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WVU Parkersburg AD RN -- Is anyone enrolled there, or planning to go there? I applied for Fall 2010, and they said letters go out this month. One person said within 2 weeks and another said by the end of the month.


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I'm enrolled there and hoping to get in the actual program in the Spring of 2011. I just need chemistry and I should be able to get in. Have you applied to get into the program from Fall 2010? I just had a baby in April and I'm trying to get back into the swing of things! Kinda nervous!

I am waiting as well. I applied for Spring 2012 and have taken all pre-reqs as well as the HESI and ACT but am enrolled in Chem right now. I was told I would be wait listed and that they actually pulled 8 applicants this fall semester so there's hope. I have a 4.0 (although I sure won't after this Chem class is over!) an ACT score of 25 and a 74 HESI.


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I applied there and was accepted, but ended up going to a diploma school because I had to be a full-time student in order to use the Trade Act funding to pay for it. The diploma school is a fiasco, so if I decide to complete RN, which I might just jettison completely due to loss of interest, I will have to start over at a college based program.


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Hi I am from Florida and currently looking at moving to WV. I am finishing my prerequisites down here for nursing school but going to be applying up there. My fiancé is in Parkersburg so I am interested in the WVU Parkersburg program. I am wondering if someone could help me understand what exactly the prerequisites are to apply for the ADN program there. Thank you!!!

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