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How do you want me to remember you?

by JulieRomanoLee My memories of the night I died and the nurses that helped bring me back to life! This true story... Read More

Nursing School Survival Kit

by brian You finally got the letter that you have been dreaming of; you've been accepted into nursing... Read More

Humor: The Most Essential Quality

by Ruby Vee You can be a competent nurse without a sense of humor, but you probably won't have longevity in... Read More

Keeping the End in Mind

by thywillbedone_ This is my advice to first-year nursing students like me. Most of us have gone through... Read More

Top 10 reasons we get fired!-Poor Performance

by madwife2002 Poor performance has to be dealt with, no matter how distasteful it may seem when have to confront... Read More

How Nurses Are Like Olympians

by brian The 2014 Winter Olympics are in full swing! Many of us look-up to Olympians and aspire to be more... Read More

Choosing the 4th Option

by NutmeggeRN A young child is 5 years into treament for pilomixoid astroctytoma. Decisions need to made... Read More

ER: A Family's Emotional Well Being

by AMS7958 ER nursing requires critical thinking at all times. We must step back and make sure that part of... Read More

The Admission Process: Make sure you actually say something of importance!

by pinkiepieRN If you don't put in the details, how is anyone else supposed to follow your work and pick things up... Read More

"State's Here!": Demystifying the Long-Term Care Survey

by VivaLasViejas Everybody dreads it: that morning when a group of official-looking people walks into their facility... Read More

How to be the good patient and when to seek medical attention

by dwoolard With all the overcrowding in hospitals, I was bound to catch the flu. What I thought was just a heartburn turned into a hospital admission. Here I... Read More

Nursing Program Student to Pre-Nursing Student

by DeepBreath Advice to what I wish I had known before I started the BSN nursing program. My own perspective and how to deal with stress. Concepts about nursing in... Read More

Make a Child's Day While They are In the Hospital

by brian For many children, going to the hospital is a frightening thing. Our job as nurses is to make our young patients feel as comfortable as possible... Read More

The Answer That You Seek

by jadelpn Sometimes, we can all use a good vent. When venting, we are not always looking for answers, just acknowledgement that as nurses we are not alone.... Read More

Transitions: On becoming a nursing student

by secondlifen2b We are no longer dreaming, applying, and simply taking prerequisites. As nursing school acceptance letters and emails begin arriving, thousands of... Read More

Nobody likes me, Everyone hates me

by jadelpn So before we go off and eat some worms, lets think about the differences in how to communicate effectively. Let's think about how work and non-work... Read More

Left Speechless

by WoosahRN We all have patients that have an impact on us. Usually, we've been involved with them for several shifts or over longer periods of time in other... Read More

Nurses Floating Within the Hospital

by dwoolard This article talks about floating within the hospital at two different hospitals. The two different hospitals have opposite cultures towards float... Read More

A Nurse's Choice

by CheesePotato We, as nurses, make choices each and every day in regards to our own personal lives and the lives of those in our care. Life is full of choices both... Read More

Team Sports

by jadelpn Even the most shy among us can be used to be a important part of a nursing team. There's an old saying that there's no "I" in team. This is never... Read More

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