Yet another "help with interview" thread


I am graduating in May and have my first interview next week. It is in the hospital that I work in now as an aide. I'm just looking for a little advice. I have a suit for the interview and know all about the company since I work there already.

I am just curious about the types of questions asked. What type of questions threw you when you interviewed?

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Expect lots of "tell me about a time" questions. I had an interview that was an hour of those. I had prepared well and had lots of scenarios in mind, from clinicals and previous work experience, ready for them and aced the interview! I also had questions for them like "what do you expect from a new grad nurse in the first year, and how do you facilitate that?"

They asked for my references so I'm on track to be hired!

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Congratulations, melizerd. Thanks for the advice. I wasn't prepared for those kinds of questions when I had my interview for my CNA job, and only had about 2 of them. So, I'll try to think of more scenarios to get me through. I can't imagine an hour of that! Yikes! :)

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I had an interview 2 weeks ago.

I was asked

'where do you see yourself in 5 years'

'Tell me of a situation where you made a mistake and fixed it'

'Grade your assessment skills on a scale from 1-10'

'Why should we hire you?'

'What can you bring to the company'

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At one particular hospital I interviewed for last year asked me a lot of clinical scenario questions by the Nurse Educator. I don't remember the specific details but they gave me a list of 4 different types of patients and wanted to know who I would see 1st, etc. They asked me for the interventions for each patient and medications I expected the doctor to order. It was the most intense interview for a new grad to go through.

Not all hospitals ask those types of questions for new grads, but go through potential priority questions. Also they want to know that you will be willing to ask for help in times when help is needed. Don't forget to bring extra copies of your resume.