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Hi all,

I applied to Washington State University Spokane for the start of Spring 2019. I know it's a bit early, but I was wondering if any of you want to keep in touch in regards to the interview process this October and any admissions updates we receive!

If anyone wants to share their GPA, TEAS scores, or work/volunteer experience feel free. :)

I'm nervous for that interview email even though it's in two months, but any interview questions or admissions info/tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys, and hope to keep in touch!



I also applied for spring 2019, and I am so anxious. My stats aren't that good but i have hope!!

Let's cross fingers.

Oh sweet! Did you apply to Spokane as well? I think I have pretty decent stats but you just never know. I hope I at least get a chance at the interview to share some work experience. What was your GPA/teas if you don't mind me asking?

I have a 3.6 cum GPA and I heard that it was pretty average and my TEAS was 75.


I too applied to WSU spring 2019 Tri-Cities. I am super nervous because my TEAS score is not that great plus I still have fall quarter to complete (I believe most people that apply are all done with their pre-reqs). But my stats are 3.85 cum GPA, 74 TEAS :(, 103 hospital and more than 2000 hours in a home care facility experiance. I just hope I AT LEAST get to go to an interview so that I know what to do next time I apply (If there's no luck this time around)

A 3.85 cum is really good! My nursing GPA is at 3.76 so hopefully that boosts up my chances! I agree, I just want to at least be offered an interview to just talk with them and see what kind of questions they ask... good luck! Keep us posted :)

Yup Spokane, I am currently in the Shoreline CC nursing program, and it has not done any good to my grades so far :(

Cum. GPA 3.5


lots of local and out of the sea volunteering and work experience.

Not exactly sure of my chances to get in, but hey! why not try?

Do you guys live near the Campus?

Oh that's funny, I'm actually here in Edmonds! We're pretty close to each other.

I talked to the nursing advisor and he said that the first part of the application is based heavily on cum GPA/nursing GPA/TEAS and then during the interview they'll ask about your experience. We have around the same stats, hopefully we both get an interview!!! Fingers crossed. It has been a long few months.

eah, I heard the first round is heavy on grades, so my hopes are not too high.

Edmonds, wow.

you ready to move 4hrs away?

Has anyone got an email yet? I thought the letters would be emailed today

not me.

not sure it will get to us the same day though, crossing fingers!!

good luck everyone!!

It said from 8th-12th! I really hope they just send em out today tho! Good luck you guys!

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