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3 day ago i was at work and I keep candy on me like everyone else does. I shared it with other people like the LPNs and Rns. well One of the LPNs wrote me up . I had no problem with it and i Signed the paper . Well today i got called into the office and was fired right then and there. they showed me the paper i signed but there was something new on there. The Lpn said i took food from someones plate . That was wrote on the backside of the paper. I wanna know how can they do this ? I tryed to tell them that they could ask others if i had candy on me but they told me i had to leave right then . The night i got wrote up they wont give me a copy of the writeup and today they wont give me a copy . I just think its wrong for them to add more after its already signed by me. Somethings wrong with Pa laws if they can do stuff like that.

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I am sad to hear this. Having administered diciplinary actions many times in my career, I can safely say that the employee has the right to refuse to sign a disciplinary action.

Secondly, whenever a disciplinary action is administered a witness should be present. If there is no witness you can request one.

I would contact the Human Resources manager of your corporation and quickly write your comments down. I would also file for unemployment ASAP and submit to them your professionally written letter of the circumstances.

I'm sorry this happened to you. However, I do not believe you are entitled to a copy of the documentation. And I'm a bit confused here. Did they accuse you of stealing someone's food while in the dining room or in the person's room? If it were in the dining room, I would think they would have video evidence but if it were in a resident's room, it's then your word against theirs.

Wow! That's just horrible! I wouldnt even know what to begin to do, but I wanted to tell you I'm sorry this injustice happened to you =(

If she is fired she is entitled to her employee file and complete documentation of the investigated incident. If she believes she was wrongfully terminated she needs to contact an employment laywer and hope that the other staff will back up her claims that she had the candy on her persons and did not take it from a resident.

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Never sign anything like that that may be negative or can be used against you no matter how trivial. Nursing is,unfortunately sometimes, a catty field and many times miserable people will act out to try to eliminate those they do not like using dirty tricks. Even if the person writing pieces of paper is sleeping with/drinking buddies with/ friends with a supervisor, all they can do if you do not sign papers like that is use employment-at-will to fire you. But, if you sign, it can be used in unemployment as proof for a justified firing (stealing).

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