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What Nobody Tells You: The Reality of Nursing Jobs for Foreign Trained Nurses

By rosomebody007 - One of the dreams of thousands of nurses around the world is to work in the United States or other first world country. Sadly, nobody tells you how is the process of getting a job in this country and what is the likelihood that you can get a job if you are not proficient in English, if you are not... Read More

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Top 10 Reasons We Get Fired! - Social Media

By madwife2002 - This article continues the series of Top 10 Reasons We Get Fired. Today, we will talk about "social media" and how people use it to stay in touch with people all over the world. Along with this new exciting way of connecting to the world comes problems and issues dealing with behavior which is... Read More


To Those Who Serve..... Thank You!

By VintageSwagger - I once had dreams of serving our country and fighting for the freedoms many of us take for granted. This dream was fostered by my family, from which 4 generations have served proudly. I even made it as far as taking the ASVAB test and meeting with a recruiter. After my score posted I met again with... Read More


NICU Dad to NICU Nurse

By VintageSwagger - One of the main catalysts leading me to pursue neonatal nursing was my own experience as the parent of a child in the NICU. Having a child in the NICU was an extremely vulnerable and terrifying experience that forever changed me as both a person and as a father. I have never felt more helpless than... Read More


Combining the Doctor of Jurisprudence - the Legal Nurse Consultant

By sirI - The RN who is interested in becoming a Legal Nurse Consultant may decide to become a Nurse Attorney, a JD. Also, a JD may have dual interests in medicine (nursing) and the Law. Both of these career paths can be combined. These are all-important career choices and people ask almost everyday,... Read More

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Wound/Ostomy/Continence Nursing

By tnbutterfly - Wound ostomy and continence (WOC) nursing is a specialty involved with caring for patients with acute and chronic wounds (fistulas, vascular ulcers, pressure ulcers, neuropathic wounds, surgical wounds, lacerations), bowel or bladder diversional ostomies, or continence conditions involving skin... Read More


The Forensic Nurse

By sirI - The Forensic Nurse is an all-important individual who can help those who have been neglected, abused, sexually assaulted as well as many other types of violent crimes. These nurses are beneficial in communicating with Law Enforcement agencies and can serve as resources for creating "anti-violent"... Read More


Oncology Nursing

By traumaRUs - Oncology nursing deals more with life than death. I had always associated oncology nursing with hospice or death and dying. However, with all the new advances in care of the cancer patient, life is more often the prognosis.This is an article about general oncology nursing. There are many other... Read More


Medical-Surgical Nursing

By traumaRUs - Medical-Surgical (med-surg) nursing is the basis of all nursing practice. Back in the day, all nurses were either medical or surgical nurses. There was no specialty nursing choices. Nowadays, med-surg nurses make up the biggest component of all nurses. Med-surg nurses care for a diverse... Read More


Orthopedic Nursing

By traumaRUs - Orthopedic nursing encompasses care of both the trauma and surgical patient. Patients of all ages and sizes require orthopedic care. From the infant who has a congenital issue, to the teen injured in a motor vehicle accident, to the elder who has elected to have a joint replacement. These patients... Read More


Nurse Management

By madwife2002 - Nursing management is the leadership within a hospital, nursing home, out patient and in patient services, they guide the culture, quality and environment. The nurse manager is accountable 24 hours a day, for all aspects of their department, which includes but not limited to: staffing, budgets,... Read More


Sticky Politics

By jadelpn - Here is an interesting op ed piece on a conversation that I had with a fellow nurse on our way off shift in the throes of a day of unrealistic expectations and how in the world we ever got to this place. My co-worker is an amazing nurse. However, just came out of discipline on....wait for... Read More


The Hunger Games

By VivaLasViejas - Sometimes, the medications we take to manage acute and chronic health conditions create almost as many problems as they are prescribed to treat. Among the many possible side effects, one of the most distressing to patients is the tendency of some drugs to increase appetite and therefore contribute... Read More


Radiology Nursing

By dianah - Radiology Nurses provide care for patients undergoing various imaging exams. This simple sentence is only the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, of the many ways RNs in imaging departments facilitate and advocate for patients. Work Environment RNs may work in either a hospital or a... Read More


OB/GYN Nursing

By madwife2002 - An OB/GYN staff nurse is a registered nurse who provides direct care to women. OB-GYN nurses may work in hospital labor and delivery and post-partum units, as well as at birthing centers and maternity or outpatient clinics. Their duties include admitting patients, taking medical histories and... Read More


Pain Management Nursing

By traumaRUs - Pain management nursing is a wide-open specialty. Since CMS and Medicaid have declared it the fifth vital sign, ways to manage pain are being brought to the forefront of our nursing care. There are opportunities for both bedside nurses as well as APNs. Both pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic... Read More


Nursing: The Financial Side

By The_Optimist - Our finances are mostly decided by the choices we choose to make or not. You do not have to be a Wall Street guru (this is also debatable!) or a whiz kid to understand that if you spend way above your income, you stand a greater risk of falling into debt and other financial messes. Some... Read More


EMT and Nursing

By jadelpn - This article is meant as a reflection on my own experiences. Feel free to add your own. There may be some significant variables in others experiences, and my experience may be unique. When one is both an EMT and a nurse, it brings to the table a huge variety. Nurses (both LPN and RN) get... Read More