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WSSU ABSN 2015 Applicants - Open Thread!

Hey fellow future nurses!

I just sent in my application for the 2015 WSSU ABSN program. From what I hear about this program, their selection process really depends on the quality of applicants they get year to year. I have all A's (on the first attempts) in the pre-req's, but only a so-so undergraduate GPA... so we'll see.

I'm going to be going crazy until they mail out decisions - and I hear it isn't till October!

I wanted to create an open thread for all of us applying to share, discuss, vent, or freak out if you need to. :nailbiting:

Who's with me?

Hi Robin Marie!

I just sent in my application too for the 2015 ABSN program. I've heard it's very competitive but hopefully we will get in since we have our pre-reqs finished and have decent GPAs.. but the wait will kill me too! Where are you from?

Hi Robin Marie & Hali!

I am planning on transferring from a community college to WSSU for their nursing program. I plan on transferring in the Spring 2015. My GPA is not the best (3.2 undergraduate GPA) but it's above the minimum requirement. I will be taking my last two science classes this Fall, which should bring my gpa up some. If both of you don't mind me asking, what was your GPA?

Actually nevermind, it's not the ABSN program I plan to do. It's the traditional option.

Hey, all! I just sent in my application and transcripts out this morning. I just graduated from undergrad at NC State University, and I currently work as a nurse aide at UNC hospitals. My undergrad GPA and science prerequisites are very strong, but I'm still pretty nervous! Is anyone else applying to other programs? I'll be anxiously waiting until October! :nailbiting:

Hi MarleneNC and Wolfpacknurse!

Marlene--Good luck in the traditional program, I'm sure you will do great!

I graduated from UNC in 2011 and have decided to go back to school for nursing. My cumulative undergrad GPA was a 3.7 and a 3.5 in my pre-requisites. I got rejected from the ABSN program last year because I was still taking my developmental psychology pre-req, so keeping my fingers crossed this year!! :)

Hali2011, that's awesome! Hopefully they will recognize your application and see that you were resilient about applying! I also applied to UNC's accelerated BSN program for the spring of this coming year. If I'm being honest that is my first choice, but I'm not picky! Did you apply to any other programs? I know that North Carolina has several!

I have not applied anywhere else because I live in High Point and WSSU is the closest and most reasonable in cost. Every school also has different pre-requisites so I thought I'd just stick to the one school I know I could afford/be closest to. UNC definitely has a great program--sounds like that one would be ideal for you! When do you find out about UNC? I know for the WSSU program we will find out probably mid-October.

That definitely makes sense! Yeah, since I'm a recent grad I was lucky enough to have enough pre requisites done to apply to both programs. I should hear from UNC around the same date we hear from WSSU! The wait is going to kill me.

Thank you Hali2011! :yes: Your stats are really good, I am sure you'll get in!

Hey everybody i just recently applied for the ABSN program also. The only thing im worried about is my SAT scores they made us turn in. Do they really look at those? I took them so many years ago!! i didnt even know it was a requirement untill i was about to turn it in

I don't think they're going to look at the SAT scores that hard! From what the application says it seems like they only want them to make sure the critical reading score is high enough. Did you send the formal score report?

No I sent the ones that show on the Internet. ...my critical reading score was not high enough but I feel like what does that matter it was so long ago....what was your score?

I'm not entirely sure how much it matters, my guess is probably not much since a previous bachelors is required but I would call and ask if you're concerned about it! I took the SAT twice and my highest critical reading score is a 630. How about you?

I applied for WSSU ABSN Option. Have anybody already submitted the separate application to WSSU? Should I wait to hear from the Division of Nursing first? I hate to think that $50 fee will go down in the toilet if WSSU DON decided to decline my ABSN application. I am optimistic and I have completed all that is required, but at the same time I have to look at the fact that they only accept 60 (right?) out of 300 applicants.

Hi everyone! Wow, last time I check this, no one had commented yet!

I love hearing about everyone else's GPA's and applications... so here's mine. I only have a 3.2 as an undergraduate GPA (my degree is a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts from Southern Virginia University) but that doesn't include any of the pre-reqs. After I got my degree, I decided to go for nursing and went to GTCC for all the pre-reqs and got a 4.0 for those, all on the first attempt... I'm hoping that counts for more than my puny 3.2!

My SAT verbal reasoning score was 630. So overall, higher than the minimums, but not quite stellar. :/

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beckerz002, I've thought about doing the general WSSU application too, but haven't yet. And I thought about going ahead with the physical, since the forms are online, but decided to hold off. The application is pretty clear about the order they need things in and I figured I didn't want to pay for anything I didn't need for sure.

Are there really 300 applicants? That's a ton! And they only admit 45 students each year... :nailbiting: Is there any kind of formal wait list?

Does anyone know of any stats for students in previous years? Like what the average GPA of those accepted were or anything? I don't think the minimums they provide on the application give a good idea...

Hali2011, I live in High Point too! And cost was a huge reason I decided to apply for WSSU first and foremost. That and it's the absolute fastest program around. To be DONE and able to work as a nurse in 13 months would be awesome.

Beckerz002, I was thinking the same thing! I think that the program is designed in the way that we don't have to waste our money applying to the school formally if our application is rejected by the DON, which is nice. I think I will be holding off and waiting for my answer from the DON! RobinMarie87, I am pretty much exactly in the same situation as you grades wise! I graduated in May with a 3.3 from NC State, and my pre requisite GPA is a 4.0 with first attempts. Even our SAT verbal is the same- I have a 630 as well! How is everyone doing with the wait?

Also, as far as minimums and students that were accepted last year, take a peak at threads like this from past years! That's what I've done to get a feel for how they accept and deny applicants.


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