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It Only Takes a Smile.

By Charslight - Sometimes when we work in the hospital, where we are accustomed to patientís dying, we become a little desensitized, even if it is one of our own. Sometimes nurses are so focused on their patients that we forget to care about our cohorts, our coworkers, on whom we depend. It costs nothing to lift... Read More


Urology Nursing

By traumaRUs - Urology Nursing is care of the patient with diagnoses of some type of urological dysfunction. For men, common urological complaints are prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction, ureteral calculi, or some type of congenital abnormality. For women, the more common complaints are congenital in nature,... Read More


If You Give a Patient a Cookie

By Mully - I am under the impression that it's impossible not to take pleasure in at least a little bit of dark humor as a nurse. It just comes with the territory. Much thanks to the original children's book this story is a satire of. Also to my coworker who noted that answering call lights is often like this... Read More


Government Nursing

By Pixie.RN - Government nursing is a specialty that spans all areas of nursing in service to the federal government or other agencies. Nurses working for the government can be found worldwide. This article gives an overview of the specialty, discusses education requirements, work environment, job outlook, and... Read More


Cardiac Care Nursing

By madwife2002 - Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the US. Every 34 seconds somebody in the US will have a heart attack, every minute somebody is dying of a heart related disease. Heart disease affects both men and women, it is also the leading cause of death in all racial/ethnic... Read More



By aladilzaimah - This article is just a release of the frustrations I have had while studying and not passing the NCLEX. If anyone else goes through these things or have a story they would like to share too please comment. It's nice to know you aren't alone in the battle. How to deal with the pressure of the NCLEX... Read More


Calling In Sick: Dealing With Mental Illness At Work, Part 4

By VivaLasViejas - If you are a nurse diagnosed with depression, anxiety, or any other psychiatric illness, you are probably doing all you can to maintain your mental health: you're taking your medications as ordered, keeping your therapy appointments, seeing your psychiatrist and/or PCP on a regular basis, plus... Read More


Research Nursing

By traumaRUs - Nursing research is a wide-open field. With more focus on evidence based practice, the role of the nurse in developing these guidelines is more important then ever. Staff nurses have a legitimate role in determining what is important to their practice and what measures they need in order to best... Read More


Burn Nursing

By traumaRUs - Burn nurses serve a wide selection of patients. They might be caring for a teenager with multi-system trauma or a 27 year old who was injured when he came into contact with high voltage lines or a child who was the victim of non-accidental trauma. Therefore, the skills needed run the gamut also. ... Read More



By jadelpn - Confidence is an integral part of being a successful nurse. Confidence and ego are 2 entirely seperate things. So lets focus for a minute on the confidence you need to be successful. It takes a special person to be a nurse. But a nurse who is not afraid to continually learn and grow in this... Read More


Are you providing great or just good enough patient care?

By Surg-OncRN - I thought about this question as I reflected on my day with my new orientee who has been with me for almost two weeks now. She is a new grad but does have previous military experience as a medic. She has far exceeded my expectations so far during this orientation. We were extremely busy the other... Read More


How to Survive Nursing Profession: A Psychological Approach for New Nurses

By proudauntie415 - This is a paper I had to write in my junior level English course. I was given the task of choosing something that I had to give "instructions" on how to complete. I figured something such as a simple dressing change, or any basic instructional document wouldn't suffice. I wanted to present... Read More


Military Nursing

By Pixie.RN - Military nurses work in all nursing specialties while serving in the military or other uniform service. Military nurses can be found worldwide, even in combat zones. This article gives an overview of the specialty, discusses education requirements, work environment, job outlook, salary, and... Read More


Rural Nursing

By traumaRUs - Nursing in rural areas pose special problems for nurses. The biggest issue of course is simply the distance to the referral hospital. It makes a huge difference when you have an acute myocardial infarction (AMI) come in to the ER and the nearest cath lab is an hour away by ground. Rural can mean... Read More


Camp Nursing

By traumaRUs - Camp Nursing sounds like an exciting and carefree way to spend the summer! However, the reality of camp nursing is that it is nursing. Camp nurses are responsible for the healthcare of children at day camp as well as overnight camp. Children with chronic illnesses attend camps, sometimes... Read More


Review of Littmann 3200 Electronic Stethoscope

By traumaRUs - Littmann is the gold standard of stethoscopes. I received my first Littmann when I graduated from LPN school in 1992. Wow, Iím a real nurse! (Or so I thought Ė lol). Over the years as Iíve pursued additional education, Iíve also graduated from my oh so plain Littmann to my present, all the fancy... Read More


A Nurse with POTS Disability: A Great Success Story!

By CrazyCoconut - Imagine yourself back in nursing school again, but only this time, you can't answer your instructor's patho questions quickly like you did in A&P, in which you were an expert in. Instead of sleeping the night before clinical, you lie in bed for 7 hours hoping to get a snooze, but you don't get any.... Read More


Developmental Disabilities Nursing

By traumaRUs - Developmental disabilities nursing covers many facets of nursing care. Most nurses have come into contact with patients who have developmental disabilities. It requires tact, diplomacy, thorough knowledge of developmental milestones as well as compassion and patience. Nurses must also be... Read More