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I noticed Tweety & Hyperstudents comments from thread 'How to keep from being so tired' about Yoga and the website Tweety gave

Tweety if you read this, those 12 steps to doing Yoga moves from the website, is that okay to do if a novice at those exercise steps? Also, can u tell me a bit more about Yoga and how can it be a good thing to do in preventing tiredness etc? I am just very inquisitive to know and wouldnt mind trying it out, providing i dont strain myself or find it too difficult.

I think I watched Oprah when these older women who look young for their age. One lady responds to keep her youth she does Yoga and Pilates. I have tried Pilates and I just found it tiring maybe I am missing something or doing something wrong :uhoh3:

Look forward to hearing from Yoga lovers :)

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I'm definately a yoga advocate and wish I did it more than I do, because I always feel great when I do. It's great for energy and tension release.

The "sun salutation" I recommended can absolutely be done by a beginner. Is a good magazine and website that offers guidance to the newbie.

I highly recommend going to a class. (yeah right, who has time and money for that). I usually go twice a week and by a 20 class pass at $8.00/class (otherwise they are $12.00) and wish I could go more. My new research class is taking the place of one of my usual classes and I'm bummed. Going to a class helps you to learn the correct way of doing the postures. There are subtle movements that give you correct alignment. I found when I self-taught I was subconsciously making it a bit easier on myself and not posing properly. But self-taught is easy and cheap.

Also there are tons of DVDs available to, which is the way I think I'm going to go while this class is going on.


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There are to great DVDs for beginners to intermediate AM and PM Chi by Giam.

Great to get you going in the morning and I swear that the PM one is the only that can make me relaxed enough to sleep no matter how bad a shift was.

The set was $18.00. You can order them from the GIAM website or Target.

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