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I Want To Be A Nurse, But My Grades Aren't Competitive. Help!

by TheCommuter Do any options exist for people who want to be nurses, but have noncompetitive grade point averages... Read More


Is Online Learning Appropriate For You?

by TheCommuter If you are thinking about enrolling in an entirely distance-based program or just one online... Read More

What To Look For In An Online Nursing Degree Program

by TheCommuter Are you thinking about enrolling in an online nursing degree completion program? To find a program... Read More

Managing It All: Non-Traditional Student Tips

by ShannonV Nursing school will make you question your every intention, second-guess your ability to... Read More

25 Years and Counting

by madwife2002 I have just reached my 25 year anniversary of working in healthcare. This is a snapshot view of... Read More

Nurses Notes: Guidelines On What Not To Chart

by TheCommuter The significance of accurate, timely documentation by nurses and other members of staff cannot be... Read More

It's OFFICIAL!!! Tips and encouragement from a second timer!

by Lillian11 Cheers! You have finally graduated nursing school, celebrated with your friends and started to... Read More

Under All, is the Human

by Andi777 This is journal entry of my recent experience as a senior nursing student in the CCU with an... Read More

Never Give Up on Your Dreams

by AccelCNL2b16 Feeling hopeless about getting into nursing school? Experiencing repeated rejections or major medical issues that seem to be blocking your RN dream?... Read More

Challenging your own beliefs

by 3aremyjoy Giving care to a palliative patient when you're not yet a nurse allows for reflection. Do you really practice what you preach, or are you just giving... Read More

Online MSN Program - West Texas A&M University

by TheCommuter What if you are an RN who wants to attain a graduate degree in nursing, but you have no interest in becoming an educator or nurse manager? Are you... Read More

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Evidence-Based Practice by Nurses for Nurses: Encouraging Waiting Spontaneous Labor

Presented By Beth AHRQ This article describes an evidence-based patient-centered campaign and clinical resources that were developed by nurses, for nurses. Evidence... Read More

Top 10 Reasons We Get Fired: Sleeping on duty

by madwife2002 Sleeping on duty is number 3 in my series of 'Top ten reasons we get fired' Internet searches on this topic show it is a world wide problem, and not... Read More

Advice for the first year of Nursing

by SandandSandwiches In school you learn a lot, but nothing that can prepare you for actual working knowledge. I'm sure you have heard again and again about your first... Read More

The Army's On Its Way

by SoldierNurse22 A few threads here on AN focusing on new Army officers heading to BOLC made me a bit nostalgic for my own training days at Fort Sam. The story below... Read More

Why Do People Struggle With Math?

by TheCommuter The gap between people who perform mathematical operations without any difficulties and those who have the hardest time understanding essential math... Read More

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