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The Trouble With Women . . . .

By Ruby Vee ok, most of you who know me are going to be shocked when you read this header . . . ruby? talking about the problem with women? no way! and you’re right. no way. but if i entitled this article “misogyny”, which is really what it’s about, how many of you would have started to read? misogyny... Read More


Negative and Positive parts of being an RN

By madwife2002 I love the expression 'burn't out' but what does it mean to you? I have never been 'burn't out' as a nurse but what I have been is Overworked-always overworked no matter where I have worked but sometimes I think we dont actually acknowledge or identify when we are not! I find that being bored... Read More


Landing a job in a tough economy

By NRSKarenRN while wandering the internet tonight, found an interesting article at ana's career center: landing a job in a tough economy by sharon brewer, rn, bsn, msn originally published in lippincott’s career directory 2010 see the side bar on broadening your horizons. nsna also has advice... Read More


BOLC Week Seven: Gas Gas Gas!

By Pixie.RN GAS GAS GAS! Yep, that's right ... this week was the infamous gas chamber. For those of you who don't know what that entails, we were issued a gas mask (item M40), which, like the M16 rifle, is a "sensitive item" that becomes glued to your person whenever you leave the confines of your tent, even... Read More


BOLC Week Six: I Would Trade My Firstborn for a Shower...

By Pixie.RN I'm kidding, I really wouldn't trade my firstborn for a shower ... but only because I'm not having children! When I last blogged, I was getting ready to take the final exam, and I'm happy to say I passed it easily. I am much more pleased with my 88% this week. Hooray! Monday afternoon we fell... Read More


Compassion: A Dirty Word

By Ruby Vee I’m beginning to feel as though the word “compassion” is a dirty word. Maybe it’s the way people use it these days. It doesn’t seem to be about an actual feeling of empathy toward a patient, family member or even a colleague. It seems to be more about “ME ME ME.” The word is used more as a... Read More


I Want to be a Nurse, I Want to Make a Difference

By tracyd77 During my clinical rotation in the nursing home, I was assigned a gentleman in his 70's (we'll call Mr. Smith), as my patient. Mr. Smith had severe Alzheimer's disease, which had progressed very quickly. He had gone from sailing solo from the coast of Maine to the coast of Florida, to not being... Read More


Why Do Nurses Eat Their Young?

By timetoshine Have you heard that phrase before? I graduated my Nursing Program way, way, back in 1955 and it was around even then. The perpetrator is usually a senior nurse with longevity but could be a new graduate bursting with new knowledge and techniques and anxious to give them a workout or it could be a... Read More


The Art of Caring and Compassion

By deborah911 Good at IV starts- check. Telemetry trained- check. CPR and ACLS certified- check. We work so hard to have a resume that is full of experience and skills; but have we forgotten one of the most important qualifications needed to be a successful nurse? Do you have a heart for people? Compassion is... Read More


My PhD Journey – Part 1

By VickyRN It is hard to believe that it has been three years since I started the epic journey towards a PhD in nursing, as a part-time student who already had a full plate as full time nursing faculty in a busy university setting. Since then, I have alternately been exhausted and invigorated, with never a... Read More


Bullying in the workplace

By plasmic Bullying comes in a lot of shapes and forms. It could be covert, amorphous, lateral, which is why it is probably one of the most pervasive forms of harassment in the workplace especially in healthcare settings. The institutions needs to be aware of this soon enough even though it seem that it... Read More


It's your turn now, nurse!

By Elvish I am an OB nurse; I do mother/baby, newborn nursery, and high-risk antepartum nursing. I'm used to being the one in control. I'm used to doing the teaching, reading the monitor strips, and reassuring the fears of many an anxious mama (pregnant or delivered). That's where I'm 'in the zone'. Give me... Read More


Fill in the Blanks

By riosoriano07 Have you ever felt sick of getting up to bed- have your shower so early in the morning and drag yourself to your closet just to get ready for work? Have you ever felt that the only person you have been cheating is your own self because no matter how hard you try- you’re trapped into something... Read More


Ring Around the Ashtray, A Pocket Full of Smokes

By VivaLasViejas I haven't had a cigarette in over 20 years, but I'm learning that going outside for a break with my co-workers provides more than just a respite from the action on the floor. In fact, the smoking area is the 21st century version of the water cooler, where you hear not only the juiciest gossip, but... Read More


The Ethics of Managing Your Personal Time

By Ruby Vee There’s a lot said about ethics in nursing, and much of it -- most of it, probably -- pertains toward the ethical treatment of patients. Not charting meds you haven’t given or procedures you haven’t done, admitting your med errors and setting about to mitigate the damage just as soon as you... Read More


Journey along the palliative care bridge to hospice

By tammysmithlvn Palliative care services are a very important resource for those patients who have been recently diagnosed with a terminal illness. Care needs fluctuate throughout the course of any life-limiting disease. No longer are patients required to terminate aggressive treatment, and possibly give up all... Read More


BOLC Weeks Four and Five: Mostly Great Stuff!

By Pixie.RN My apologies for failing to blog last week ... it's been non-stop, and I've been stressed and tired. Lots of PT, lots of sit-ups! I will start with the good news: I passed my PT test today! Hooray!! I was so excited after passing my sit-ups that I jumped up, ran around like a maniac, and did a... Read More


Autism Immunization debate how nurses can help

By RNmom2g1b This paper outlines the history of the Autism immunization debate. It shows how it effects nurses and what nurses can do to help scared parents make the right choice for their children. Like it or not there are a lot of scared parents refusing immunizations some for good reason others are just... Read More

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