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]Hello All: Wasn't real sure where to post this topic but here goes-I recently came on to my shift and did Narcotic count with nurse leaving her shift. A large amount of a specific drug was unaccounted for, so I brought it to her attention. The med was given on her watch through her shift a couple of times, her documentation indicates the med was where it was supposed to be or as to be expected. It wasn't until count she realized there was a problem. There is a history with this specific nurse btw. To make a long story short the facility requested we do a urine test which I personally refused under the circumstances that I was not present and didn't feel I should have been put under the scope. At the time I was angry and flat out refused. It has cost me my job because i refused. 1-2 days have passed and i'm realizing i should have just taken the test than given my notice because i probably look guilty anyway. Any comments/suggestions on this topic would be greatly appreciated. Btw, I do not use drugs at all.

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Soooooo, did the other nurse take the test?

If it were me, and that's easy to say when I'm not there and not involved, I would think acceptance of the test, "Why yes of course I'll take it. I have nothing to hide," and proclaiming the completely clean results far and wide would have cleared you and made it harder for the other "suspect" nurse to refuse.

I think you reacted without stopping to think it thru. Did you get fired or did they give the opportunity to resign? You're going to have to find out what reason, if any, they will be giving to employers calling for references......

Anyway to email you privately?

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You should have taken the test. Nursing law is not about principles, nursing is about evidence based practices. I don't understand how the count only got wrong as your tour of duty began and you are made responsible.

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I understand that you were riled up and offended at having to take a drug test, especially since the count was off before you even had access to the narcs...at the same time, as others said, taking the test would have confirmed your innocence. Have you tried talking to HR/your manager about it? I don't know if it will get you your job back...at least maybe you can minimize the damage for the job hunt.

At my place of employment, if I refuse a drug test for any reason, it's considered a positive drug test. It doesn't matter the what or the why of the surrounding circumstances. A lot of other facilities work in this manner too...something for you to keep in mind when you get your next job.

I hope things work out for the best for you.

Hi SissyKim: The count was wrong before I even took the keys.

i think i will take my inquiries regarding insight of this matter to a different forum, thanks anyway.

Isn't it funny how people that don't know you seem to think they know EVERYTHING about you?

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Bee, you are right, you should have taken the test. It's over now, and nothing to be done. We all react in ways that don't serve us well at times. I don't know what you are looking for here. I am sorry that this happened but there is really nothing that can be done.

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