You know what I hate?


I hate when your walking down a hallway and you see a Nurse or another Aide and you don't know what to say and neither one of you are holding anything and you've already said hi and everything, and both of you just walk past each other looking at the wall. Most awkward thing ever BAHAHAHA. Maybe its just my facility :p


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...or staring at the floor.

Yeah. Those uncomfortable moments in the hallway...are wayyy more awkward than being in an elevator with strangers, I assure you.

I'm usually 'scurrying' around, so, that's my excuse., if it's someone that I don't really talk to, I never know whether to say 'hi' AGAIN or avert my eyes and keep walking.

We don't stare at the walls, though. Too funny.

For instance, me and the lead cna? We kinda do this sort of eye-brow raising/half-smile sort of thing.

It's an expression that says, "I see you, human being...and I acknowledge your presence..."



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Well, you could always wink at the other person. Make them wonder what is the big secret.


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Every time this happens, I pull out the stack of Post-Its from my pocket and look over them and start mumbling a bunch of nonsense under my breath, just to make it look like I'm too busy and stressed to think about anything else (or talk to anyone else).

It's fun.

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I look at them and smile! You've acknowledged they are there and come across as friendly. The worst thing that happens is that they don't smile back.

You could always make a face. Stick out your tongue and cross your eyes! Ha ha!

So yeah, that's what I do.


I just smile, turn my eyes down and lower my head very slightly in a nod as I walk by. That way I acknowledge them without having to say anything and don't look like I'm pretending they're not there. It minimizes the awkwardness. G


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Just smile....

I'd probably say something like "Well hello again!! haha"