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Hello All;

I was just curious --- As you know, your facility has an inspection every three years, conducted by the state, acting as CMS' agent. However, many states are not able to comply with the CMS request of such. To recall, there might be something that says 'no later than 4 yrs'.. but would have go back and check..

Now, my curiosity, after speaking with about 46 staff throughout the US is that many units do not actually show, let the staff, read the final survey (inspection) report that is given to the facility. This is where on one side of the page there is a list of deficiencies and the other side is where the facility's POC is entered. Hence, how many of you have actually been given a copy to read. I am hearing, more and more, that staff are not given a copy but just given information .......


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We have a mtg, sit down with the boss and go over everything. Then we are free to read them. We even get to see audits from other local clinics, to see what others are getting "dinged" for. We're a year past when we should've been surveyed.

what state are you in? Many states are behind schedule of every three years.

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Im in TX. I haven't heard of any clinics in our area being surveyed lately. Last time we were surveyed, looong time ago, I was watched for 2 hours DURING turnaround!!! It was nerve racking!

WOW, the surveys are suppose to every three years....

Dont forget to remind your staff to have all safety fistulas and syringes with safety devices activated. Your facility can be squeaky clean, then then inspector will take a flashlight and look inside your sharps container and fine your for every safety device not activated in the container.

Has anyone had a Joint Commission survey lately? If so what were they looking at and findings if any?

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