1 year mark in the ED and need resume help


Hi all!

I did it, I am no longer a new grad and I survived my first year in the ED. It has been a tough year but I have learned so much!

I moved out of state to have this experience and I am in the process of scoping out the jobs available out there for experienced ED nurses in my home state (California). I know that 1 year is not a lot of experience which is why I am asking if anyone has tips for me on how to taylor my resume and get noticed by nursing managers. Thank you!


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Congratulations! Happy for you ! ER is a very interesting thing, either you like it or hate it! Definitely not for everyone:) In regards of the resume, try to find out the name of DON of the hospital you are applying to, and sent her/him a complete package that includes resume, cover letter,references letter and copy of your certificates (specialty, ACLS, PALS, EKG, etc). In every hospital most of the hiring process is held online , therefore your resume goes to the database.As you can imagine not every single applicant is being looked at , its about who you know.

Be precise on your description, mentioned your experiences and knowledge, achievements. Have your patient thanked you and thought you are the wonderful nurse? You are a professional, show your skills, be confident and true.

Don't write something that you are not familiar with, be honest.

I got my ER job after having a clinical rotation during my rn refresher course(i have been out of work for 7 years), during my only 2 days of clinical I went to my instructor and asked her , how can I meet with a director or ER. ER director saw my friend and I during that time. We got an interview, but I was calling daily to follow up. :) good luck!


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Some tips that I can think off the bat: 1) If you studied and did your nursing clinicals in Cali, def apply to the hospitals that you had your clinicals over there. 2) Always send a cover letter. 3) Take additional certification courses if you can. You mentioned that you've been in ER for over a year or so. If you're eligible, try taking the CEN certification to highlight your dedication, specialization and competency in emergency nursing. 4) Look around if you can take a Trauma Nursing course in surrounding hospitals in your location. 5) Look into if you can become an ACLS instructor. 6) I would highly recommend sticking in your current job and only move once you secure a job in Cali. Best wishes!


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Thank you all for the great input and tips! I have been recognized by family members for service excellence so I am definitely going to mention that. And I agree, I will only move back if I have a secure job offer in hand. Thanks again!