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A Mile in Their Shoes

Part of patient care is the person's well being emotionally. So save the judgement. A facility... Read More


Volunteer Nursing

Volunteer nursing is a very popular topic nowadays. With the tight job market, it makes sense to... Read More


Confidence is an integral part of being a successful nurse. Confidence and ego are 2 entirely... Read More

Are you providing great or just good enough patient care?

This article points out the difference between good and great patient care. I use an example from... Read More

How to Survive Nursing Profession: A Psychological Approach for New Nurses

This is a paper I had to write in my junior level English course. I was given the task of choosing... Read More

Military Nursing

Military nurses work in all nursing specialties while serving in the military or other uniform... Read More

Rural Nursing

Rural Nursing is the specialty of working in areas that are not located in urban or suburban areas.... Read More

Camp Nursing

Have time off during the summer? Have you thought about camp nursing? This is the specialty that... Read More

Review of Littmann 3200 Electronic Stethoscope

Littmann is the gold standard of stethoscopes. I received my first Littmann when I graduated from... Read More

A Nurse with POTS Disability: A Great Success Story!

Imagine yourself back in nursing school again, but only this time, you can't answer your... Read More

Advice for Nursing Students: How to Thrive at Clinical Rotations

My unit at a community hospital has a great number of nursing students from two RN schools and one LPN school. While the staff greatly appreciates... Read More

It Only Takes a Smile.

Sometimes when we work in the hospital, where we are accustomed to patientís dying, we become a little desensitized, even if it is one of our own.... Read More

Urology Nursing

Urology nursing is the care of a patientís intimate needs. All the patients will be discussing complaints of a private nature so overcoming the... Read More

If You Give a Patient a Cookie

I am under the impression that it's impossible not to take pleasure in at least a little bit of dark humor as a nurse. It just comes with the... Read More

Government Nursing

Government nursing is a specialty that spans all areas of nursing in service to the federal government or other agencies. Nurses working for the... Read More

Cardiac Care Nursing

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the US. Every 34 seconds somebody in the US will have a heart attack, every minute... Read More


This article is just a release of the frustrations I have had while studying and not passing the NCLEX. If anyone else goes through these things or... Read More

Calling In Sick: Dealing With Mental Illness At Work, Part 4

The series concludes with a discussion about what often happens when an episode of mental illness manifests itself at work, as well as ways that... Read More

Research Nursing

Nursing research is a wide-open field. With more focus on evidence based practice, the role of the nurse in developing these guidelines is more... Read More

Burn Nursing

Burn nurses serve a wide selection of patients. They might be caring for a teenager with multi-system trauma or a 27 year old who was injured when... Read More

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