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Hey everyone! I'm almost done with my CNA class :) We have our written and skills final tomorrow morning. I'm feeling very confident about the written and a little nervous about the skills portion. I was lucky enough to have an amazing instructor and did quite a bit of practice, so I should be okay. What I am TERRIFIED for is my clinicals that start on Tuesday. I will have clinicals on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 6am-2pm. What should I expect? Should I be nervous? I feel like I have done really well in this class, so I'm not sure why I am so dang scared! Ahh! Someone please calm me down haha. Also, white scrubs are so hideous...am I right or what? Anyway...tips and suggestions for my first day are much appreciated. Also, your clinical stories would also be great. Thank you so much!


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I have no advice but good luck! My skills testing are this week: Tues - Thursday and then clinicals the week after


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Never, will I be seen in white scrubs..lol.... Skills are no big deal. Just remember your steps. I see so many people mess up because they get nervous. Don't be nervous. The good part is that it isn't timed ( Atleast Mine wansn't). So if you need to think between steps its okay. God bless!!!

Thanks everyone! I did awesome on my written (73/75) and aced my skills (I had hand washing, measuring urinary output, transfer from bed to wheelchair, denture care, and bedpan use). Clinicals were rough. The facility was in poor condition and the staff had poor infection control, ethics, etiquette and pretty much all of the above. I enjoyed the experience because I know what NOT to do as a CNA :) Now I have my state testing this Thursday and I am FREAKING OUT!

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