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1 year up and need advice

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I have posted on other forums here but this looks like the best fit, I am not sure how I ever missed this forum. Anyways, I was hired last November on the unit I am still on...Adult Surgical Interim Care is what they changed the name too...basically its PCU/Med/Surg Tele...whatever the acuity of the patients are. It has been one he** of a year and I can't even believe I survived. Through the depression, illness and personal stuff I have gone through...its amazing I'm still a functioning human.

My unit continues to be understaffed, over populated with patients and now they are making some major budget cuts so who even know what that really entails. I still have 3 months left of my contract because they made us sign a year contract after our residency was completed. Although I have learned a ton and my foundation of nursing skills has been laid, I am still miserable. I knew the day I walked on to a Med/Surg floor in Nursing School, that it would never be the job for me but it was the only offer I received months out of school and I was getting nervous that I would never be hired anywhere. There have been several times over the year that I thought about quitting, going back to bartending and seeing if another unit or facility would hire me. I even changed my schedule a couple times to see if it would make it more tolerable since I started feeling like I should at least finish my year. I still feel exactly the same as I did months ago...and have been counting down the months and randomly applying to jobs but never had any bites until now...

I am interviewing for a triage RN position at a private digestive clinic that has three different offices, one of which is incredibly closer to home than the hospital I currently work at...the job I am interviewing for is at that clinic...it also is M-F 8-430, no weekends...no holidays (which are paid off) and a more normal schedule for myself and my son (I am single mom with no help from his dad). I have struggled with finding a balance and consistent schedule for my 4 year old during this year and it has taken a toll on us. The job will also be a lot less stressful than the craziness we all experience on Med/Surg...which will be nice...I can go to work and go home and not lose sleep over stressing about work...and maybe enjoy my life. I know a few people who have also worked for this company and all of them have wonderful things to say about it and the doctors... Also another perk. Although I haven't been offered the job just yet, it sounds like the little blessing I've been praying for all year. If the pay is right and they offer it to me, I don't know how I couldn't accept...however...the little that's left of my contract at my current job...I'd still be breaking it. I don't care about never working for the company I'm at now, as there are PLENTY of other hospitals and companies out there...but I have no idea how it will impact. Has anyone out there broken their contract to work other jobs? I have 3 former cohorts from my residency group who left early and had no problem getting other jobs, etc. But I feel a little guilty...I just can't imagine passing up an amazing opportunity to continue to be miserable, ya know? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Lev, BSN, RN

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Don't feel guilty. You do what is best for you, your family, and your mental health. I too would feel bad about breaching a contract. If the GI clinic wants you so badly, they can wait 3 months til your contract is finished.


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