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  1. I am a caregiver for a paraplegic who has recently had a flap done on his left ishium. He had the KCI vac before the surgery to try to heal the ulcer, but eventually had to have the flap done. He developed a tear in his suitures right at the bottom of the flap which is lower portion of his cheek. The doc decided to put the vac back in instead of sewing back up. There is so much drainage from the site that I am having a hard time keeping the seal and I am at a loss. I have done the vac at the site of the tear and also done bridges, but still have the same problem. I am not a doctor, but the area looks good and the skin is healthy; I just dont want it to go bad. Any ideas as to what else I can use or ask the doctor that I can use to help keep the vac sealed?

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  3. by   traumaRUs
    I would go back to the MD and see about a wound clinic consult and/or ostomy nurse referral.
  4. by   caregiver1964
    Well, he is going to the wound clinic today. But I was just wondering about some type of putty or a better type tape? I read yesterday in a thread about some other uses to make it seal? What is hyperfix?
  5. by   augigi
    HypaFix (TM) is a tape. It's available in several sizes. It sticks and conforms to contours very well and is generally hypoallergenic.
    Smith & Nephew - Hypafix
  6. by   traumaRUs
    I would let the wound clinic make the treatment options since they can "see" him. It is very hard for us on the internet to decide best care practices.
  7. by   caregiver1964
    I understand, thank you both. Just trying to help keep this guy going in the right direction-healed!!!

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