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Yuba City (California) One Stop CNA Program Discussion

I plan on enrolling in a CNA program at the Yuba City One Stop (also known as Tri-County ROP - Career Training and Education Center). I was wondering if there were any CNA's out there in the AllNurses World who have enrolled and completed this program.

What was your overall experience throughout the program? Were you satisfied with the program?

Also, how hard was it to enroll in the program? Was there a wait list? No worries about this question. I can contact the program coordinator for that, but thought I'd ask here anyways.

Thanks for the information. :)

Giant Panda,

You might want to check with Freemont/Rideout to see if they might hire and train you for CNA - or perhaps one of the local LTC facilities will be starting a CNA class soon. Better to be on the payroll and take the class then have to pay to attend.

Live Oak Manor in Live Oak has a class in progress. You could check and see if they'll be starting another after this one ends.

Good luck, whatever your decision.:)

Thank you Time2BeMe. I will definitely check out Live Oak Manor and see if they have another one starting soon. Otherwise, I would be waiting until Summer of 2011 to take the course at One Stop.

I will also check out Freemont/Rideout as well. :)

Are you from the area? Did you train here in town?

Live in YC, and in the current class at L.O.M.

Oh I see! How do you like it there so far?

So far I love it. There are 7 in my class, and each of us look at this as an entry point to

the medical field. The facility is very clean and the residents can feel at home.

With the current unemployment rate in our local area, everyone in this class feels

blessed that we were chosen to participate, and are eager to get into the clinical training.

Think I've got an A so far in class. W00T!

Are you hoping to continue after CNA in the medical field?

I am very happy to hear that you are enjoying the training and are doing well! :) And yes, I hear you on the blessing of getting in considering the unemployment around here. I myself have been working full-time in retail for 5 years while going to Yuba College. It's time for some change! I contacted LOM asking to see if they would be taking another "class" as soon as yours ended (via email, if I don't hear from them I will probably just stop by). Hopefully, I will hear from them soon.

Yes! I plan on continuing my education and plan on earning my BSN. After working a few years, I would then eventually like to go back to school to earn my Doctor of Nursing Practice: Family Nurse Practitioner. That's the plan as of right now, but who knows... things might change along the way. :)

Good luck to you Giant Panda! Willing to bet you do well with your plans.

Was thinking about the LVN program thru 1 Stop; but willing to bet that gets

cancelled - think I read somewhere Yuba is discontinuing theirs.

You might also check with the Fountains (just North of Target). I see where

they've finished another addition to their facility recently.

Another thought, don't give up your present job in retail. Alot of my classmates

did and are regretting it. We are paid min wage, and are not up to the "hours"/week

we were told we'd have. A couple of them have been able to get some shifts

where they used to work.

Volunteering at the hospital or with one of the facilities might get your foot in the

door as well.

Thank you! I wish you the best as well. :) And yes! Another friend of mine just told me about The Fountains. I will give them a shot as well. As for the LVN program at One-Stop, as far as I know they are still going on. I know that they stopped the phlebotomy course until August, but I just looked at their calendar and it says their next class begins July 6th of this year. So you might want to check that out! :) Best of luck!

Vocational Nursing Program (LVN)

18-month evening part-time

Start Date 7/6/10

End Date 2/24/12

all pre-req’s have to be completed by 4/1/10

Thank You! I'll check it out tonite. Not sure I can get the pre reqs out of the way

fast enough tho. I'll look into it tho. Biggest thing holding me back will be cost

right now.

Take care kiddo!:)

Oh yes, I didn't think about the pre-requisites. The good thing about the program at One-Stop is that I don't believe there is a tuition (you only have to pay for textbooks and supplies). If you go to the ROP Program Catalog, the LVN program isn't under the section "Fee Based Health Career Classes." But with all the books and such that you need to buy can get costly, unless you can buy them elsewhere for a cheaper price.

The cost of the course is roughly $2,500.00. This includes $1200.00 - $1300.00 for books, $300.00 for uniforms and medical supplies, $200.00 for the state board examination, $100.00 for the licensing fee, $80.00 for fingerprints, $75.00 application to Vocational Nursing Board, $16.00 for malpractice insurance, and $100.00 for copy fees.

Source: Health Career Course Outline.

Once again, wish you the best!

GP - How is school going?

Just curious, and wanted to wish you well if you're still at it ;)

I'm also in the area! I'll be starting the CNA through One Stop in March. I got accepted into it last year, but had to turn it down, because of a high risk pregnancy. Time2BeMe, are you still at Live Oak Manor? How is it going? I'm thinking about checking it out..I'd love to get paid for it while I'm in school.

exsnohs - yes, am still at LOM. It's going well. Keep your spot in the One Stop class - have heard they won't be having another class at the Manor 'til possibly next year.

Been trying to catch up on Life so I can get started on studies at Yuba ;)

Good luck & best wishes to you & yours.

exsnohs - yes, am still at LOM. It's going well. Keep your spot in the One Stop class - have heard they won't be having another class at the Manor 'til possibly next year.

Been trying to catch up on Life so I can get started on studies at Yuba ;)

Good luck & best wishes to you & yours.

Thanks for the info! I'll definitely keep my spot there. Glad it's going well at the manor! :)


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