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So I thought i had my new job picked out, then i got another offer.

About me. Twin boys are 5, youngest is 2. Hubby is a fire fighter works 24hours on 48 hours off.

Job 1 M-F 8am-4pm, occasional 1/2 saturday , 2 year old would need daycare 2-3.5 days a week. Twins would need before/ after school care 2-4 days per week. Average weekly childcare cost. $120. Hourly pay, $29

Job 2 , 3 12 hour shifts per week. Every third weekend. 7P-7am. Self scheduling . 2 year old would need 1 day per week $30, No before/after care needed. Hourly pay $32.

Issues to think about. Preschool for the LO next year, if i work m-f how would he get there. DH works 24 hours on 48 hours off.

Snow days, sick calls from school.

After school activities.


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Does your husband know his schedule far enough in advance so that you can arrange YOUR schedule so that you only work on his days off (for the second job)? If not, how will you do childcare overnight? Who will watch your kiddos while you're sleeping? Is your plan to ONLY schedule your shifts at times when your husband is home?

As much as I hate working nights, especially with young children, it sounds to me like the second job would be the better option for you, ASSUMING you can schedule all of your shifts to coincide with your husband's at-home time. If that's the case, I would say the second job, but probably only until all of your kids are in school, and then I would recommend looking for a day job (only because I hate nights, but you may find that it works well for you).


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My husbands schedule is set for a year at least, probably longer. Once or twice a month i might need to work yhe same days he does and then my mon will watch them at our house over night.

I agree if you think your body can handle the night shifts I'd go with that one especially when you have the support of your mother and not worry about day care. Also in the long run you will feel you have more time with your young family then working everyday plus half your saterdays.


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