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Im 19 yrs old and currently a nursing major with a nutrition minor. Ive always known I wanted to do something within the medical field but have never really been sure of exactly what. There's so many different options, that I could see myself enjoying many of them. Ive tried to get myself involved by volunteering at a hospital a few days a week to get a feel the environment to see if I can narrow down my selection. I was just wondering if anyone had any advice as to any other work I could get myself involved in being able to put time into the medical aspect while still being a college student. Also if anyone had any recommendations on their jobs that they're very passionate and could tell me a little bit about!

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A job as a CNA would open your eyes widely. You'll need to get a license to do that, but if you've completed a fundamentals course, it might be easy-peasy, depending on your state's rules...

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With a compressed 2 week course and a state exam, I became a CNA. The work can be done full time, part time or per diem. I worked more hours on summer break and less while in school. Evenings and weekends are always available for a CNA.