2x Failed Hoping Not a 3rd.. Lost and Seeking Help


Not sure if ill even get responses but I am really hoping to get advice, a little help, honestly anything.

I have failed the NCLEX at this point TWICE. I graduated from my program summer of 2015. By the end I did not feel like most students ready to be nurse and take on the world i was completely drained glad to be out and lost as to why i chose nursing. Long story short with no confidence i pushed my 1st exam to Dec. just took it. Failed. 2nd time in April with more confidence this time but still self doubt and Failed. So now here I am a year later from graduating. I am have re-connected my purpose for nursing and why i chose this field. I excelled in clinic and even now working in a hospital environment. Nurses tell me that id me a great nurse. But that test that test consumes me gives me anxiety. I feel the same way about that test as i felt in school like i was barely making it like i was the only one.

There are two types of people who are book smart and can repeat what they read verbatim. And theres me I can read pages pages and it wont process i wont get it it doesnt add up or make sense i cant remember it and i CANNOT sit and concentrate reading for hours lucky if i can do a consistent 1-2hrs. But hands on seeing it touching feeling... all things skill work application i excel.

I have kaplan , i have hurst, i have a saunders book more kaplan , a pharm book , old notes, med surg book. I have alot of stuff and no plan. I have looked up more programs like remar or simple nursing, uworld. but i dont have the means to keep dishing out money.

I am ready mentally and spiritually to do this a 3rd time but I need help. Anyone have similar struggles. I feel like the odd man out. Thanks....


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No amount of studying is going to prepare you for the NCLEX. It is a test of judgement and critical thinking. I think maybe what you need is some test taking strategies coupled with a re-newed approach. The hurst handouts provide a good review of the material covered in nursing school, and you should know them through and through. Next I would purchase the Uworld for a 1 month subscription. I did the above and was done with the test in under an hour at 75 questions. You can too. When you take the practice test, don't just pick and answer and move on, ask yourself why the other 3 answers were wrong. That is how you will start finding the pattern of the test.

Key themes to remember while answering any question on the test:

-Safety 1st

-Least evasive 1st

-Assess 1st

-If there is nothing you as the nurse can do to promote safety/relief - contact the Dr.

-Read the question! As dumb as that sounds, ask yourself - what are they wanting to know?

BTW - what is your email - I have an idea


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I agree with UWorld for a month - it will make a world of difference in training your brain for higher level questions better than any of the other sources. Im studying for my second attempt and used UWorld, Saunders and PDA this time. my confidence is much better now.

go into the test knowing in your heart you are a safe and competent nurse as much as any new grad is and just like all of your classmates who have passed so far. you've got this!


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Thanks alot! i think i will try Uworld the rationales seem way more extensive than kaplan. good luck with your exam!!