Young people are at risk of severe Covid-19 illness

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JAMA 9/9/2020

JAMA: Clinical Outcomes in Young US Adults Hospitalized With COVID-19

Per CDC's latest figures. Covid-19 is increasing rapidly among young adults age 18-34  and highest among young adults ages 20 to 29.  From June to August 2020 in the US,   this age group accounted for more than 20 percent of all confirmed COVID cases. 

Findings published in this months JAMA Internal Medicine reveal how severely Covid-19 can affect young adults.   The article found that among more than 3,200 adults ages 18 to 34 who were hospitalized with the disease, 21 percent required intensive care, 10 percent required mechanical ventilation and nearly 3 percent — 88 patients — died.  Of those who survived, 3 percent — 99 patients — had to be discharged to another health care facility to continue their recoveries.

Morbid obesity, hypertension, and diabetes were common and associated with greater risks of adverse event --same as in older adults.  Younger adults likely contribute to community transmission of COVID-19. (no surprise)


CDC MMR 9/23/2020:

Changing Age Distribution of the COVID-19 Pandemic — United States, May–August 2020


What are the implications for public health practice?

Strict adherence to community mitigation strategies and personal preventive behaviors by younger adults is needed to help reduce infection and subsequent transmission to persons at higher risk for severe illness.

Gotta get periodic CDC MMR Reports broadcasted on Fox News to get President Trump to  understand and accept COVID-19's  serious effects on young adults;  also stop the spread of COVID misinformation.   Return to college life and sports not the answer to get the US Covid epidemic resolved.