CWOCN/CFCN student seeking supplies advice

  1. Hi all-I am a BSN and starting the Cleveland Clinic CWOCN program in a couple of weeks, and am also doing the Ranier Medical CFCN program. I have a LTD time grant to purchase darn near ANYTHING, in terms of books, reference materials, or tools that will assist me professionally in school and beyond. The only books Cleveland Clinic is telling us to buy are the WOCN Core Curriculum. I want to seize this opportunity, but need direction. I wear glasses, and was told by one CWOCN that a high quality headlamp with 8-10x magnification would be very helpful. Thoughts from experienced pros would be very appreciated- I am so excited about this journey!
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  3. by   michksmith14
    Hi AngelKissed!

    I also went through the Cleveland Clinic program a couple years ago. The Core Curriculum books are great and will really be all that you need. Anything else you might need can easily be researched.

    I am not sure what the headlamp will be used for? Most exam rooms have "spotlights" that can be used on the wounds. I suppose if you were inpatient or in a clinic that didn't have those special lights, a headlamp would be very useful for getting a good look at a wound.
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    Thank you.
  5. by   Ellekat2
    The headlamp is very helpful. We bought one (without magnification, which would also be great) for our provider because the lamps we use are unwieldy and we had to move them constantly from room to room. After research, we decided on a minimum of 3000 lumens (quite bright) and an on/off feature motion feature so she didn't have to touch the lamp. Sorry, I don't have the link. We bought it on Amazon for $12, usually $17. I'll have to check out the magnification feature!
  6. by   AngelKissed857
    That's so helpful- didn't know about the motion feature, makes sense.