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You Think She May Come and See Me Today?

By gladyscruz - Typically people with a dementing illness have delusional episodes in their everyday life. As the disease progresses the brain becomes more and more damaged. Not only becoming cognitively impaired, but also progressively physically impaired. One characteristic of the disease taking hold is swallowing becomes increasingly difficult. This was one of many reasons Mr. Colon ended up being hospitalized. Not only did he stop eating, he was... Read More


Thank you Mrs. O

By dura_mater - I am an only child; growing up my father was never around, and my mother was an alcoholic who spent more time at the bars then at home with me. One might think that I grew up lonely, or with a deep seeded resentment or bitterness, but this could not be further from the truth. There was always one amazing woman in my life growing up; Mrs. O was my best friend’s mother. Mr. and Mrs. O had an incredible marriage, and a loving home life.... Read More


Personal Mission Statement

By VickyRN - Five years from now, do you want to be doing the same things you are doing now? What specific areas would you like changed? It’s nice to daydream about an ideal future, but nothing will ever change without developing a personal roadmap to guide your way. Insanity has been defined as “doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results.” if you are not seeing the personal outcomes you want, then you need to... Read More


Hello my name is.......and I am OBESE

By madwife2002 - Obesity what is it? When I googled the word obesity I was astonished to find that I had 156,002,803 results. Wikipedia describe it as:Obesity is a medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated to the extent that it may have an adverse effect on health, leading to reduced life expectancy and/or increased health problems There's even a society for Obesity: The world health organisation (WHO) describes obesity... Read More


Having a Master's Degree in Nursing: A New Option for New Nurses

By Salvie - Ever since I graduated in my Bachelor’s degree in Nursing and passed the Board Exams, I was already having a tough time landing a job. I have been applying for a Nursing job in almost all hospitals and clinics here in Manila for almost 2 years now, passing my resume including all my credentials, but it seems that I’m having a hard time finding my luck. Last year, I was able to meet a reviewer who graduated just a year ahead of me.... Read More


Remembering My Life as a Nursing Student

By Salvie - I came from a provincial public school. When I graduated I was not sure of the course I’ll be taking up in college. It was my parents who told me to study Nursing although my interests were with social sciences. They’ve let me took the entrance exams in Universities with Nursing programs; setting aside my chance to study in the University of the Philippines where I passed for the course Sociology. So there I was, I took the entrance... Read More


Let's Make a Deal

By Arievilo - One of my very first patients off orientation as a new graduate nurse was named Ida (name changed for obvious privacy reasons). Ida was a morbidly obese lady in her early 70s. Ida came to us from an understaffed and unsafe local nursing home. She had type II diabetes and as a result had necrotic toes on her feet. Infections were common in her feet, and they tried relentlessly to treat in the nursing home. But one of the sad things... Read More


Teachable Moment

By Flare - As a school nurse, I am in the unique position of acting as both a teacher and a nurse. Sure, nurses do patient teaching all the time, but somehow there is a difference when you realize that you're no longer just teaching Mrs. Smith how to change her colostomy and you're now teaching ideals and concepts that you hope will carry a child through tumultous years of adolescence and the inevitable risk taking that goes along with being a... Read More


Nursing...So far

By HurricaneHanns - “Oh, that hurts so much!” My grandma’s eyes are screwed shut and her breath is coming short and quick. I am trying to peel back the tape holding the bloody gauze to her leg. The nurse that comes to her house twice a day to check on her and change the dressing was in a hurry and used a very sticky tape directly on my grandma’s papery skin. Rolls of bandages litter her bed; their plastic smells contrasting sharply with this dim room... Read More


My Inside Does Not Match My Outside

By Lindsey McGraw - My eight hour shift at the nursing home has ended, so off I walk to my pickup truck for the monotonous ride home. Driving into my yard it takes every bit of energy to carry myself into the house. Hobbling along I manage to clear the doorstep and flop into my recliner with a big sigh of relief. As I remove my white lace- up orthopedic nursing shoes and take off my socks, much to my dismay I find “cankles” prevail. (Cankles are when... Read More


Innovations in Teaching Gerontology Content

By VickyRN - Mckeachie (2002) defines active learning as “learning experiences in which the students are thinking about the subject matter” (p. 30). The focus of instruction is shifted from the teacher to the learner. Learner-centered instructional strategies include cooperative learning (group work, team projects, debate, and student discussions), experiential learning (service learning, fieldwork, and internships), inductive learning (case... Read More


I Will Never Call Myself Just an LPN anymore!

By queen777 - Working on an subacute floor proved I had more in me than I ever thought possible. After all most comments made were negative comments such as "you will never pass A&P", but I did. I also heard, "I don't trust you giving out meds." This comment was made by the Head of Nursing program at the community college I attended who had never seen me give out meds. Prior to that comment I had had my exit interview with my clinical instructor and... Read More


A transition in focus: From individualized bedside nursing care to global healthcare

By sfdrugsafety - A transition in focus: From individualized bedside nursing care to global healthcare and how America made it possible for me. Choosing nursing as an undergraduate degree was largely to heed my father’s wisdom. It was later on that I learned the vocation nursing truly is. Nursing provided a knowledge that was rewardingly and unmistakably focused on the individual’s needs at the bedside. Practicing nursing day in and day out made it... Read More


The Life of a New Nurse in the Philippines

By Salvie - I graduated as a nurse from a certain University in the Philippines. I was just as excited as any Nursing graduate. Earning a bachelors degree in Nursing was really something in my country. All of those sleepless nights of studying and not to mention the sky-rocketing tuition fees spent by my parents each semester for four years. Almost every parent hoped their son or daughter will finish up Nursing during my time and I think it... Read More


An Open Letter to (Micro)Managers

By VivaLasViejas - Dear Boss/Chief/Manager/Grand Pooh-Bah of Everything: Yeah, I'm talking about YOU. The unit manager who never met a rule she didn't like, makes new ones daily, and rarely, if ever, comes out of the office to see how they affect the folks doing the actual work. The DNS who lays everything on the charge nurse that the CNAs are either too busy, or too lazy, to get to during the course of a shift, including cleaning if... Read More


MRSA Colonization in Healthcare workers and patients

By Mammy1111 - Four percent of healthcare workers MRSA-positive reveals results of a study of MRSA prevalence in healthcare workers. Very few studies have been done regarding this subject. Every nurse I spoke with at the recent Maine State Nurses Association convention said “all of us probably have MRSA colonization”. One nurse in particular was very upset at the prospect of ever being screened for MRSA, because of her constant exposure to it and... Read More


A different perspective

By maryloufu - When the ambulance rolled up to the ER I could see the EMTs doing chest compressions on my dad. I remembered a guy his size who had coded when I was working on the floor- that guy did not make it. I started to shake and sob loudly. The ER nurse came over- I told her I would not interfere but I did not want to scare people in the waiting room- she said "just give us a chance to work on him." She took me inside to the family room. ... Read More


Mildred's Brand New Littman Stethescope

By Ruby Vee - a sense of humor runs in my family. my great grandfather was well known as a great story teller -- almost everyone in the county knew willy and could repeat some of his best stories. when i was in high school, i was always running into oldsters who would say “ruby vee? you’re george’s daughter, aren’t you? i went to high school with your great grandfather and i remember him telling about the time he . . . . my grandfather was... Read More