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Death Happens. Get Used To It!

By TheCommuter As a pre-nursing student the very thought of death and dying might make you anxious right now, but I assure you that dealing with this event will become easier with the passage of time and the accrual of more exposure. Whatever you do, please don't let your fears deter you from pursuing a career in... Read More


Ambulatory Care Nursing

By tnbutterfly The American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nurses (AAACN) defines professional ambulatory care nursing as: ...a complex, multifaceted specialty that encompasses independent and collaborative practice. The comprehensive practice of ambulatory care nursing is built on a broad knowledge base of nursing... Read More


Public Health Nursing

By DidiRN Public health nursing is rather unique in its focus compared to other nursing specialties. Here nurses concentrate on the health of entire population/communities. With the increase in chronic illnesses that are a strain on the health care system, it is even more crucial to have competent public... Read More


Nursing School Won't Teach You These Things (Part 2)

By TheCommuter A student’s experiences in nursing school might produce a mixture of emotions such as joy after finding out you’ve been accepted to the program, dismay upon discovering you’ve failed a quiz, hostility toward the annoying classmate who won‘t shut up during lecture, and triumph as your graduation... Read More


Private Duty Nursing

By DidiRN Many decades ago, private duty nursing was the primary employer of nurses. Patients and their families hired their own nurses to care for them during periods of illness in the home or in the hospital. In fact, early schools of nursing trained students for this as opposed to a more acute care focus.... Read More


Certified Nurse Midwives - An APRN Specialty

By sirI The Certified Nurse-Midwife (CNM) is an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) who is a graduate of a nurse-midwifery program and is nationally certified. Many states recognize this specialty and some do not. There are 4 APRN specialty areas: The Certified Registered Nurse... Read More


Infusion Nursing

By DidiRN Infusion nursing is a specialty where nurses work exclusively with intravenous therapy and vascular access. Although it may appear a very restrictive area, there is much more to it than just infusing medications. This article gives a general description of this type of nursing along with the... Read More


Home Health Nursing

By DidiRN Home health is an area of nursing that is primarily focused on caring for patients in their home. Nurses in this area make intermittent visits to the patient’s home and sometimes in assisted living facilities seeing individuals there. The focus is to keep the patient in their home safely for as... Read More


Basic Information About the TEAS Test

By TheCommuter The Test of Essential Academic Skills, more universally known as the TEAS test, is a proctored, standardized examination prepared by the Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) to determine the overall academic preparedness of pupils who are attempting to enroll in a school’s nursing program or... Read More


Medical Assistants

By VickyRN Medical assistants are medical support staff who perform routine administrative and clinical duties under the direct supervision of a physician or other licensed healthcare provider. It is one of the fastest-growing careers today. Medical assistant duties vary according to location, specialty... Read More


Flight Nursing

By DidiRN Flight nursing is nursing care of patients during transport via aircraft or helicopter. This is an area where highly skilled individuals are an absolute must and is not a place for the inexperienced. Flight nurses many times must make quick life or death decisions calmly and accurately. This... Read More


Black Friday, Code Blue

By decembergrad2011 Friday was just a sad day overall. One of my patients, a woman who I have taken on and off since I was 20-something weeks pregnant, seized and coded and had to be intubated and taken down to the ICU. Since it was Black Friday, all of the staff there were the B team. I was the most experienced... Read More


School Nursing

By tnbutterfly “The National Association of School Nurses defines school nursing as a specialized practice of professional nursing that advances the well-being, academic success and lifelong achievement and health of students. To that end, school nurses facilitate normal development and positive student response... Read More


Travel Nursing

By tnbutterfly The concept of travel nursing began as a solution to provide additional nurses to areas/hospitals experiencing a nursing shortage. Over the years this has become a very popular option for those wanting to change locations and assignments regularly and have the benefit of vacationing where they... Read More


Correctional Nursing - A Multi-Tasked Specialty Area for Nurses

By sirI The Correctional Nurse wears many faces. They are primary care nurses, security nurses and in some correctional facilities, the nurse dealing with those who are critically ill. It takes a special type of individual to take on these tasks without prejudice, remain impartial, and treat the inmate... Read More


Self-Care for Nurses during the Holidays

By tnbutterfly Nurses face challenges year round, but we all know the extra stresses that the holidays bring with all the special preparations and activities. With many nurses working stressful jobs having to deal with the health challenges of others as well as their own personal stresses and hectic schedules,... Read More


Nurse Practitioners

By DidiRN Nurse practitioners are registered nurses with graduate level degrees and are considered advanced practice nurses. They are able to provide health care services to patients in a variety of different settings. Some responsibilities include: assessing, diagnosing, and managing acute and chronic... Read More


High-Value and Low-Value Patients

By TheCommuter Some patient populations are highly prized in our society while others are very much devalued. This is because American society views some clusters of people as ‘high value’ and others as ‘low value.’ Do you believe that all people were created equally? Do you feel that all individuals are treated... Read More

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