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10 camp lessons.

By big al lpn - My first year as a camp nurse I spent hours learning everything I could about my new job. I read the book, looked at all the websites, and browsed every forum. I was disappointed to find so little information on camp nursing. I have come to realize there are several reasons behind the lack of information. First, there are no experts! The truth is that very few camps have full-time nurses and a lot of camps don't have many returning... Read More


Job Hunting: Let The Games Begin!

By VivaLasViejas - As much fun as job-hunting is (said no one ever), I knew I was doomed the very first time I visited the Employment Division's job search website and found only a handful of nursing jobs that I can actually do. Sixteen years of experience under my belt, and it appears that the only things I'm good for anymore are per diem jobs giving flu shots (at $20 per hour and no benefits), and management positions like the one that nearly cost me... Read More


A Camp health center is like a septic system

By big al lpn - Words of wisdom, and wit regarding the nurses role in camp.Over the past few years I have developed several colorful sayings that I think encapsulate camp life as a nurse. One I told to my camp director on the first week during lunch when she asked me what I thought the role of the health center was in camp. I replied, "A health center is like a septic system" she was puzzled and asked me to explain. I happily elaborated. "You see,... Read More


Fired After Fifty: Redux

By VivaLasViejas - Several years ago when I was laid off from my LTC job due to low census, I remember despairing of ever finding another job. I was in my early fifties then. At the time I had a bad knee that had ended my floor career despite surgery, and to add insult to injury I'd gained thirty pounds due to inactivity. I couldn't imagine who would want to hire me. But I had barely drawn the first few unemployment checks when I got two calls: one for... Read More


How to Handle Night Shift Challenges as a CNA

By kacie.knyvett - Night shift is the most challenging time to work be it any profession. Since we are going against the routine procedure, our body is not made for, experiencing certain health problems is natural once you start working in the night shift. As we are working during the time when our body and mind need the rest, we are doing the opposite. Even nursing aides working in healthcare sectors are not untouched with the problem faced while... Read More


Stuck In The Middle With You

By SoldierNurse22 - But within the conference room, voices rose, comments intruded, thought processes were interrupted by a constant onslaught of questions and opinions, and the low, distracting mumble of sidebar conversations clouded the weekly meeting of clinic managers. It was an introvert's nightmare, and being an introvert myself, my natural inclination was to either leave the room post-haste or dig a trench in the floor in the interest of cover... Read More


The Dreaded NCLEX-PN; to be or not to be?

By erica_LVN - We enter nursing school with an open mind, and open heart. There is this determination that is instilled in every nursing student when they receive that call, or that letter; letting us know we have been accepted into a nursing program. It begins, the journey begins. The journey to become a "nurse" such a prideful and meaningful moment, and even more meaningful when it is done right. Of course, in order to get to this point in our... Read More


ICU: Finding the best way to care

By Liddle Noodnik - A new nurse struggles to find her niche, and becomes an ICU nurse, quite by accident. What was it that made it even possible for a nurse who was scared to death to confront a possible emergency on the regular floors? What was it that made it her great love? Being able to focus on one, maybe two, patients at a time, knowing each person inside and out, was so satisfying, and provided this nurse with an ability to provide the best quality... Read More


Happy Birthday to the World's Most Famous Nurse

By tnbutterfly - Upon graduation from nursing school, we all probably remember reciting the Nightingale Pledge, a modified "Hippocratic Oath" composed in 1893 by Mrs. Lystra E. Gretter and a Committee for the Farrand Training School for Nurses, Detroit, Michigan. The pledge is as follows: I solemnly pledge myself before God and in the presence of this assembly, to pass my life in purity and to practice my profession faithfully. I will abstain from... Read More


How to Survive the Job Search

By JeanettePNP - It’s a game. The job search and all that it entails is a game. It might not be a game that you enjoy or are very good at, but like it or not you must learn to play. Imagine if I told you that getting a nursing job depends on how good you are at tennis. But I hate tennis. I’m not good at tennis. If I wanted to play tennis I wouldn’t have gone to nursing school. Why did that person get the job – just because they’re good at tennis? What... Read More


Customer Service Model

By jadelpn - I beg to differ. When nurses are forced to focus a large amount of time in their day to customer service "Thank you for letting me take care of you" models, can it dumb down nursing practice? Further, are we dumbing down our patients? Think of it this way. If a model on your unit for continuity of care is that the same nurse have the same patient whenever possible, 2/3 of the "script" that a number of units are using as their... Read More


So, when are you going to get your RN?

By jadelpn - I am a happy LPN. I got my LPN late in life, because circumstances were all in place for me to do so. I was interested in increasing my clinical skill set. It was a perfect plan. When I was younger, I graduated from High School with a goal in life of popping out babies and baking bread with a husband that would work. (To all you younger readers, this was a viable option in my day). I successfully raised kids, and when school... Read More


The Knight and the Windmills of Nursing

By cav5 - I am never a better nurse than when I have just been a patient. A recent ER visit highlighted this fact. I was in pain, anxious, and very very tired of being sick for the past year. I will stress quite clearly that I do not like being on the gurney side of a hospital bed and that, coupled with my pain, made for very bad vital signs. The next few hours were what I had expected as a former ICU nurse-EKG ,blood work, etc. However, what... Read More


Life and Death

By jadelpn - As nurses, there are some times that we all have to take care of patients who, due to circumstance, due to mental anguish, due to mental illness, or a combination of all of these things are desperately seeking ways to end their life. On the same shift, or in the same week, or in the same day we also are often taking patients who facing a terminal condition, are desperately seeking to live. How do we go from one extreme to the next... Read More


Professional Organization Conference

By gypsyd8 - The student applied for and was awarded the grant to attend the Professional Organization conference. Due to the intransigence of an administrative assistant, the student was forced to pay the $200 required for the conference, as well as the cost of the hotel. At the new member/first-time attendee breakfast, it was made clear that we were not going to be teamed with a current Professional Organization member as our mentor due to the... Read More


Advice to the Younger Nurse Me

By SarahLeeRN - “This is what reality shock feels like,” I thought to myself as I stared at the little confused old man sitting on the edge of his bed, covered in blood from the IV that he just pulled out. It was quarter to eleven at night and I still had two more people who needed medications, foley catheters to empty, charting to finish, and now, another IV to start with an antibiotic to hang before my shift was technically ‘over’ at eleven. As... Read More


Confessions of a Nursing Student: Why I Will Never Be Late to Clinical Again!

By jamona851 - For those of us that have ever been late for clinical, we know that it is one of the WORSE things that can happen to you in nursing school. Those of you who have ever been in that position, know that I am saying that because being late to clinical is like a cascade of events that can only be compared to .....DIC. (DISSEMINATED INTRAVASCULAR COAGULATION). The scenario plays out like this: You stay up all night preparing for... Read More


Welcome to the Jungle

By VivaLasViejas - I've been out of acute care for many years now, but I'll never forget the experience of being a float nurse. It was the best of all possible worlds: I was cross-trained to all the different nursing departments instead of remaing stuck in Med/Surg, which even then was a thankless, backbreaking job. I got to learn how to 'catch' babies and take care of sick neonates; saw some grisly traumas in the emergency room; worked with respiratory... Read More