How to become certified as a WOC nurse..

  1. I am an RN (ADN) that has been in LTC for 9 years. I have always loved wound care, and helped a 200 bed sub acute facility start a wound care program. I went to the WOCN website, and I'm embarrased to admit it confused me a little. Do you have to be a BSN in order to be certified? If a university offers on line courses for WOCN, can you take them and then take your certification exam?

    Like I said, I just need someone to tell me where to start. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks so much!

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  3. by   RN92
    I am in the process of doing the same thing you are. I did Home Health for 9 years with a lot of colostomy and wound care. I have found out a little info by contacting the wound care nurse for my hospital and using her as a resource. You do have to have a BSN degree to become a certified enterostomal nurse. There is a college in Atlanta GA (Emory College) that offers a 8-9wk training course to become certified in wound care. Im sure there are others - but that is the closest one to me. I live in the southeast and hospitals here are paying to send whoever is interested to become certified. There is a big demand here. Use your hospital resources such as the wound care nurse or talk to someone in human resources about your interests. They may be able to lead you in the right direction. Good Luck!!
  4. by   Lynn RN ER TX
    I have no idea how to help answer your question, but I do want to say - more power to ya! I can take any kind of trauma, seriously, heads opened up like a canoe - but I can't change a decub dressing (a bad one anyway) without feeling nauseated. I am so grateful you guys are out there.
  5. by   karumba2k
    Go to I am just completing their excellent online course...well worth the $$$$! Ignore the wannabe NP, I made it, but don't know how to take it off the signature! Woundcare is awsome, but now I find I love ostomies and continence issues just as much... Welcome! The course includes a 1 week Immersion experience in Minnesota and then online for 2 months or so and then a clinical practicum done in your own neck of the woods. The faculty are outstanding!!
  6. by   NRSKarenRN
    woc nursing education programs
    accredited wound, ostomy and/or continence nursing education programs and a summary of woc nursing education programs.

    initial certification or recertification of lapsed wocncb credentials:

    1. be currently licensed as a registered nurse ( a copy of your current license must be submitted with your application)
    2. hold a baccalaureate degree (a copy of your diploma or transcripts must be submitted with your application)
    3. fulfill one of the following requirements:
      1. accredited education program track
        • complete a woc nursing education program that is accredited by wocn. click here to access list of programs.
        • the nursing education program must be accredited at the time of graduation.
        • a copy of your certificate of completion/graduation must be submitted with your application.
          please contact an accredited program for more information.
      2. graduate level track
        • complete a graduate-level program in nursing with documentation of graduate clinical course work equivalent to two semester hours in each specialty for which certification is sought.
        • official college transcripts and course descriptions must be submitted with your application.
          please read the graduate level track section of the handbook.
      3. experiential track
        • have 50 contact hours (ceu) over the last five years within each specialty for which certification is sought.
        • have 1,500 clinical experience hours over the last five years within each specialty for which certification is sought.
        • a copy of each certificate of completion of contact hours must be submitted.
          please read the experiential track section of the handbook.
    to be accepted for the examination(s), individuals must fulfill the eligibility requirements outlined above and submit a completed application, required documentation and fee by the application postmark deadline.

    upon passing the exam(s) individuals receive their cwocn<sup></sup>, cwcn<sup></sup>, cocn<sup></sup> or cccn<sup></sup> credential. certification must be re-established every five years.
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