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  1. I am planning a day where I will have wound products and a wound vac available to discuss the importance of wound care. Also will include skin products and staging of pressure ulcers. I have never attempted this before but my idea is to have several stations. Just wondering if any one has ever done something like this and if you could give me any helpful tips or ideas.
    New to this job and want to do a good job.
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  3. by   lorirn58
    Your nursing education dept can help you with making sure the word gets out, sign-in is prepared for and completed, and general support. You can keep it simple and have 4-5 stations set up with the most important items that the nursing staff needs educated/issues that have been unclear that you have seen as you do your rounds. Loads of visuals and trusted vendors for the materials that you use. Use dietitians too! Use anyone on staff who is interested and has great knowledge in their area of expertise!
  4. by   txnursegiggles
    No real input, but I am loving this idea! It would be difficult for me to provide an all day inservice at my facility, but I can see a "skin care week" working. Focusing on one subject/inservice day and bringing in dietary and restorative in on the fun!
  5. by   rehabwoundnurse
    I did something similar to this a few months ago. My biggest tip; enlist in help!!! I had my dressing reps come in to talk about what each type of dressing is used for and what is appropriate on what types of wounds; then, I had my KCI wound vac rep come in an give a demonstration on wound vac application and removal; also had our Abbott nutrition rep there to discuss which supplements impacted healing the most. Then just had a general q&a session with the staff. I had educational tools made up for staging wounds, "facts on vacs", and other things they could take with them. It went very well!! I called it my WOUND FAIR!! Good luck to you!!!!

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