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The Insanity that is APA in Nursing School

By The_Optimist - I am sure that I am not alone in having had pure evil thoughts about “A.P.A” format. What is this APA format, you ask! This so well-loved format that could be the determining factor between a passing or failing grade. If you have ever heard the saying, “crying more than the bereaved”, then you have successfully described the APA in nursing. Nursing schools took APA from the original initiator and simply ran with it.APA is to... Read More



By jadelpn - The first thoughts in the mind of a number of nurses is "I don't even have time for a bathroom or meal break.....this is not funny and I find no reason to laugh". Or even more serious "I work with dying people, people who are not hopeful, it is inappropriate to smile and laugh". Every bit of change starts with a first step. As a tremendous amount of literature shows, laughter decreases stress. When the stress level is so high... Read More


How to get an "A" in any course.

By queserasera - It’s that time again, the prerequisite and nursing school boards will be filling with new fall students. The most common questions I see are usually people feeling worried about some of the “harder” classes associated with the prerequisite and nursing curriculums. I find that it was never a subject that had me stumped, but more so, how I approached a subject. I went years trying to figure out what worked for me. I found some things... Read More


My Journey into Nursing

By greg0421 - Hello. My name is Greg and I am a Male nursing student. This article is an essay chronicling my first clinical experience in an emergency room. When entering the clinical setting everything takes on a completely different meaning. Another person’s life depends on the actions and interventions that the healthcare professional in charge of their care makes. Decisions that are made in the clinical setting can have very real... Read More


How Far Can You Nurse?

By jerolez - Nursing is everything, as a whole but we can never draw a line between science and religion for an ill patient's will. This is a story of a patient whose religious belief matters most for his preparation towards death that between science and religion, he chose the faith from his Creator that no matter how difficult it was for him, considering that pain he is having, he neglected to acknowledge it for him to fulfill his religious... Read More


New Grad Job Market: A Game of Chance

By sourapril - Someone smart once said: "insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." This article talks about the unhealthy trend of newly licensed RNs applying to numerous job postings for months and years without getting a job, and how the importance of education is downplayed in applicant selection process. Maybe there needs to be a change in the healthcare system so that new nurses are given a chance to... Read More


The Eagle Has Landed

By VivaLasViejas - The eagle has indeed landed.....and landed softly, instead of crashing and burning as she's done so many times in the past. Thank God. This morning I felt completely normal when I woke up to get ready for work (even though I maintain that 5 AM shouldn't even be on the clock). I marveled at this new sensation of well-being, and have continued to enjoy it all day. This is what it must feel like to NOT be wake up each... Read More


NCLEX Rules - Please Follow Them!

By BloomNurseRN - I took the NCLEX-RN on June 10, 2013 and passed. Before I ever sat at the computer I was handed a sheet of rules to read thoroughly and it was expected that I would follow them. I have to say though, sitting in to that room was not the first time I saw the rules. They aren't a secret and they shouldn't be a surprise. They are available on the NCSBN website for everyone to see. Apparently there are some that aren't told this... Read More


Communication Advice for Nursing Students

By Teresag_CNS - We all make communication mistakes. As a hospital-based nurse for over 30 years, I've certainly made my share, and witnessed many more. Along the way, I've picked up a few tips that I hope are helpful to students and new nurses. 1. Avoid loaded language. Terms like "brain damage" and "life support" are riddled with emotion and unfavorable connotations for the lay person. Although it may seem counter-intuitive, there are times... Read More


Silver Lining

By canesdukegirl - I stare at the four LED panels in front of me, each displaying cases for every OR, listed by room. I groan inwardly, bracing myself for a busy day. "Canes, you ready?" asks the Medical Director. Every morning, the Medical Director and the Anesthesia Coordinator and I meet to discuss add on cases, and the movement of scheduled cases to ensure the completion of the day's schedule. We collaborate on which cases to move, which... Read More


Who's afraid of the ICU?

By Trissity - I won't say that I always wanted to be a nurse, but it is a near thing. Even when life got in the way, and delayed my career for several years, nursing was always in the back of my mind. When I finally did get into nursing school, I was ecstatic. It was grueling and stressful, but never scary. I breezed through tests and clinicals, and I knew I had made the right choice for a lifelong career. I was made for this! I worked on a... Read More


2013 Superbug

By MassED - While I should be studying for my upcoming CEN test date, with coffee in hand, I decide to wander the “science” headlines, as I am apt to do on a warm and sunny Sunday morning. I pay attention to these headlines, as being on the front line in an emergency room; these concerns can become a reality and we need to be prepared for when they make an appearance on our doorstep. This type of headline, “Superbug,” has me perusing in... Read More


Why nurses don't want to be identified in public?

By Mully - It's funny. I remember hearing nurses tell stories about being in the public and not wanting anyone to know that they are a nurse. I always thought that was strange, because I've always been so proud of being an RN. Throughout nursing school, I liked the idea of some stranger asking me for medical advice, and being able to bless them with my expertise on the subject. Even as a new grad, I loved to show off my new found knowledge of... Read More


Help I'm sinking in email quicksand!

By MshawSVS - As a leader if I had more time what do you think I would do with it? Indulge me for a moment while I step into utopia and slip on my rose coloured glasses to imagine what my ideal day looks like. It starts with a freshly brewed cup of something, the ward is calm, the staff are happy and the patients are all cared for. All shifts for the day are filled with experienced staff and the doctors are rounding on time. I achieve all things... Read More


Little is Definite, 100% of the Time

By jadelpn - Policies and procedures vary widely. By state, by facility, by unit. What is "common" for one facility, is not always common in another. Acute vs. LTC is apples to oranges. So as part of orientation, or as part of precepting a new employee, it is important to talk about and become familiar with policies and procedures that affect nursing practice. There has been a few threads popping up regarding "questionable" practices.... Read More


Instant Gratification

By jadelpn - Indulge me for a moment. Back in the day, nothing was instant but coffee. There was a waiting game for almost every aspect of life. It set people up to have a number of anticipatory feelings. Anticipation is a unusual concept today. Instant answers, instant results, instant communication all lead to question--as a multi-generational team, can nurses really merge the older and younger generations to make things run smoothly? ... Read More


Social Media and you

By jadelpn - Social media has taken a front seat in how people communicate. For younger people, it is one of the main components of effective communication. For older people, it connects you with people that you perhaps have not seen in years, a new friend that you want to get to know better--easy and instant access 24/7/365. People comment. People post. People get offended. How many times have you heard "why didn't you answer my friend... Read More


A Nurse or an Angel ?

By faithicu - Sometimes the unexplainable happens, and a miraculous healing takes place. This story is supposedly true, from hospital in the Australian outback many years ago. A lonely new mother is puzzled as to why she has not been placed in the big open ward occupied by other new mothers. She wonders why the doctor is explicit in telling her to remain on bed-rest? She questions this, but it is the nineteen fifties and medical information is not... Read More