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im a new rn currently working at st vincents medical center in bridgeport,ct. major cutbacks have just gone down here, including cutting nursing raises, vacation, and sick time. this has caused morale at the hospital to go down hill. im looking to maybe go elsewhere. does anyone out there work at yale, or any other hospitals in the new haven or bridgeport area? any feedback would be appreciated!

thanks, connie :cool:

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Yale has a poor rep with some travelers, but don't know personally.

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Lets see, there is a huge Nursing shortage all over the country:confused: Please refer to Reader's Digest Sep. 03 issue page 84 I believe. According to their article we are 126K short on nurses to fill these positions Today. In the next paragraph of the article it states that that number will be in excess of 1,000,000 by the year 2010. To be sure they are also confused because in the following paragraph that number gets reduced to 200,000 but anyway you slice it, dice it, or however you look at it, there are not enough Nurses to go around. Add to the equation that you are working North of the Mason-Dixon Line, where Nursing Unions are prevalent, and the question begs to be asked, "What in the heck is happening to you???? You should be very :angryfire All the nurses at your facility should band together and write a letter to Hosp. Admin. informing them that you intend to form a union for obtaining a collective bargaining entity. Start canvasing your fellow employees, to find out if they have enough backbone to form a Union. However if you do not feel this is in your best interest, do not embark on this path, but look elsewhere, for a facility that values their Nurses and get away from the facility that treats you as if you do not matter to them. By all means use your computer to your advantage in searching for a position at a facility that covets you and is anxious to hire and retain Nurses. I wish you well in your endeavors. Remember there are many facilities that are foaming at the mouth to hire Good Nurses. God, there are those that will pay warm bodies to fill the Void. You are not alone but you are down-trodden, Get away quickly before you are alone!! :biggringi


I would run in the other direction if I applied at a hospital and found they were unionized. Just look at the hospitals in Calif. Unions have ruined them. How can a union get people to apply for jobs? 1/3 of our staff threatened to quit if a union came in.

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I get treated better in union hospitals than non union, quite frankly - and in areas where there is a union, the pay rates go up.

At least in Cali, there are mandated ratios.

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