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Hi Everyone,

I graduated HS back in 2005. One career change and 2 kids later I am now starting my prerequisites to go to nursing school for a ADN program at a community college. I was a great student, things came easily to me, hopefully that stays the same.

Here is my dilemma.... its been 10 years since I have taken Biology, Chemistry, Calculus. Can I study for and pass the PAX RN with just taking A&P during the semester? The last testing date in order to be accepted for next fall is December 6th. I ordered a PAX RN study guide.

Apparently there are NO college level prerequisites for this program except for Math, no sciences. There is also a 3 hour Math/Science workshop I can take before the semester starts. Thoughts, suggestions and experiences appreciated.

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As far as the PAX is concerned; study the PAX book from cover to cover and that should help; it covers the science that is required on the test, as well as math, English, etc that will be on the test.

The most pressing issue about taking the test, at least in my experience, was time management; choosing the best answer was key-you don't want to run out of time for this exam!

I scored in the 90th percentile and went in into my program, despite test anxiety, and an aversion to math.

The key was being prepared-reviewing all test questions, reviewing why it was incorrect, etc.

Best wishes.


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Thanks. My book should arrive next week. I'll start delving into it, especially before the semester starts. WAAAAAAAAY nervous to be back in school again, but excited to be finally starting this journey after 2 years of putting it off

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I went back after 20 years out. I was a solid C student in high school but now am an A student. You will be fine.

@AspiringnurseMw I took my test yesterday & the science section barely include any A&P mostly physics & chemistry lots of charts if you study nothing else but physics & chemistry you will do great on the science section!


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Will the NLN review book cover most of the chemistry & physics? I keep reading that physics covered on the test is more than in the review book.

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No test is the same; they have different versions when it's administered, I know the science I received on the test was bio, chem and a little physics.

The NLN Book covers ALL the sciences that you need-don't skip on the book; everything is laid out for one to be successful enough to use the entire book for studying, go take the test and get into a high percentile. :yes:


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Thanks everyone. I get my review book next week....... The minus 4.5 months until PAX RN