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Survey Results: "Gender and the Experience of Moral Distress in Critical Care Nurses"

By coconne - Background Nursing practice is becoming more complex and nurses are challenged by increasingly intricate moral and ethical judgments. One result of this, inadequately studied in underrepresented groups in nursing, is moral distress. Moral distress is a serious problem for healthcare... Read More


If Hospitals Were Run Like Denny's.....

By VivaLasViejas - What do you suppose a nurse's job would be like if healthcare facilities were managed like a decent chain restaurant? I've always thought that one of the only differences between floor nurses and the average food server was about twenty-five bucks an hour. After all, we run hard all day....we're... Read More


When you actually ''save'' a life

By blackvans1234 - Healthcare Workers help people everyday. It becomes commonplace, just another ''fact of life'', and we almost forget how lucky we are to be a part of such a noble profession. We work in this noble profession not for the recognition, not for the glory, certainly not for the money. Everyone has... Read More


Playing With Fire: Seeing "Noncompliance" In A New Light

By VivaLasViejas - Here's a bird's-eye view of what we in the healthcare professions tend to dismiss as a patient's "willful failure" to follow his or her treatment plan. The lessons learned are not only valuable to the writer as a patient, but as a nurse who will never use the term "noncompliant" in the same way... Read More


Transferred in From Another Unit

By Paeyi - One day, as I walked in to my workplace after my long leave, I noticed a new patient in my ward. Actually, she is not new to the hospital, this lady has been staying in another unit for nearly a month due to non healing wound. I was deployed to that unit earlier on and the nurses there had labeled... Read More


Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap

By jadelpn - We never seem to be paid correctly for what we do, or what we perceive others do. Being in patient care, we are in the business of seeing people at their not so best and brightest. Patients need assistance. They may be fiercely independent but need a good shower. Bodies bleed, they smell,... Read More


No Experience Necessary

By VivaLasViejas - An older nurse whose career is essentially at its end contemplates her next act, despite not having the foggiest idea whatsoever of what she wants to do or the financial ability to chuck it all and retire. Should she try to find something in healthcare support, informatics, case management....or... Read More


How do you know that hospice is right for you?

By FlufferNutter - When people think of death, sadness is what is most associated with it. Hospice/Palliative care can help take away some of that sadness. Providing a dignified end-of-life experience can mean so much to the patient, the patientís family, and the healthcare providers involved. Please share your... Read More


Where Do I Go from Here?

By VivaLasViejas - A seasoned RN finally realizes that after a couple of years of trying to pull her life together and hold onto her career, she can no longer work as a nurse---a decision that disappoints not only her supervisors and co-workers, but herself. Now, in late middle age, she must figure out what the rest... Read More


Break the Silence Report Bullying

By SEABOATSHELLS - Save your co-workers life; report bullying. Suicide and Post Traumatic Stress does occur from being bullied in the workplace. Nurses take an oath to do no harm to others. This includes protecting your co-workers from being bullied. Reach out your hand and help your co-workers so they can receive... Read More


Forever Love

By jaelpn - The first time I met Bill, he was sitting straight up in his wheelchair. He was a tall lanky man, almost my height while sitting in his chair. Soft spoken, gentle to the touch; his brown eyes gleamed with a story of a hard-working life. He grew up in a small town, worked hard during the day on... Read More


Sweating The Small Stuff

By cool_nurse - As my remaining months in the hospital comes to a close (for my 2-year work experience goal), a few disturbing happenings occurred during my hospital duties. The following are the scenarios in which the consultants SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF. Scenario 1 (July 2013) A 39-week pregnant mother was... Read More


A pushy God and mother.

By ninnieof02 - The fragments of what make up a life happen year to year. I wrote this short story about the journey God took me down to find nursing and the trials I experienced along the way. Despite the challenges, I also had so much encouragement on my path and couldnít be finishing my education if it wasnít... Read More


I cried in the chapel for the first time...

By tokebi - In the past ten years of nursing, I never cried for a patient. It's not that I am cold or unfeeling. I do often get comments from patients how "nice" or "gentle" I am. While I do care greatly, I just don't get overcome with emotions at work. But a few nights ago, I ran away to our hospital chapel... Read More


You Don't Know You're . . . Beautiful?

By i♥words - I just completed my first week of nursing school. I have learned so many things about nurses that I didn't know before starting school. People out there in the non-nursing world don't really know what nurses do, and, the truth is, they can't know. Only a nurse knows how important her or his job is.... Read More


Nursing: A Broader Perspective

By The_Optimist - After having come across several reasons as to why there is low morale in nursing, I felt that I should pen this down. Have a pleasant read! Your expectations? Some people come into nursing with unhealthy expectations of what the profession can and should do for them. Understand something,... Read More


Domestic Abuse Assessment

By opdahlamber - I was so young when I got married the first time. At 19, I had no idea what I was getting into. Marrying a man 12 year my senior with a history of domestic assault; why would I ever think it wouldn't happen to me? Let me tell you how wrong I was and what I am going to do to help women like me. ... Read More


Advice to Nursing Students in Peds Rotation

By shelbs3 - Alright I have been on days now for about 3 months and have had a nursing student placed with me more often than not. I have a different one every day for the last 3 days. I work in peds heme onc and I absolutely love it. I enjoy having students and the charges know I am more than willing to have... Read More