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Dear Nurse Beth,

I am 61 years old, and I have always wanted to be a nurse. would this be a good time at my age to become an LPN! I am not looking for a RN, due to time.

Dear Wants to be a Nurse,

It could work. It's an odds game that depends largely on your overall health, fitness and mobility. School is challenging, and nursing is physically demanding.

Approach it logically.

Let's say you are licensed and ready to work at age 63. Have you thought about how long you intend to stay in the work force? If you intend to retire at, say, age 69, would you consider 6 yrs of working as a nurse as worth it?

But here's my real thoughts. If you have always wanted to be a nurse and you have the desire, stamina and means, then by all means do it. Why live with regrets if this is your life bucket list?

Best wishes,

Nurse Beth

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