Your Interview Questions

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I have read through the sticky posts and read through the list of questions that interviewers ask in the article from Boston College, but I am hoping AN allows me to post this.

I'm wondering what are some examples of questions you were asked in an interview? I have heard the normal questions..."can you tell me about yourself" and so on and I have heard very strange things. I was just wondering if some of you that have been lucky enough to have interviews would mind sharing what you were asked.

Was there something you weren't prepared for?

Did you get the job?

I'm excited to see what the responses are. :)



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I have interviewed for several jobs. If the interviewer makes it quick and sweet and does not really make eye contact, stay away from those jobs.

I went for an interview one time were I would be sharing an office with another nurse, so they wanted her to interview me also. She talked on and on about her self and the job she did. The question that stuck in my mind was whether or not I was a Christian? When I did not respond right away, she began telling me how the other girl was and that is all she ever talked about and well, she did not want another Christian in the office with her. I did not get the job.

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Wow! Thats all I can say! One of the biggest "no, no" questions. I'm not sure how I would have acted if I was asked that in an would be hard for me to not say "You're joking right now, right?" lol