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Food Insecurity and Child Malnutrition in the United States

by TheCommuter Children and the elderly are at increased risk for malnutrition, an affliction that takes place... Read More

Learning from the Past - Resolutions for a Better Year of Nursing in 2014

by tnbutterfly A new year is upon us. That means many folks will take time to reflect on the good and the bad over... Read More

How do I start a new topic on

by Joe V You are ready to submit your first topic. But, you don't know how to start. This article will help... Read More

Cranky Old Man - What do you see nurses?

by brian A wonderful reminder to look past the obvious. Remember this poem when you next meet an older... Read More

Hanging It Up

by VivaLasViejas Here are some thoughts on what goes into the decision to leave nursing and go in a completely... Read More

Exit Strategies For Nurses Who Deal With Overly Talkative Patients

by TheCommuter How do busy nurses remove themselves from seemingly never-ending conversations with overly chatty... Read More

Academic Rejection is a Positive Thing

by TheCommuter Although rejection is a painful experience, it is also a necessary part of life. We will never... Read More

Licensed Practical / Vocational Nurses (LPNs / LVNs)

by TheCommuter Licensed practical nurse (LPN) is a professional title used in the the vast majority of the United... Read More

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA)

by TheCommuter Certified nursing assistants (CNAs) are members of staff who work under the direct supervision of... Read More

"I see spirits." Ok, strap on the crazy pants and here we go!

by ndoerr My story is about a patient I had early in my career that made me realize that I had chosen the... Read More

Behavior That Just Shouldn't Fly

by jadelpn We can never assume a co-worker's intent. Someone "just joking" or "they didn't MEAN anything by it" is rarely a good excuse. The issue can be that... Read More

Welcome to

by Joe V allnurses is the leading social-networking site for nurses and nursing students. People from all over the World come to allnurses to communicate and... Read More

Homeless Patients: Considerations

by TheCommuter Many of our homeless patients are 'frequent flyers' who continually return to the hospital for the same health problems. Providing nursing care for... Read More

What She Couldn't Tell You

by CountryMomma You've all had that patient...the mom with the frequent flyer child, and you want to scream with frustration because she's here again. Maybe she... Read More

Nursing Degrees: FAQs Concerning MA-to-RN Mobility

by TheCommuter For many medical assistants, a career switch to the nursing profession seems like a great idea due to the overlap in procedural skills. In reality,... Read More

Perceptions Equal Results: The Dirty Lowdown

by Emergent How a patient perceives her care can create healing all on its own. The human touch is often ignored in this world that demands evidence and hard... Read More

Affordable Care Act Users Guide for Nurses

by JB85 Understanding the basic workings of the Affordable Care Act is the responsibility of the bedside nurse. This guide will help you to address... Read More

My Most Memorable Patient - Geraldine

by saramoss04 My most memorable patient was a lady whom I cared for for only a few hours one day. She is from up north and immediately told me how much she loved... Read More

The Reason I Became a Nurse

by hrivera As a child, we often dream about what we want to be when we grow up. So many times the ideas change from one thing to another before we settle on... Read More

Nursing Can Be Hazardous To Your Health

by TheCommuter The nursing profession has a variety of great advantages for its 3 million members. On the other hand, nursing is also permeated with a number of... Read More