EXTREME Wound Odor Hospice, please advise

  1. Hospice ll,
    HAVE a PT with extreme wound odor from his sacrum, amputation sites, amputatioN sites. SACRUM is to the bone. Parts are already gangrenous. Odor is so bad they had to move his roommate out of his room. Are using crushed flagyl in the wounds. What else can we use?
    Any help is greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   tamari07
    I would recommend quarter-strength Dakins solution dsgs BID. Depending on the severity of the wound I have used half-strength from time to time.

    From your post I'm assuming this patient is on Hospice care. If aggressive care was warranted then a sacral MRI would be needed to confirm osteo and the patient started on IV antibiotics.
  4. by   Alma 3323
    We used Nystatin powder on a fulminating cancer wound of a hospice pt. So yeast or fungal different meds. But Dakins would help it all.
  5. by   Eagle2110
    I second the Dakins 0.25% BID
  6. by   coffeetalker
    Dakin's is good, continue Flagyl in wound bed, can also put kitty litter in a container under the bed to soak up odor, and of course, my favorite old standby, few drops of peppermint oil on a tissue in med cups strategically placed around the room.