outside to catch a breather, and then go back in and finish my studies. I knew I wanted to be someone that helped others since I was a kid; my friends always thought of me like... Read More


Grieving a perinatal loss

By Elvish - When I tell people I'm a mother-baby nurse, the usual reaction is, "Oh, what a great job that must be!" Sometimes, that's a true statement. But what most people don't realize (or if they do, they don't mention it) is that when bad things happen, they are very very bad. Families and staff alike... Read More


What Keeps Me Coming Back

By Elvish - I'm a mother/baby nurse and proud to be one. Compared to lots of units, we mother/baby folks might be considered lucky to have such 'cake' jobs, and some days I'd agree. Other days I leave work exhausted, with sore feet, sore back, dry mouth, empty stomach, and full bladder from running between one... Read More


Holding patients and visitors accountable for their actions

By mackjazz - I am an ER RN, and for the most part enjoy my job. Today I had to attend a class that struck a nerve. A big nerve actually, that has led me to blog/organize my thoughts about it. The class was about preventing/managing a patient or visitor that is 'escalating' to the point of verbal and physical... Read More


RN and a Mother!

By madwife2002 - I became a single parent in 1989 I finally left an abusive marriage, I was now going to move on with my life and follow my dreams. I always wanted to be a nurse as we often referred to ourselves in 1989, we were also called RGN's in the UK which meant for my American friends Registered General... Read More