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Hi, I have a quick question regarding writing the MO BON. I have a friend who is getting her license investigated for acting unprofessionally, thus violating the state nurse practice act. She asked me to write them as a character reference on her behalf.

I want to help. What I don't know is should I send the letter to her to send in with her own letter of explanation or write the board directly. Also what is an appropriate format for writing this type of letter, will standard business format be okay? I guess these are mostly etiquette questions... If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate it.

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You should probably contact the board and ask them what to do. I would think you would send it directly to them as they might trust the content more, but you'd probably want to show it to her or at least tell her what you wrote.

Sometimes it's hard to get through calling though, so keep trying!

Good luck to your friend. I was investigated by the board as well, and I thought they and my employer treated me very fairly.


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If your friend is being represented by an attorney in her dealings with the board, you might also want to check with the attorney about any recommendations/advice s/he might have about what the letter should contain.

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