Yikes! I'm scared!


Is there anyone out there that has started and/or completed LVN/LPN school at about age 50? I am a 50 year old, recently seperated, recently partially unemployed woman and I have decided to go to school to become an LVN. I'm terrified of going back to school, its been 32 years! Any pointers or encouragement would be greatly appreciated! I'm scheduled to begin in June. I'm excited, but scared.:nurse::confused:


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I'm 28, but there is one man and one woman in my class over 50. They are both doing very well. The woman actually sits next to me everyday and that woman aces everything!!! This is her first time back to school since she was 19. Good luck!


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I have an aunt(48 yrs) and a friend (54) who have both completed the program and they did great. It all depends on your study habits and how determined you are. If it's been a while since you have studied I would start practicing before school, considering its a ton of studying. You can look online and find some good prep books and start reading into the fundamentals of nursing since that's usually the first thing you learn in lpn/lvn school. Also look online for some good studying tips. I think you'll do great; after all you've gotten accepted into the program which means you must be ready, or they wouldn't have put you in.

You can do anything you put your mind to, at any age :)