Has anybody heard of Collegeltc.com SWOC course?

  1. Hello guys, After obtaining my license last May I had been non-stop looking for job until now. I got hired in HH for $20/visit PD no reimbursement. Since I mostly do wound care in HH I am considering taking wound care certification. I've looked at few sites/location that are available here in Orange,CA. WCEI cost about $2000 which is way out of my budget. I found this site collegeltc.com who offers 2 days course for Skin, Wound, and Ostomy Certification Course SWOC for $499. I have been searching online for any reviews about this school and haven't found any.

    Can anybody please enlightened me about this course as to do they have to be accredited by someone/someplace to administer such course? And I heard that I have to take some kind of examination like a certification sorta like CNA certification to obtain wound care certification credential? and what is WCC and how does this differ to this course from collegeltc.com?

    Sorry for all the questions I just haven't gotten a clue how to obtain wound care certification and If I am going to the right place and not waste time and money that I already don't have.

    Thank you so very much and I appreciate you reading my post.
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    I haven't heard of this "school" but WCC is a specific certification offers by The National Alliance of Wound Care.


    There is also WOCN (wound, ostomy & continence nurse certification with a minimum requirement of RN with a BSN).

    Here is a comparison of the major wound care certifications:

    I've never heard if "SWOC" certification and I can't access the site from my current location but I'm surprised they use "skin" as part of the certification title. I've only encountered WCC & WOCN when shadowing wound care nursing professionals
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    Thank you for your feedback. I hope to hear from others
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    I edited my post as there are formatting issues when using the iPad so check out the links above.

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